Tisno, Croatia: Things to Do & Best Beaches

Tisno in Croatia is an enchanting holiday resort in Dalmatia and is located only about 25 kilometers from Sibenik. Interestingly, one part of the town is on Murter Island, while the other is on the opposite mainland. The two parts of the town are only connected by the famous Tisno Bridge, a drawbridge that opens twice a day for shipping traffic. Also beautiful in Tisno is the panorama of the colorful town houses that stretch along the canal to the left and right and which, together with the blue sea, form a romantic backdrop. Another absolute highlight is the coastal path from the old town to Jezera, where you will discover the island of Murter from its most beautiful side during a walk. The beaches of Tisno are also phenomenal and attract countless visitors from all over the world every year!

In this travel guide, you will find information and tips about Tisno in Croatia. We show you the most beautiful sights, the best beaches, great pictures and where to find recommended accommodations in Tisno.

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There are countless beautiful bays to discover during a holiday in Tisno. Some are on the mainland, others on the popular holiday island of Murter. We have summarized the most beautiful beaches on Murter Island here at a glance.

Tisno is also suitable for camping fans as there are several campsites around the town. You will find lovely mobile homes and camping villas at the beautiful Oliva Green Camping.

General information about Tisno

Tisno with its 1,200 inhabitants, is one of the most popular holiday destinations on the beautiful holiday island of Murter, together with Murter Town, Jezera and Betina. In Croatian, the name Tisno means something like “strait”, which is mainly due to its location on the only 38-metre-wide channel between the mainland and the island. One of the most important attractions is for sure the bridge of Tisno. It was built at the beginning of the 18th century, renewed again and again over the years and also today the drawbridge built in 1991 connects the island of Murter with the mainland.

The history of Tisno dates back to 1474, making it the youngest of the four island towns. The romantic Riva promenade runs along the shore, where numerous historic buildings are lined up next to each other and where visitors will enjoy culinary delights in the fabulous restaurants and cafés. Other real highlights are the picturesque beaches of Tisno and the many possibilities for unforgettable excursions, which make this place a popular destination, especially for summer travelers.


Best things to do in Tisno

A wide range of attractions awaits you on a holiday. The most essential things to see in Tisno include the small old town on the island side, the romantic waterfront promenade with its nostalgic buildings, the historically significant churches and, not to forget, the wonderful beaches of Tisno. Here is a summary of the most beautiful things to do in Tisno at a glance:

The Old Town of Tisno

The heart and at the same time, one of the most important attractions of Tisno is the picturesque old town. It is located on the island side and impresses with a multitude of historically significant buildings and interesting churches. The Church of St. Spirit Sv. Duh from 1548 is well worth seeing; it is the oldest in the town and its imposing steeple dominates the townscape of the old town. Another highlight in the center are the many well-preserved town palaces, some of which date back to the 18th century and were built by wealthy Italian families at the time. Even today, they give Tisno an extraordinary charm that is best enjoyed on a leisurely stroll through the town.

Tip: Right near the old town and directly by the sea are the newly furnished Apartmani Nika in a prime location!

The Tisno Bridge & Promenade

Other must-sees of the resort are the picturesque waterfront promenade of Tisno and the bridge that connects the two parts of the town. The original bridge had already been built at the beginning of the 18th century, whereas the current blue drawbridge dates back to 1968 and has been renovated several times later. During a walk across the bridge and along the promenade, you will always enjoy a wonderful view of the sea and the colorful front of houses that form the pretty townscape. Along the way, there are always good regional restaurants, taverns, and cafés where you can soak in this magnificent scenery.

Tip: The bridge in Tisno opens twice a day in the high season, at 9.00 a.m. and at 5.00 p.m. for half an hour each time.

Coastal Path to Jezera

The romantic coastal path “Deptak Jezera-Tisno” is absolutely worth visiting! This coastal path begins at the southern end of the village near the old town of Tisno and stretches about 2 kilometers to the neighboring village of Jezera. Either by bike or on foot, you can experience the beautiful island of Murter from one of its most idyllic sides on this route. Along the way, you will always enjoy a magnificent view of the sea and the offshore islets. Moreover, there are many romantic places to go swimming and the magnificent pine forests create a breathtaking ambience.

Gospe od Karavaja Church

The church Gopse od Karavaja, also known as the Church of Our Lady of Karavaj, is a real insider tip in Tisno. Even the climb up the hill Broscica, wherefrom you will enjoy a magnificent view of the coast, is beautiful and an impressive experience. At the top, a beautiful church from the early 18th century awaits you, which was built by the Italian Gelpi family. Today, the church is a popular place of pilgrimage and one of the most important attractions of Tisno.

