Tonsai Beach: A Paradise Beach in Krabi

The Tonsai Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Krabi. This place is away from the hustle and bustle of neighbouring beaches (Railay and Ao Nang) and a popular meeting point for travellers, climbers and backpackers form all over the world. The Beach itself it is still really quiet and pleasant. Already on arrival one thing will becomes clear: The Tonsai Beach is a real paradise! High palm trees, gigantic rock formations and the incredibly beautiful sandy beach make the Tonsai in Krabi so special and many visitors are staying longer than supposed.

In this travel guide we will show you the most beautiful pictures and places at Tonsai Beach in Krabi. In addition, you will get useful information about how to get there, accommodation and the best activities!

Until today, Tuk Tuks, 7-Eleven and luxury accommodations are still in vain. Instead, you will find lots of hippie flair as well as cosiness and cheap backpacker accommodations. Only at night the small bars become a little busier. As always, the atmosphere at Ton Sai beach is very relaxing and still a great tip for travellers who want to explore Krabi Province individually.

Compared to the neighbouring beaches like Railay Beach and Ao Nang Beach, Ton Sai is a lot less crowded. One thing is for sure: Here everyone will catch an undisturbed place under the sun. For a cold beer, backpackers and travellers meet at the Freedom Bar, right at the top of the beach. The atmosphere and the magnificent view of the spectacular cliffs are unbeatable. That part of the beach is hosting the climbing scene, but more of it later.

Behind the beach area, in the middle of the jungle, a small chill village was created. Here you will find not just a few backpacker accommodations but also a small supermarket, cosy Reggae bars and a few yummy little restaurants which serve delicious Thai food. Be sure to bring enough cash with you, ATM is still not available at Tonsai.

Just a few years ago, due to a construction project a long gray wall was raised. Luckily, until today the construction project has not yet been implemented and the hippie flair has been preserved. With great attention to detail and lots of love, the gray wall was embellished with beautiful graffiti and the Tonsai Wall has since become a kind of landmark for the beach.

What to do at Tonsai Beach?



Anyone who would like to climb the famous limestone cliffs of the Krabi province in Thailand should come to visit the Tonsai Beach. At the southern end there are gigantic rock walls, which offer an ideal place for rock climbing. But do not be intimidated by the pros, also courses for beginners will be offered. Also, there are plenty opportunity for bouldering and even Deep-Water Solo is offered at Tonsai Basecamp! Tip: If you do prefer solid ground under your feet, just relax and watch the climbers while enjoying a drink at the Freedom Bar.

Snorkelling and Kayaking

One of the most popular activities is doing kayaking tours. This is a great way to enjoy the amazing limestone scenery from the sea. Sportive ones also paddle over to the nearby Railay Beach. Kayaks can be rented directly at Tonsai Beach, either for one hour or for the whole day.

Snorkelling is of course also possible there. But if you want to see a diverse and colourful underwater world, a snorkelling trip is definitely a better choice. Another option would be a visit to nearby Phra Nang Beach, which also has a few snorkelling spots at the end of the beach.

Yoga and Massage

As already mentioned, the scene at Tonsai is really tranquil and so there are also some yoga and massage options. For example, at the base camp great yoga and tai chi courses are offered for only around 8 euros (300 baht). Also, there are some nice massage places right on the beach.

Visit to Railay Beach and Phra Nang Cave

In the immediate vicinity you will find the most famous beach of the entire Krabi province, the popular Railay Beach. Furthermore, a visit to the beautiful Phra Nang Beach really recommended and can also be easily organized from there. Tonsai to Railay Beach by longtail-boat currently costs 50 baht. If you are sporty, you can also reach Railay via a jungle hike (45 minutes) or wait for the low tide. Then you can take a short cut over the rocks along the sea (20 minutes).

Excursions from Tonsai Beach

The beach is one of the best spots for starting excursions inside Krabi’s unique island world. Trips are usually offered by longtail boat, or now and then with speedboat (e.g. to Koh Phi Phi). Following destinations are recommended for a trip:

How to get to Tonsai Beach?

Although Tonsai Beach is located on the mainland, this dream beach can only be reached by boat. A dense jungle and huge limestone cliffs separate this gem from the “outside world”. The transfer Ao Nang to Tonsai Beach will be arranged with the typical longtail boats and costs about 100 Baht per person. During the day the boats operate several times per hour, exact departure times do not exist. The long tail boats start as soon as they are full.

Where to stay at Tonsai Beach?

Compared to the Railay Beach where there are plenty of hotels, on Tonsai Beach you will still find really cheap places to stay. At the back of the beach a true backpacker settlement has formed where you will find plenty of cheap accommodation and bungalows. The comfort of the accommodations are often very different, we recommend to compare the reviews!

If you are looking for clean bungalows with direct beach location and good comfort, we can recommend the Tonsai Bay Resort. Really cheap is the Paasook Resort, there are rooms around 500 baht. Many also like to sleep in the Chill Out Bungalows, here you will also find hostel rooms. In general, you will get the best prices in low season.

Check out where to stay in Krabi for more information about the best hotels and accommodations in Krabi Province.

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