Koh Bulon Lae Travel Guide: Thailand’s Island Paradise

Where are the last gems of Thailand? Are you looking for a quiet, idyllic and native Island? A place far up from mass tourism, rave parties and 7Eleven? Visit Koh Bulon, a tiny island located in the Satun Province in the Andaman Sea and rated as one of the most amazing islands in Thailand. Undoubtedly, this island is really unspoiled and far away from mass tourism. Generally, it is the most perfect spot for couples, families and backpackers looking for an ultimate dream-island experience! Koh Bulon, more often known as Koh Bulon Lae, is still an excellent travel tip and with its snow-white dream beach is certainly one of the most special places in Thailand. An experience not to be missed.

In this travel guide you will find all the important info and tips about Koh Bulon in Thailand. We show wonderful pictures, the best attractions and beaches, and where to stay on the island best.

Good to know!

Most travelers explore Koh Bulon as a stopover on a Thailand island hopping tour. Actually a great idea to discover all the dream islands in Southern Thailand, from Krabi down to Koh Lipe!

There are only a few accommodations on Koh Bulon, and they are booked out very quickly, especially in the high season. To date, you will not find any hotels on online platforms and rooms must therefore be requested directly.

You will not find any shopping facilities or ATMs on Koh Bulon. Remember to carry enough cash and buy everything you need for your vacation on the mainland.

Getting to Koh Bulon is possible by speedboat from Pak Bara Pier on the mainland or from the surrounding islands, such as Koh Mook, Koh Kradan and Koh Ngai. Departure times, prices and ticket sales can be found online at 12Go.Asia.

Koh Bulon – one of the most beautiful islands in Thailand


General information about Koh Bulon

Koh Bulon, also known as Ko Bulon Le, is an island in the south of Thailand and is located near Tarutao and Mu Ko Phetra National Parks. Pak Bara, the nearest major ferry port on the mainland, is about 23 kilometers away. With a size of about 3 square kilometers, this islet is really tiny, and it takes just 20 minutes to walk from one end of the island to the other. Koh Bulon is partly covered by dense jungle, with beautiful white beaches on the east and south coasts and beautiful mangrove forests in the north-west. Cars and roads do not exist yet, only a footpath winds across the island, where along also small cozy accommodations, restaurants and a mini store are located.


Koh Bulon – A Paradise for Backpackers

Koh Bulon is an island straight out of a postcard. Snow-white sand, palm trees and crystal clear turquoise water, and best of all, the island is still quiet and tranquil. The small pristine island is 20 kilometers from the mainland, it has two gorgeous beaches and a dense jungle inside. It is still one of the few “pearls” of the Andaman Islands. During our Island hopping in Thailand, Koh Bulon was certainly one of the highlights and surprised us the most.

This island is the perfect place for peace seekers, beach lovers and bathers. In the clear water, you can watch small swarms of fish making their rounds close to the beach. The island is very pristine and with a little luck, you can observe giant lizards walking around.

If you are looking for parties, hip cocktail bars and 7-Eleven, Koh Bulon is certainly the wrong place. On this island there are only a few beach huts and nice bungalows to stay in, small restaurants and quiet bars. Most bungalows are only equipped with a fan, and even the showers are often still with cold water.

There is also no ATM or major supermarket, so be sure to take enough cash. All this makes the flair of the island, far from mass tourism. Quickly you feel like Robinson Cruiso. Perfect to slow down and escape the hectic everyday life.

There’s not really anything special to do on the island of Koh Bulon, probably that’s why it’s so popular. Enjoy the unspeakable idyll and relax in a hammock. Take a walk along the beach, relax at one of the small beach bars or take a good book with you.

How to get to Koh Bulon?

The island of Koh Bulon is pretty small, so it doesn’t have its own airport. Getting there can be arranged by speedboat transport from the main land or the neighboring islands. The nearest airport is in Trang or Hat Yai, but you could also take a flight to Krabi. Speedboat are operating from Krabi, Phuket, Koh Lanta and Trang. For the timetables and to book your ticket, you can check out 12Go.Asia. As soon as the ferry arrives at Ko Bulon, a long tail boat will come out to catch up the transfer passengers for 50 baht only.

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Accommodations on Koh Bulon

There are just a few resorts and bungalows on Koh Bulon island. If you are traveling in the main season, you should make a reservation to make sure you get a hotel room for the required period. We stayed at the Bulone Viewpoint Resort, which was a budget option and the only accommodation which offer online booking. If you would like to stay in a middle-class resort, we recommend the Pansand Resort and the Bulon Resort. There are no luxury resorts until now.

Conclusion: Koh Bulon is the true dream island in Thailand and if you are looking for peace, soft sandy beach and turquoise blue waters, then this islet is for sure the perfect place for you!

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  1. So—this is an island for people who really just like islands, for all the things that being an island brings. Focus on the sand, the trees, the water. I think I would get awfully bored there in a few days but until then, that water, those trees, that sand, look pretty good. (Still Thai food though, yes?)

  2. Wow, that really does look like incredible. I don’t think you can beat a deserted beach!

  3. Gorgeous pictures! But I definitely agree with Tom – the seclusion would get to me after a while! haha

  4. You had me at Robinson Crusoe, my favourite childhood book!

    We were talking yesterday – in the depths of a rather snowy British winter – about getting some sun on our bones. I really feel as though I’ve had a little taste of that through your pictures. I’m also rather attracted by the idea of nothing to do but explore, and swim, and watch the wildlife. That island’s so very beautiful.

  5. Koh Bulon is my kind of place it looks like .. Love the quite bars and small restaurants 🙂 I had been to Fiji and had been to some places of these kind . Really good …

  6. Love this post! I adore Thailand, but must admit to always being a bit dissapointed that I never found my perfect paradise island a la Leo’s ‘The Beach’. Looks like you found it for me! I’ll definitely be checking this one out the next time I’m in Thailand!

  7. Isn’t Thailand just absolute paradise?! I spent about seven weeks there a few years back and fell in love. I’ve been wanting to go back, and now I have a new place I want to visit! Ko Bulon looks AMAZING. I’ve only been to one of the islands (Koh Chang) and seriously debated on moving there forever. Doing nothing but reading and writing and soaking up the beach life… You’ve definitely sparked my wanderlust for SE Asia today! 🙂

  8. I love the “Robinson Crusoe” feel – what a gorgeous, isolated spot! Your photos look so stunning! Thanks for the awesome inspo 🙂

  9. It really does look just like a post card! I actually have a friend who is planing to backpack through Thailand. I will be sending this to her for sure, thanks for sharing 🙂

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