Koh Poda: A Perfect Island Tour from Krabi

Koh Poda, or more often known as Poda Island, is a small dream island in the South of Thailand, located just off the coast of Krabi. Due to its proximity to the major holiday destinations such as Ao Nang, Railay Beach and Klong Muang it is easy to explore this islet on a day tour or half day tour by speedboat or longtail boat. And you should definitely do that, because on Koh Poda a little paradise with one of the most amazing beaches in krabi awaits you: soft fine sand, an incredibly clear sea, intact reefs for snorkeling and a magnificent backdrop with rock formations, just like out of a travel book.

In this travel guide we give you all the important information and tips about a Koh Poda Island, about a Poda Island boat tour, best accommodation and what to do at this beautiful island.

Good to know!

The best starting points to visit Koh Poda Island are certainly the resort of Ao Nang Beach, the quiet beautiful Klong Muang Beach and the famous peninsula of Railay Beach.

Trips to Koh Poda are usually offered as part of a Krabi 4 Islands Tour. Recommended boat trips including hotel pickup and reviews can also be found online at GetyourGuide.

A good waterproof backpack should not be missing on any boat trip in Thailand. It is the perfect companion to protect your cell phone, camera or other valuables from getting wet.

If you are still looking for accommodation tips, then you can find here under “where to stay in Krabi” the most beautiful vacation resorts, from where you can also easily reach Koh Poda.

That’s what awaits you on Koh Poda

The islet of Koh Poda is certainly one of the most beautiful islands in Krabi and a visit to this natural jewel is absolutely recommended. Already on arrival with the longtail boat to Koh Poda one thing becomes clear: this island is paradise. Fine white sand beach and a sea so clear that you just feel like jumping in. The perfect place to unwind and enjoy the brilliant beach scenery. The water here is also clean, crystal clear and an interesting underwater world invites you to snorkel. As part of the Had Noppharatthara – Mu Koh Phi Phi National Park, the island is uninhabited and a true paradise for nature lovers.

Visitors have to pay a national park fee on Koh Poda. The entrance fee to the park currently costs 400 baht per person and must be paid directly to the park rangers.

Since the island is quite small, you can go on a beach walk to explore a part of the island and look for a nice spot to unwind. The most beautiful stretch of beach is right next to the eye-catching limestone cliff, which will probably remind you of the famous Railey Beach. The further you walk up the beach, the sooner you will find an undisturbed spot for swimming.

If you are hungry, you can buy some food at the beach kiosk, or grab some snacks at the beach vendors. Although you will find plenty of shade on the island, you should not forget the sunscreen during a Poda Island trip. With a little luck, you should also be able to discover monkeys on Koh Poda. So watch out and take good care of your food and belongings.

When visiting Koh Poda, do not forget your snorkel. Around the island you will find some beautiful and intact reefs for snorkeling. Actually, it is the perfect sport where you can explore the awesome underwater world of the Krabi region. The sea around Koh Poda shines not only in the most beautiful turquoise tones, it is also crystal clear with lots of colorful fish and therefore offers unrestricted snorkeling pleasure.

How to get to Koh Poda

The most comfortable way to get to Koh Poda is from the bigger resorts in Krabi like Ao Nang Beach, Railay Beach, Tonsai Beach or Klong Muang Beach. Longtail boat crossings are offered at most hotels, travel agencies and even directly on the beach. Costs vary depending on season, provider and resort. If you want to charter a boat for yourself, you can negotiate a price on the spot.

From Krabi mainland to Koh Poda it is about 8 kilometers. The trip by longtail boat to Koh Poda takes about 25 minutes and is a real scenic highlight.

Book a Tour

Probably the most popular way to explore Koh Poda in Krabi is as part of a Krabi 4 Island Tour. On this excursion, other dream islands such as Chicken Island, Tub Island and Phran Nang Beach are approached by boat. Tours are offered on site and also online.

If good reviews are important to you, then there is also the option to book a boat tour on GetyourGuide. The advantage is that most excursions can be canceled free of charge up to 24 hours in advance, and often pickup from the hotel and a meal are included.

We can recommend the following tours to Koh Poda:


Where to stay in Krabi

You won’t find accommodation or bungalows on Koh Poda currently. Even the very simple Koh Poda Island Resort no longer exists due to the national park. If you like to stay close to the dream island, then you should look for accommodation on the coast of Krabi. The best resorts to explore the beautiful island of Koh Poda are Klong Muang Beach, Ao Nang Beach and Railay Beach.

  • Bhu Nga Thani Resort & Spa (Railay Beach): The Bhu Nga Thani Resort & Spa is a really amazing hotel. It is located very romantic right on the sea from Railay Beach and the modern pool is a real eye-catcher.
  • Krabilife Resort (Klong Muang Beach): The Krabilife Resort is a small family run hotel with only a few rooms. Very lovely accommodation with clean rooms and moderate prices.
  • Holiday Inn (Ao Nang Beach): The Holiday Inn Krabi Resort Ao Nang Beach – This chic hotel is located directly on the white sandy beach of Ao Nang.

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