Krabi Elephant Sanctuary: A wonderful elephant experience


You want to spend an unforgetable day with elephants? In search of a peaceful and ethical Elephant Camp in Krabi which says no to elephant riding, we finally found the Krabi Elephant Sanctuary. It’s a place where former work elephants get the chance to live in a safe and animal-friendly environment, far away from abuse and violence. Here, visitors have the possibility to interact, feed and bathe with these beautiful animals and at the same time support this amazing project.

On our latest trip to Krabi we had visited the Krabi Elephant Sanctuary, the new home of the rescued elephants. In this blog post you are going to read more about what you can expect from a visit to this beautiful Elephant Camp in Krabi.

Tour to the Krabi Elephant Sanctuary

Really on time, we got a pick-up from our hotel and arrived after about 50 minutes at the Krabi Elephant Sanctuary. Straight away we felt very comfortable and the elephants seemed to be in a good condition. At the beginning we received lots of information about the plight of Thai working elephants and the terrible agony of elephant riding. At the end of the article you will find an interesting link to this topic.

After, fitted with bananas, cucumbers and homemade protein food, visitors are going to have their first contact with the pachyderms. To start with, we have to say that we had lots of time for each program point. All activities were really quiet and nice. Most important, you will have the opportunity to observe the behaviour of the elephants and to get know their character. The feeding time is a wonderful ceremony where the first exciting get-together takes place.

After that, we had a short walk with the elephants to a mud pit. Even when walking we noticed right away, the animals are forced to nothing. The elephants set the pace. As they feel like tramping, they trudge in the direction of mud bath, one faster, the other with several breaks. Bathing in mud is a kind of cosmetic treatment for these animals and a lot of fun too. They like to spray themselves (and visitors) with their proboscis, protecting their sensitive skin from heat and annoying parasites. These lovely elephants really enjoy their mud bath and also some of the visitors joined them.

Totally dirty and muddy, the elephants and the visitors wanted to cleanse. And believe us, there is nothing better than to take a bath with elephants – an unforgettable experience. Everybody had fun brushing and washing the elephants und also the elephants enjoyed the wash cycle. For sure, you never will get used to being that close to these impressive animals.



Getting that close to elephants, feeding, caressing and bathing them was a special and memorable experience of our Thailand trip. Especially, it was nice to see that the elephants of the Krabi Elephant Sanctuary are doing well and that they are treated so well. The proceeds benefit this great project and help these animals to live a species-appropriate life. Maybe the ticket price with 2,500 Baht is not that cheap, but besides the personal experience you also support a good thing and that should count too. Right at the beginning, the visitors are also told what an elephant rescue, admission, care and food costs and that the entrance must cover the immense expenses.

It would be desirable that Thailand’s elephants are no longer abused for elephant riding. They should be treated with love and respect and this can happen, if tourist say NO to elephant riding. Without a doubt, the Krabi Elephant Sanctuary is one of the best sanctuaries for Elephants in Thailand.

If you ask yourself what actually speaks against elephant riding, we would recommend the videos here. These are, in our opinion, self-explanatory.

Opening Hours

Visits to the Krabi Elephant Sanctuary are offered twice daily. There is a morning and an afternoon visit. The first one starts with a hotel pickup at 7:00 am and ends at 12:00 noon. At the second appointment you can experience the elephants from 13:00 – 18:00 clock.


The cost for visiting the Krabi Elephant Sanctuary is 2,500 baht per person. Included are, the transfer (from / to the hotel), water and fresh fruits, accident insurance, English speaking guide and food for the elephants.

Arrival and booking

The booking of the tour can be made directly on the homepage, but is also offered in some hotels or travel agencies in the Krabi region. In any case, you will be picked up directly from your hotel.

Contact details


Address: Krabi Elephant Sanctuary 83/13 Moo 4T. Ao Loek Tai A.Ao

Where to stay

A visit to the Krabi Elephant Sanctuary is best to be organized from Krabi Town, Ao Nang or Klong Muang Beach. We especially liked the quiet and beautiful Klong Muang Beach, more about this wonderful place you will find here.

Great accommodations around the Krabi Elephant Sanctuary you will find here:

More about Krabi and Thailand

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