Koh Mook Island: Paradise found in Thailand!

Koh Mook, often also called Koh Muk, is a small idyllic island in the Andaman Sea in the south of Thailand. Much of the island consists of deep jungle and intact nature, as well as small charming villages. The coast, in turn, is lined with palm trees, gigantic cliffs and the gorgeous beaches that invite to relax. However, the absolute best attractions are the breathtaking Emerald Cave and the snow-white Sivalai Beach, which make Koh Mook one of the most spectacular islands in Thailand and to an insider tip for travelers. Here you are still away from mass tourism and can dive deep into the quiet and tranquil island life. The unique combination of fascinating natural scenery and friendly people will also make your visit to Koh Mook an unforgettable experience.

In this travel guide we give you all the important information about Koh Mook in Thailand. In addition, there are useful tips for getting there, recommended accommodations and the most beautiful beaches of the island.

Good to know!

There are not too many places to stay on Koh Mook, and in the high season they are quickly booked out. For a romantic vacation, the Sivalai Beach Resort is a must. Backpackers, on the other hand, love the Koh Mook Bungalows.

You will not find an ATM on Koh Mook until today. Remember to withdraw enough cash in advance and carry it with you on your island trip!

Many people explore Koh Mook as part of a Thailand Island Hopping tour. A great idea to discover all the dream islands in the south of the country, such as the islands Koh Kradan and Koh Ngai nearby.

The most important attraction on Koh Mook is the Emerald Cave, a sea cave that can only be crossed by swimming. A good waterproof backpack is recommended to protect your phone, camera or other valuables from getting wet.

General information about Koh Mook

Koh Mook, also named as Koh Muk, is a real pearl of the Trang province in southern Thailand. Situated on the stretch of sea between the famous islands of Koh Lanta in the north and Koh Lipe in the south, this islet is an insider’s tip for those seeking peace and quiet and for all those who want to discover a very unique destination in Thailand. Here you can expect beautiful beaches and an absolutely paradisiacal setting with the famous Emerald Cave as a must-see. In addition, great reefs where you can even discover clown fish and huge starfish invite for snorkeling.

The island of Koh Mook is relatively small with about 7 square kilometers and so the most important points can be explored quite comfortably by foot, bike or scooter. In Thai, Koh Mook means something like “the pearl” and truly, this little paradise lives up to its name! A large part of the island is protected by the Chao Mai National Park and therefore consists almost entirely of untouched nature and jungle.

The best time to visit Koh Mook Island is from November to mid-April. At that time, it is relatively dry. The rainy season starts at the end of April but can still partially go into November.


Best things to do in Koh Mook

Although this island is relatively small, there are some really nice things to do on Koh Mook. The island’s main attractions include the small village of Baan Koh Mook, the famous Emerald Cave on the west coast and of course the gorgeous beaches that make Koh Mook so popular. This island also has great snorkeling spots and excursions to offer! Here are the most beautiful attractions of this island summarized at a glance:

Sivalai Beach

The famous Sivalai Beach is an absolute postcard motif and probably one of the most beautiful beaches in Thailand. Here, a snow-white headland of velvety sand stretches into the turquoise sea. Directly at its tip is the beautiful Sivalai Beach Resort, the best hotel on the island, which is a real eye-catcher with the palm trees in the background. Depending on the tides, the beach picture changes. Especially beautiful is the sandbank at low tide, then you can virtually walk around the hotel on the beach.

But also at high tide the Sivalai Beach is beautiful, because then the turquoise water reaches almost up to the palm trees.

Baan Koh Mook Village

Really idyllic is the small village Baan Koh Mook, which is more or less the capital of the island. Since Koh Mook is car-free, it is also really chill here. In addition, the buildings are colorfully decorated, which exudes a particularly charming flair. In Baan Koh Mook you will find a few small cute supermarkets, good restaurants, cozy bars and even a fantastic bakery has settled.

Tip: To date, there are no ATMs on Koh Mook. You will also search in vain for an exciting nightlife on Koh Mook.

