Chicken Island & Tup Island in Krabi

Chicken Island, often called Koh Kai, and Tup Island are two true paradise islands in Krabi, in the south of Thailand. They are the highlights of the famous 4-Islands Tours, a boat trip where the most beautiful islands in Krabi are visited for swimming and snorkeling. Really famous is the fascinating rock formation of Chicken Island, the mighty chicken head, which, it seems, is the namesake of the island. Furthermore, the wide white sandbank that connects Chicken Island with the islet of Tup Island at low tide is really worth a visit. These islands are truly spectacular and a real paradise for those who want to take a trip to Krabi’s island world.

In this travel guide, we give you all the important information about a boat trip to Chicken Island & Tup Island. Additionally, you will find useful tips about getting there, accommodation and excursions from Krabi.

Good to know!

The best starting points to visit Chicken Island and Tup Island are definitely the resort of Ao Nang Beach, the quiet beautiful Klong Muang Beach and the famous peninsula of Railay Beach.

Trips to Koh Chicken and Koh Tup are usually offered as part of a Krabi 4 Island tour. You can find a fantastic offer for this on GetyourGuide!

A good waterproof backpack is the perfect travel item for boat trips and snorkeling tours to protect your cell phone, camera or other valuables from getting wet.

Neither on Chicken Island nor on Tup Island are there any accommodations. However, under “Where to stay in Krabi” we show you the most beautiful vacation areas, from where you can easily reach these islands.

General information about Chicken Island

Chicken Island belongs to Krabi Province and is located near the famous destinations Ao Nang and Railay Beach. It is part of the Hat Noppharat Thara-Mu Ko Phi Phi Marine National Park. Just getting to Chicken Island from the Krabi mainland is an experience in itself. This island is like something out of a travel magazine: Turquoise blue sea, fine white sand beach and impressive rock formations. But most of all, the beautiful colors of the sea make this island a true paradise and one of the most picturesque islands in Krabi. In addition, the water around Chicken Island is crystal clear and offers excellent conditions for snorkeling and diving. The colorful underwater world with its coral reefs and a wide variety of marine life is very impressive.

Also unique is Chicken Island’s white sandy beach. For many people, it is even considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Krabi. As you walk along the beach, you will find a few small trees and quiet shady spots that are perfect if you want to relax for a couple of hours. A special attraction of Chicken Island is the sandbar. At low tide, a sandbar forms between the island and the neighboring island of Tup. This makes it possible for visitors to cross from one island to the other without having to swim. Even eating and drinking is provided. There is a restaurant on the island that sells snacks and cold drinks. The trip with the typical longtail boat takes about half an hour and is a popular destination for excursions in Krabi.

The Sandbank of Chicken Island

The scenery is particularly spectacular at low tide, when a long white sandbar forms between Chicken Island and Tup Island. When the water is deep enough, you can easily walk from one island to the other. The fine sand under your feet and the clear azure water on both sides make this walk from one dream island to another an unforgettable experience. Colorful fish swim in the shallow sea and with a little luck, you can even see starfish and other sea creatures.

Tip: At high tide the sandbank disappears almost completely and the crossing is not possible for safety reasons.

The landmark of the island is the chicken head, a striking rock formation, which can be admired as you circle around the islands. This imposing rock is a popular photo motif, and therefore it is often found on Krabi`s postcards.

Tip: Viewing the chicken head rock is part of a 4 Island tour program.

You will have a stunning view of the sandbank and Tup Island from the famous Chicken Island Viewpoint. From up here you also have a picturesque view over to the rocks of Koh Poda, the dreamlike neighboring island, and to the mainland of Krabi. This viewpoint is not very high and really easy to climb up, but the view of Krabi’s island world is fantastically beautiful.

Tup Island

Another highlight of the Krabis islands world is the tiny Tup Island. This island is tiny, but no less beautiful, and a stopover is really recommended. There are great opportunities for snorkeling at Tup Island because here in the sea you will discover a colorful and diverse underwater world. At high tide, a big part of Tup Island’s beach is underwater and the sandbank to Chicken Island also disappears. But at low tide you can almost circle the island.

National Park Fee

The two islands are part of the Had Noppharatthara – Mu Koh Phi Phi National Park. Therefore, you have to pay a fee for the national park when visiting the islands.

This currently costs 400 baht per person and must be paid directly at the ticket office.

How to get to Chicken Island & Tup Island

The easiest way to get to Chicken Island is from the resorts in Krabi like Ao Nang Beach, Railay Beach, Tonsai Beach or Klong Muang Beach.

With the typical longtail boats, but also with speedboats, crossings are offered by most hotels, local travel agencies and even on the beach. It is worthwhile to compare prices because the costs vary depending on the provider. From Krabi mainland to Chicken Island is about 9 kilometers and takes about 30 minutes.


Excursions to Chicken Island

A very popular way to get to Chicken Island and Tup Island is as part of a Krabi 4 Island Tour. Here, the dream island Koh Poda and the world-famous Phra Nang Beach are also visited. These excursions start from the larger resorts on the Krabi mainland and can be booked directly on site, or online.

If you prefer to compare reviews, there is also the option to book a boat tour on GetyourGuide. The advantage is that here most excursions can be canceled up to 24 hours before free of charge and often also pickup from the hotel, as well as food are included.

For a special vacation experience, take a look at the 4 Islands Tour at sunset. On this excursion, you also have the opportunity to discover luminous plankton while snorkeling. An unforgettable adventure!


Where to stay in Krabi

As part of a national park, there are still no accommodations or hotels on Chicken Island. Even on the tiny Tup Island, staying overnight is not possible until today. The nearest hotels and bungalows are located on the mainland of Krabi, in the famous vacation areas like Ao Nang Beach, Railay Beach, Tonsai Beach, Krabi Town or Klong Muang Beach.

  • Bhu Nga Thani Resort & Spa (Railay): The Bhu Nga Thani Resort & Spa is just a beautiful hotel located very romantic right on the sea and the modern pool is also top.
  • Krabilife Resort (Klong Muang): The Krabilife Resort is a small family run hotel with only a few rooms. Recommendable accommodation with moderate room rates.
  • Holiday Inn (Ao Nang): The Holiday Inn Krabi Resort Ao Nang Beach – This chic hotel is located directly on the white sandy beach of Ao Nang.


Conclusion: A trip to Chicken Island and Tup Island is an absolute must-do for any stay in the Krabi region. The two islands are incredibly beautiful. Also the beautiful sandbank, that connects the two islands, is absolutely worth seeing.

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