The 7 Best Beaches in Malinska

The beautiful beaches in Malinska make this resort one of the most sought-after holiday destinations on Krk Island. Along the so-called Malinska Bay you will find countless bathing spots with picturesque sea colors and a unique flair to hang out and relax. Connected by the 8 kilometer long romantic shore promenade, the Malinska beaches reach from the center up to the paradise path “Rajska cesta” in the north and to the district of Porat in the south. Beautiful pebble bays, fine sandy beaches, well-kept concrete beaches and hidden natural coves as well as nudist beaches – the choice of beach options is phenomenal. What are the absolutely most amazing bays and beaches in Malinska and which places are particularly suitable for a holiday?

In this travel guide, we will reveal the ultimate best beaches of Malinska in Croatia. We also show you some great pictures. You will also find plenty of tips and information that are guaranteed to help you plan your trip.


Malinska Beach

Plaza Malinska, also known as Plaza Maestral, is one of the most popular beaches in Malinska. It borders directly on the harbor and the center and can be reached on foot in no time via the waterfront promenade. There you will also find lovely cafés, ice cream parlors and good restaurants that provide the necessary catering. A perfect mix of fine pebble beach and concrete sunbathing areas awaits you at Malinska beach, which is around 100 meters long. The sea is clean, crystal clear and shines in the most beautiful turquoise watercolors.

A few trees provide shade, but sunshades and sunbeds are available for rent in the high season. The Siesta Beach Bar is also really cool, treating guests with delicious cocktails and a fantastic sea view. For children and younger ones, a cool aqua park is inflated in summer to provide a lot of action.

Tip: Just behind Malinska beach is the wonderful Luxury Hotel Riva, a fantastic 5-star hotel with a stunning pool, spa-area and situated in a prime location!

Vrtaca Beach

For many visitors, one of the most beautiful beaches in Malinska is Vrtaca Beach, an absolutely romantic bay with  a very fine pebble beach that slopes gently into the crystal-clear sea and even turns into a sandy beach there. Especially families with children enjoy optimal bathing pleasure here. At the edge of the sheltered bay, concrete plateaus have been laid out for people to sunbathe and relax. The tall trees on the beach are also fantastic, providing plenty of shade and an incredibly beautiful backdrop.

Behind the beach, a small snack bar and an ice cream stand open in summer, where visitors can get refreshments and snacks. If you like, you can rent a pedal boat on site and paddle along the beautiful coast of Malinska!

Tip: Not far away, just above the bay, there are the Aquamarin aparments, a beautiful and also large holiday flat in a prime location!

Rupa Beach

Rupa Beach, also known as Portic Beach, is a real highlight that should not be missed on any holiday in Malinska. For many this bay is even one of the most beautiful along the coast and thanks to its proximity to the center, it can be reached via the promenade at a distance of only 200 meters. Here you will enjoy a 300-metre-long stretch of beach, which enchants with several beautiful pebble beaches in a fabulous setting. The sea colors are unique and truly invite swimming, snorkeling and splash around. Thanks to the cleanliness and perfect facilities, this dream beach has even been awarded the Blue Flag!

Here too, as almost everywhere along the Malinska coast, you will find the concrete plateaus mainly used as sunbathing spots. A little behind it is a small park with a playground, there are various eateries, the fantastic fish restaurant Portic, and sunbed rental is also available.

Tip: A real insider tip for a beach holiday in Malinska is the Apartments House Pinezic. It is located just a few steps from the sea and delights with beautiful holiday flats and a lovely garden!

Draga Beach

Plaza Draga, often also called Malin Beach, is one of the most popular beaches in Malinska. It is divided into two larger sections: a wide concrete beach, which has a certain beach club ambience and a long pebble bay, which even turns into a sandy beach in the sea. Admittedly, the setting is somewhat retro, but this in turn gives Draga beach a unique charm all of its own. There is hardly any natural shade, but in the high season you can rent sunshades and deck chairs.

A cool beach bar ensures a fabulous holiday atmosphere with delicious cocktails and good music. If you need some action, there is a water sports station for jet skis, banana boats and water skis and in summer, there is even a bouncy castle in the water for children.

Tip: The Apartments & Rooms Milcetic is a great choice for a beach holiday in Malinska. They are located directly on the beach with a wonderful view of the bay!

Rova Beach

Rova Beach is a fantastic choice for a quiet holiday in Malinska and connoisseurs even consider it to be one of the most beautiful bays along the coast. While bathing, you will enjoy a wonderful white pebble beach with fantastic turquoise blue sea colors. The water is crystal clear and invites going snorkeling. Tall pine trees also conjure up a Mediterranean flair and provide cool shade on hot summer days. The beach is a little away from the center, but is connected by a small tourist train in the high season.

Just behind Rova beach runs the pretty waterfront promenade, where gastronomic establishments such as cafés, a good pizzeria and a bistro have set up shop. Fantastic are also the many nice accommodations along the bay, which are ideal for an unforgettable beach holiday!

Tip: We especially recommend Villa Rova, a fantastic 4-star hotel with pool in a prime beach location, as well as Luxury Apartments Villa Matea with the sea right in front of you.

Zidarici Beach

A lovely highlight and probably one of the most beautiful beaches of Malinksa is Plaza Zidaraci. It is romantically situated next to a small harbor basin and inspires with its picturesque idyll in a wonderful setting. The almost kitschy colors of the sea are wonderful and truly invite to swim and enjoy the scenery. The small, fine pebble bay, which provides easy access to the gently sloping sea, is also great. If you want to sunbathe, beautiful stone plateaus have been laid out at the edge of this bay for relaxing hours. Steps also offer access to the cool water.

Just behind Zidarici beach, there are several good cafés and restaurants that spoil their guests with delicious cuisine and a wonderful sea view. The proximity to the adjacent Rova beach, another dream beach of Malinska, is also great!

Tip: Just a few steps away are the Papalinna Apartments, a beautiful house with lovely holiday flats overlooking the sea!

Uhic Beach

Uhic Beach, often known as Porat Beach, is located in the very south of the resort and is probably one of the most romantic bathing spots along the coast. It is a great mix of pebble, rock and concrete beach. The natural surroundings are particularly beautiful, where green pine forests and the blue, clear sea form a unique atmosphere. Those who appreciate peace and quiet will find a hiking trail with small, secluded bays in the lower beach area. Nearby, a dog beach has also found a spot.

Small beach bars provide cool drinks and snacks, and good restaurants can be found in the center of Porat. If you don’t live in the area, it’s best to take the tourist train that connects the many beaches of Malinska or use your own car.

Tip: The 4-star Spa & Wellness Hotel Pinia is a fabulous option for a holiday! It is located directly on Uhic beach and is an absolute oasis of peace.

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