Tip: A path with countless stairs leads to the church. But once you have conquered them, you will find one of the most beautiful viewpoints of Tisno just behind the church!


The beaches in Tisno

The many beaches in and around Tisno make this holiday resort a popular destination for holidaymakers! Along the breathtakingly beautiful coastline, there are many pretty bathing spots both on the island side and on the mainland. Most of the bays are fine pebble bays, but there are also fantastic natural beaches with an idyllic ambience and almost kitschy turquoise-blue sea colors.

Iza Andrije Beach

Probably one of the most beautiful beaches in Tisno is Plaza Iza Andrije. This stretch of beach is located on the already described coastal path between Tisno and Jezera and it is the perfect bathing spot for those who appreciate nature and tranquility. While bathing, you will enjoy a natural stone beach with concreted sunbathing areas, which is also ideal for snorkeling. The idyllic ambience with the dense, shady pine forests and the stunning view of the offshore islands are also wonderful.

Tip: The nearest accommodation is a few minutes’ walk away in Tisno. Highly recommended are the Apartments Valentina Tisno in a fabulous location!

Olivia Green Beach

The beach at Olivia Green Camping is definitely one of the best beach highlights in Tisno. Here you will find a fine, light pebble beach and turquoise sea colors, as beautiful as in travel magazines. There is also a good restaurant directly on the beach, where guests enjoy the wonderful holiday flair over a good meal or a coffee. There is no natural shade directly on the beach, but sunshades and sunbeds are provided for guests.

Tip: The Oliva Green Camping is the perfect place for a very special holiday. Here you have a great choice of different mobile homes and luxurious camping villas.

Jazina Beach

Another beautiful beach in Tisno is Jazina beach. It is located at Jazina campsite on the mainland of the resort. Especially families with children, but also non-swimmers love this shallowly sloping pebble beach because even the smallest ones can splash around in the crystal-clear sea safely. The adjacent pine forest is also really pleasant and provides cool shade, especially on hot summer days.

Tip: A great choice for a quiet holiday is the Mobile Home Laura in an idyllic location and just a few steps from the sea!

Lovisca Beach

Lovisca beach belongs to the Jezera Village Lovisca camp of the same name and is another very popular bathing beach near Tisno. You can reach it on foot along the coastal promenade in the direction of Betina, or by car. Campers in particular, but also families with children, love this gently sloping pebble beach, which scores with fabulous facilities, terrific holiday flair and many entertainment options such as a water bouncy castle and pedal boat rental.

Tip: Just 150 meters from the beach, you’ll find beautifully furnished mobile homes with lovely terraces.

Best Excursions and Day Trips from Tisno

From Tisno you can go on some really great trips. Thanks to the bridge, you can explore the island of Murter as well as many of Croatia’s highlights on the mainland. The offshore island world with the Kornati National Park is also breathtaking and invites taking amazing boat trips.

Of course, there are many other interesting places to discover on Murter Island. The village Murter Town, the small harbor town Jezera and the shipbuilding town Betina are particularly worth seeing.

One of the most popular day trips from Tisno is a boat excursion to the Kornati Islands and the Telascica Nature Park.

Probably the most beautiful excursion destinations on the mainland are the UNESCO old town of Sibenik, the coastal town Zadar as well as the famous Krka waterfalls.


Where to stay in Tisno

In Tisno you will find a great range of fantastic and also cheap accommodations. Most of the accommodations are privately run holiday flats, guesthouses, small hotels and nice campsites. If you are searching for a recommended place to stay in Tisno, we can give you these tips on fabulous accommodations…It’s worth a look!

  • Affordable studio flats: The Valentina Tisno Apartments are in a quiet location not far from the natural beach and the old town is also within walking distance.
  • Apartments with pool: The nicely furnished Villa Lana Apartments are in a great location with a pool and a great view of Tisno bay.
  • Heritage Hotel: The Heritage Hotel Tisno is a beautiful 4-star hotel directly by the sea. It is lovingly furnished, the staff is really nice, the breakfast is top, and the pool is a great addition!
  • Camping Villas: The camping villas are the perfect choice if you want to combine luxury with camping. The pool, the good restaurant by the sea and the beautiful pebble beach are also great!

Find the best accommodation in Tisno:


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