Emerald Cave

The Emerald Cave is the most important places to see on Koh Mook and also a popular excursion destination from the nearby islands. The highlight of the tour is swimming through an 80-meter-long pitch-dark cave, where you reach an emerald green lagoon with a white dream beach at the end. High cliffs and a jungle surround this unique beach, which was once a pirate hideout.

Visiting the Emerald Cave can be easily organized by longtail boat. The trip usually costs 800 baht per boat and includes an island tour with snorkeling. The best time for the Emerald Cave is in the morning at 8 am or in the afternoon from 3 pm. Then you usually have this little paradise all to yourself which is really mystical!

Tip: When you visit you should have a waterproof backpack with you. This way you can take your camera and cell phone safely into the cave.

Garnet Beach (Charlie Beach)

The Garnet Beach, formerly known as Charlie Beach or Had Farang, is on of the most amazing beaches on Koh Mook Island. By the way, the name comes from former resorts, which have closed their doors long ago. You will no longer find bungalows directly on this beach, as it has now been declared part of the national park. Nevertheless, you can still relax on this wonderful beach, rent a kayak or enjoy the incredible view from Kayoa Viewpoint. The beach bars are also really cozy, where you can enjoy fantastic sunsets.

Tip: The small island taxis connect the village with the beaches Garnet Beach and Sivalai Beach. A ride currently costs 50 baht per person per way. Koh Mook can also be explored by scooter or bicycle, which can be rented locally.

Snorkeling & Kayak Tours

Around the island are many amazing coral reefs and good areas for snorkelling, which can be reached by a trip with the longtail boat! In some places you can see really nice colorful fish like clownfish and huge starfish. Tours can be booked on site and combined with the trip to Emmeral Cave. Lovely is also a tour with the kayak. It is a cheap and great way to paddle the coast of Koh Mook. You can rent kayaks directly at Garnet Beach (former Charlie Beach). From here you can also visit the Emerald Cave.

Explore the neighboring islands

If you love snorkeling and would like to explore more islands around, you should definitely take a trip to Koh Kradan. The crossing by longtail boat takes just under 30 minutes and the price is around 800 baht. Another great destination is the tiny dream island of Koh Ngai. Here you will find one of the most beautiful beaches in Thailand. The offshore reef is also perfect for snorkeling.


How to get to Koh Mook

There are several options for getting to Koh Mook. Most tourists come by ferry or speedboat from Phuket, Krabi, Koh Lanta or Trang. Tickets can be booked either on the spot, or in advance online at 12go.asia.

From the city of Trang, it is best to take the ferry from Hat Yao Pier (15 minutes’ drive). The easiest way to get to the neighboring islands like Koh Kradan and Koh Ngai is by longtail boat or speedboat. From Koh Lanta, Koh Mook is best reached by speedboat (45min). If you travel from or to Koh Lipe, you can either take the speedboat or the ferry.

All transfer options including departure times can be found on 12go.asia.

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Where to stay at Koh Mook

On Koh Mook you can find some lovely accommodations for an unforgettable stay. However, since there are only a few good hotels on the island, and they are in high demand, we definitely recommend booking your favorite hotel in advance. So if you are looking for an amazing place to stay on Koh Mook, we can give you these accommodation tips along the way…It’s worth a look!

  • Islands Best Hotel: The Sivalai Beach Resort is located on the dream beach of the island and pampers its guests with bungalows in direct beach location! Definitely a hotel for the very special visit!
  • Quiet Bungalows: The Inhale @ Hill is a small, beautiful bungalow complex with only 5 cottages, which promises absolute privacy and tranquility.
  • Bungalows in the Jungle: The Nature Hill inspires with wonderful bungalows directly in the forest. Also, the beautiful Charlie Beach is just a few minutes’ walk away.
  • Budget Beach Huts: The Koh Mook Bungalows are very simple, yet cozy. Here the prices are cheap, and the atmosphere is right – perfect for backpackers!
  • Small Bungalows: The Mook Montra Seaview is a family run business with small, pretty bungalows close to the sea and to the village.

Conclusion: A visit to Koh Mook is an absolute highlight of any island tour in Thailand and it’s really worth a visit. Have a look here, if you want to read more about Island Hopping in Thailand.

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