Travel Towel: The 7 Best Quick Dry Towels

A good travel towel is one of the most important travel accessories and a must-have for all globetrotters and for those who love backpacking. But not only backpackers and frequent travelers swear by these fast-drying towels, also tourists who want to save space and weight in their suitcase are happy with these useful lightweight towels. The biggest advantages why to choose a travel towel: They are thin and very light, they are easy to wash and in the best case antibacterial. And they are also multifunctional, which means you can use them in hostels, when you go backpacking, but also on a beach and for sports. But what the best travel towel at the moment and which are worth buying?

In this guide we show you our recommendations for the top 7 best travel towels. Additionally, we will share useful tips and information which will help you to pick the perfect quick dry towel for your next adventures.


Benefits of Microfiber Travel Towels

A microfiber travel towel is antibacterial. The surface texture is very dirt-repellent and does not fuzz. It dries very quickly because microfibers are hydrophobic. Did you know that microfiber towels can dry about up to ten times faster than cotton towels? They are designed for different uses during the day.

Tip how to wash a travel towel: Microfiber is easy to treat and can be washed well. You can do that with a functional detergent, but also with a completely conventional detergent. However, when washing a travel towel, it is essential to avoid softener. A microfiber travel towel should always be washed before the first use.

Are Travel Towel worth it?

Many people ask themselves why they should use a travel towel. For longer trips but also during hiking, yoga, at the gym and for outdoor activities regular terry towels are often too big, too heavy and mostly not drying fast enough. A good travel towel on the other hand is very light, it is small and takes up little space in the backpack. It is also absorbent, which is very useful. In addition, they dry very quickly, which can be very important during traveling around


 The Best Travel Towels 2022


Microfiber Travel Towel

Travel Towel - Quick Dry TowelsThe compact travel towel by Youphoria Outdoors can be used for any situation. Due to their three different sizes, they are perfect for traveling and backpacking. Also for activities like hiking, sports, at the gym and outdoors they are highly recommended. Each of these travel towels comes with a convenient case with the perfect size to pack in your backpack or suitcase. The travel towels not only dry quickly, they are also thin, luxurious, compact and super absorbent and you can choose between many colors.

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Rainleaf Microfiber Travel Towel

Travel Towel - Quick Dry Towels

The quick dry travel towel by Rainleaf is the perfect traveling companion. They are extremely light, ultra-compact and therefore very convenient to pack, which is a great advantage on longer trips and for backpacking trips. This travel towel is made of very fine microfiber, which ensures a soft skin feeling and will absorb water 5 times more than its own weight. Useful is also the integrated loop, with which will help you to easily hang up your backpacking towel anywhere to dry.

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ECOdept Microfiber Travel Towel

Travel Towel - Quick Dry TowelsThe large travel towel by Ecodept is perfect for a holiday on the beach. With the large bathe size they are bigger than regular travel towels, but they still dry very fast. They are super soft and very gentle on the skin. Available in four unique colors, they come with a small waterproof bag and an extra free face towel. All in all, this travel towel is a perfect for your backpack, sports bag or suitcase.

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Wise Owl Outfitters Camping Towel

Travel Towel - Quick Dry TowelsThe quick dry travel towel by WiseOwl is a fantastic choice because it can be used in many ways. No matter if you engage in sports, go to the beach, need it during a stay in hostels, or you go backpacking, because of the light weight you can take this set everywhere you travel. This fast-drying towel is super soft and really absorbent. As an extra, you will get two towels for the price of one! You can choose between many amazing colors – perfect for every adventure, from a backpacking tour to a casual trip to the beach.

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Wildhorn Microlite Travel Towel Set 

Travel Towel - Quick Dry Towels

The travel towel set by Wildhorn contains three convenient quick dry towels sizes:  An extra-large bath size towel, which is perfect for the beach. A large size that is lightweight and perfect for backpacking. And a small size towel that you can throw in your gym, golf or day bag. All travel towels are 100% made of microfiber and therefore drying quickly and it can be used for various activities during the day. Each travel towel comes with a compact carrying case, so they are perfect if you want to save space for other travel items.

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ScorchedEarth Microfiber Travel Towel

Travel Towel - Quick Dry Towels

The travel towel set by ScorchedEarth includes two sizes, a useful carrying bag and a carabiner clip, which you can all pack easily and you can also take the towels for different kinds of sport and traveling around the world.  They are very light and thin. Due to the microfiber material, these travel towels are ultra-absorbent and they dry very fast. With the hang snap loops, you can hang the towels nearly everywhere. Whether you go for a quick swim in the sea, backpacking with limited space, attend yoga or hit the gym, these towels can be used over and over again.

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SYOURSELF Microfiber Sports & Travel

Travel Towel - Quick Dry TowelsThe travel towels by Syourself are available in four different sizes. They are totally smooth and compact. They persuade with a luxurious touch and they are gentle to your skin. These quickly drying towels soak up lots of water, ten times faster than a standard towel and four times more water than their own weight. You can wring out 90% of the water and leave it to dry within minutes. This microfiber travel towel is equipped with a free breathable mesh bag, so it is convenient to pack.

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Extra Tip: Travel Beach Towels

The beach towels by Eccosophy are just amazingly beautiful, that’s why we can’t withhold them from you. They impress with unique and most vibrant prints. You can choose between many colors and different designs, so they are perfect for as travel gifts on any occasion or to treat yourself with something nice. Also these beach towels dry fast and are really thin and almost have no weight.

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Conclusion: Quick drying travel towels are really useful – So when you will do the packing for your next trip, make sure you include one of these amazing microfiber towels.

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