Top 7 Cool Waterproof Backpacks of 2022

A waterproof backpack is a truly useful outdoor gadget that protects your valuables, laptop, camera, clothes and documents from moisture, dirt and dust. A good dry bag not only keeps moisture out of the way, it should also keep your stuff dry in the pouring rain and in the water. No matter if you are going by motorbike, kayaking and rafting through wild waters, paddling off the coast with a canoe, hiking through the jungle or mountains in the rain, on a fishing tour and snorkeling trips, travelling the world or just when you are cycling to work on a rainy day, a 100% waterproof backpack keeps all your things try. But what are the best waterproof day bags and dry bags?

In this guide we present you our top recommendations for the best waterproof backpacks and the coolest dry bags. In addition, you will get useful tips and information about what to know before buying.


Why to buy a Waterproof Backpack?

A waterproof backpack is multifunctional and an amazing travel accessories for all kind of outdoor activities. Whether traveling, doing sports, hiking or cycling – such a backpack offers protection against moisture and dirt. The offered backpacks often differ significantly in their water-resistant, size, weight and wearing comfort. They are used in a variety of outdoor activities, usually when you are expecting rain or splash water. But also for all kinds of water sports, they are a useful gadget.

  • When traveling in rainy and tropical areas
  • Trekking and hiking tours on mountains and in the jungle
  • Excursions by boat
  • For water sports such as rafting, snorkeling and kayaking
  • Courier services by bicycle
  • For longer tours by bike and scooter
  • Camping and fishing trips


The Best Waterproof Backpacks in 2022


Waterproof Backpack with 25 or 35 liters

This 35 or 25 liter waterproof backpacks  from BackSak protects your belongings from water, dirt, sand and dust. It’s made from 500 Denier Waterproof PVC with high-frequency welded seams. The Sternum clip & padded back support guaranties a high wearing comfort. So, this lightweight backpack is not only really stylish, it’s also a useful hiking and a great day pack for outdoor activities. Whether you’re rafting the rapids or traveling the world, this backpack will keep your stuff dry!

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Waterproof Backpack 35 liters in Yellow

The waterproof backpack from Unigear not only has an amazing design, it even comes with a separate laptop sleeve and a waterproof phone pocket. The bottle net on the side and the many compartments inside are very useful. It has the functionality of a good day pack combined with the water resistance of a dry bag. Absolutely great backpack for a low price!

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Lightweight Waterproof Laptop Backpack 15 Liter

This waterproof day pack from the friendly swede is extremely light and satisfies with a cool design. It is ideal for an everyday use, for cycling, for work or school. A roll top, taped seams and premium PVC make sure your stuff stays dry inside the main compartment. In the backpack is also a laptop compartment for notebooks (up to 13 inches). Also stunning is the 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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Black Waterproof Backpack 35 liters

With a capacity of 35 liters, this waterproof dry bag by Vitchelo offers enough space for trekking, hiking, water sports and camping. It is also TOP essential for tours by motorcycle or scooter. Thanks to its vinyl tarpaulin, roll-up closure and welded seams, this waterproof backpack offers the best protection against moisture and lasts longer than other brands. The chic design and the two side pockets are also a big plus.

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Waterproof Backpack 55 liters or 30 liters – Many Colors

The 55 liters backpack from Earth Pak offers plenty of storage space and a complete 100% waterproof protection. It has neither zippers nor seams through which moisture could penetrate. The bag is simply rolled up and sealed. When cycling, it is comfortable to wear through his straps, but also for longer travels, this backpack is a fantastic choice. Therefore, some Globetrotters often use this waterproof backpack as a travel backpack.

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Dry bag with 10, 20, 30, 40 or 50 liters – Many Colors

Whether kayaking, rafting, snorkeling, swimming, on the beach, or traveling, this cool Dry bag by Earth Pak is 100% waterproof. So your entire equipment is well protected. Really great here are the long shoulder straps, which are unfortunately often missing in normal commercial dry bags. Furthermore, this backpack comes in manycolors, it is lightweight and very robust, and comfortable to wear. As a small treat, there is a free waterproof smartphone bag included in the price.

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Black Waterproof Backpack 35 liters with laptop sleeve

This very stylish backpack from Unigear has a capacity of 35 liters and impresses with a very cool design. There is also a laptop sleeve for max. 14 inches, which can be used also alone. The included waterproof case is practical and a little extra plus. The backpack is suitable for water sports, but also for hiking, trekking, for outdoor excursions and snorkeling trips.

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What to check before buying a waterproof backpack?

What size should my backpack have: For that, you should know for what kind of outdoor activities the backpack should be used. These waterproof dry bags are available in small sizes with 10 liters, but also huge with up to 55 liters. A size of 20-35 liters, for example, is ideal for excursions and hikes, with a size from 50 liters you can already go for backpacking or multi-day tours.

Waterproof or water-repellent: When buying a waterproof backpack, make sure that it is 100% waterproof and not just water-repellent or rainproof. It should not only protect from moisture, but also stay waterproof in heavy rain or even inside the water.

Quality of manufacture: This is the all-around on any waterproof dry bags. So the backpack should be robust and durable and at best tear-resistant, puncture-proof and abrasion-resistant. So that no water comes through the seams and closures must be very well processed. Better, however, are backpacks with roll-top closure, which often comes as a dry bag.

Diving: Waterproof backpacks are multifunctional, and typically a useful gadget for diving and snorkeling trips. Nevertheless, they should not be taken for diving! Due to the strong water pressure, it can easily happen that water penetrates into the interior and damage your things.


Conclusion – Is it worth buying?

For us personally, the waterproof backpack is absolutely worth it. Above all, during our scooter rides through tropical areas, our day pack has been useful more than once. So our belongings stayed dry and safe during the strongest downpours. In addition, the backpack is our constant travel accessory for boat tours, snorkeling trips and kayaking tours. But it was also already in action for longer hikes.

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