Vrboska, Hvar: Travel Guide & Best Beaches!

The picturesque harbor town of Vrboska is one of the little jewels of the popular Hvar Island and is one of the insider tips among connoisseurs, individualists and all those who are looking for that special experience. This fishing village is absolutely enchanting, the flair is magical and, moreover, it is still really tranquil here. During a walk through the picturesque center you can admire ancient town houses, stroll over beautiful little stone bridges and enjoy the captivating charm of this historic town. Due to its ideal location, the resort of Vrboska is also a perfect starting point for excursions and day tours on the island of Hvar. But also the beaches in Vrboska are spectacular because here you can bathe partly still in really idyllic and lonely bays.

In this Travel Guide we will show all the best things to do, travel tips and information about Vrboska, the popular fishing village of Hvar. Additionally, we share with you the most beautiful beaches of Vrboska, the best excursions and where to find the best accommodation.

Good to know!

In Vrboska you will find some of the best accommodations for where to stay on Hvar Island. Really amazing is the Plage Cachée – Glamping, a beautiful campsite with luxury tents and private beach in a marvelous setting!

The best time for a visit is from May to the end of October. At this time of year you can expect warm temperatures, lots of sun and relatively little rain!

Not only Vrboska is worth seeing, also in the surroundings there are a lot of things to do. Really pretty and not far away is the coastal town of Stari Grad Hvar and the pretty resort of Jelsa.

If you are not traveling with your own car, then you can either rent a car or use the public buses, which connect the various places with each other. The old town of Hvar can also be easily reached by bus.


Things to do in Vrboska

The beautiful harbor town is settled in a fairly long bay and has some pretty things to explore. Beautiful old stone houses and monuments, whose architecture partly goes back to the Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque periods, line the promenade. Small bridges connect the town and that’s why Vrboska is often also known as “Little Venice of Hvar“. One of the main attractions is the tiny island inside the bay, whose palm tree is a popular postcard motif.

During a tour of the village you will stroll along a beautiful promenade, the main attraction of Vrobska and at the same time the town center. The promenade offers really fantastic views of the harbor town and the many boats floating in the sea. The atmosphere at the harbor is very relaxed, and the restaurants, cafés and wine bars offer delicious local dishes and invite to linger.

At the southern end of the waterfront is the ACI Marina Vrboska. This marina is one of the largest on the island and is even for non-boaters absolutely worth seeing.

Probably the most important sight of Vrboska is the Church of Saint Mary, a fortress-church from the 16th century. This fortress tower in the old town and was once built as a defense against the Turkish attacks. Today, this architecturally unique church can be visited. Climb up the fortress church and enjoy a picturesque view over the rooftops of Vrboska. A highlight that shouldn’t be missed on any visit.

Opening hours: The Church of Saint Mary opens from Monday through Saturday, from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm and from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm.

Tip: Occasionally are small hidden wineries in the side streets of the village, where you can taste local wines and fresh figs. Especially the sweet wine Prosek is highly recommended and very typical for this region.

Vrboska has been inhabited since antiquity and has a long tradition as a fishing village. In the small Fisherman’s Museum gives a very interesting insight about the history of fishing in Hvar. Traditional fishing gear, ancient lights, fishing nets, tools and various sea creatures are exhibited here. This interesting museum is one of the best things to see in Vrboska and is located right on the waterfront. The entrance fee is 20 kuna per person.

Opening hours: Vrboska Fisheries Museum opens daily from 10:00 am to 12:30 pm and from 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm.


Best beaches in Vrboska

Not only the harbor town itself is worth seeing, also the beaches at Vrboska are truly beautiful and invite for swimming and snorkeling. Here you will find some amazing secluded bays, perfect for a relaxing and enchanting holiday by the sea. Here are the best beaches in Vrboska, summarized at a glance:

Beach Soline

Soline Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Vrboska. This pebble beach is slightly sloping and ideal for families with children. A small water playground offers fun for young and old and a restaurant, as well as a really cozy beach bar provides guests with food and cool drinks.

Maslinica Beach

The Maslinica Beach is for sure one of the most beautiful beaches on Hvar Island. This quiet bay enchants with beautiful sea colors and a unique quiet beach idyll. There are no restaurants or bars and therefore you should take your own food/drinks to the beach. A recommendable spot for swimming and snorkeling only 800 meters from Vrboska.

Paklena Beach

The beach Paklena is a quiet stretch of beach located within walking distance to Soline Beach. Between the many fragrant pine forests, you will always find a cool spot to in the shade. This beach is very quiet and one of the best places for swimming and snorkeling in Vrboska.

Excursions on Hvar Island

A holiday in Vrboska is a great opportunity to explore the best places of Hvar Island. This harbor town is only 8 km away from Stari Grad Hvar, 6 km from Jelsa and 25 km from Hvar town.

But also the beautiful beaches of Hvar delight its visitors, and so Vrboska is perfect to explore some of the most beautiful bays of the island.

If you would like to explore other islands, then you have the possibility to visit Brac Island from Vroboska for a daytrip. Here you will enjoy the world-famous Zlatni Rat Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in Croatia.

Also recommended are trips to the Blue Cave on the island Vis. But also wine tours and wine tastings are a really popular activity on Hvar.


Where to stay in Vrboska

The lovely harbor town offers an excellent selection of accommodation. Often, the apartments in Vrboska are even cheaper than in Hvar Town. The most places to stay can be found inside or just near the village, not far from restaurants, cafés and supermarkets. Here are our top recommendations for where to stay in Vrboska…it’s worth a look!

  • Ingenious Glamping: The Plage Cachée – Glamping is an insider tip! Here score beautiful luxury tents with great attention to detail and are located directly on the beach.
  • Resort by the Sea: The Labranda Senses Resort is the perfect choice for a vacation. It is located in a beautiful bay directly on the sea and also the breakfast is top!
  • Wonderful Apartment: The Apartment Smuljic is a recommendation in Vrboska. The apartment is really comfortable and a great alternative.
  • Chic Guesthouse: The Mediteran Hvar – Luxury Rooms is a stylish option for a vacation in Vrboska. The idyllic location and the view from the balcony are also brilliant.


Conclusion: Vrboska is the place for a peaceful holiday on Hvar. It convinces with a romantic harbor, good restaurants, delicious wines and really beautiful beaches and bays in the vicinity. The best is, that due to the ideal location, it is not far to explore the most beautiful spots of the island.

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