Lopud: The Paradise Island near Dubrovnik!

Lopud is a small, beautiful island in Croatia, located in the north-west of the city of Dubrovnik. It belongs to the famous Elaphites archipelago and is often visited on day trips. Also as a quiet vacation island, this place is getting more and more popular. Unique is especially the long, velvety sandy beach Sunj, one of the most beautiful sandy beaches in Croatia, that offers old and young bathing pleasure at its best. Likewise, the small dreamy village Lopud with its picturesque harbor and the enchanting monastery is really worth seeing and invites staying for a while.

In this travel guide, we give you all the important info on Lopud in Croatia. In addition, we will go into detail about the best excursions, beaches and where to find the loveliest accommodations.

Good to know!

Getting to Lopud Island is easy! One can reach the car-free island simply by ferry from Dubrovnik. We will show you the best way to get there a little later in this article.

The most famous attraction in Lopud is Sunj Beach. It is one of the most beautiful sandy beaches in Croatia and the absolute highlight of the island.

If you would rather take a guided boat trip to the Elaphites from Dubrovnik, you will find a fantastic selection on GetyourGuide. On these trips, you will also visit the island of Sipan and Kolocep.

On Lopud there are a few privately run apartments, which are suitable for a calm vacation in Croatia. Stunning are the Apartments Ana with a calm location and a wonderful sea-view.

General information about Lopud

The island of Lopud, together with Koločep and Šipan, is one of the few inhabited islands of the Elaphites. With a size of 4.63 km², it is not too big and relatively compact. About 240 inhabitants live here, which gives the island a very rustic and idyllic ambience. In the capital Lopud there is a tiny supermarket, a few vacation apartments and a handful of restaurants. If you want to spend a longer vacation on the island, we recommend buying all the important things in Dubrovnik.

The island advertises with more than 2,584 hours of sunshine per year and so it is known as a real paradise for sun-hungry beach holidaymakers. Furthermore, there is fresh water here, which makes Lopud a real green dream island. Besides countless trees, palms and bushes, there are also colorful flowers and even a botanical garden.


Things to Do on Lopud Island

According to history, in 1098 the Milanese crusader Ottotone Visconti stranded on Lopud. He survived and then had countless churches built on the island. Today, you can still discover the many small chapels and churches during a tour. One of the most important attractions is the impressive Franciscan monastery, which lies impressively on a rock above the city and which you can already marvel at when you reach Lopud.

Another highlight is the island village of the same name, Lopud. Here you will find a cute center with an enchanting promenade. Beautifully lined with palm trees and with the old Dalmatian stone houses, it is the absolute heart of the small car-free village. Along the coast, there are also a few cozy cafés and restaurants, where you can enjoy the dreamlike ambience with a glass of wine or coffee.

Worth seeing is also the Botanical Garden of Lopud, whose entrance is directly on the promenade. It is a true oasis of nature and a welcome cooling on hot summer days. Plants from all over the world have been collected here, including cacti, bamboos and palms. There are also various Greek and Roman ruins to discover.

Lopud Beach

The island of Lopud has been a famous seaside resort for about a century. There are 2 famous beaches on the island, Sunj beach and Lopud beach. Right next to the port and right next to the village there is Lopud beach. It is a small, beautiful sandy beach right in the center of the island, which slopes gently into the sea and is perfect for a few hours of swimming.

Sunj Beach

Probably the most impressive beach on the island, and the reason why many people actually come to Lopud, is Beach Sunj. This beautiful sandy beach is located on the other side of the island and can be reached either on foot or with a shuttle service. Adults and children also appreciate beach Sunj, where you can wade through the warm water and play in the shallow sea. Thanks to its beautiful natural environment, it is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the region by many.

There are hardly any shady places on this sandy beach. However, umbrellas and sunbeds can be rented on site. Right behind the beach there are some restaurants and beach bars, which provide the necessary catering.


Tip: Restaurant Bindo is really great here. It is located a little bit further on a hill and spoils its guests with excellent food in addition to extraordinarily beautiful scenery!

Getting to Lopud Island

The journey to the island of Lopud is 4 to 5 times a day by passenger ferry from Dubrovnik. This ferry operates between the port of Gruž and the small port in the village of Lopud. In between, the ferry docks at other Elaphiti islands, so the journey time is about 1 hour.

The ticket can be bought directly on the spot at the big port Gruž of Dubrovnik, in Jadrolinija Office and currently costs 10 Euro per person.

Once you arrive at the island, there is some kind of shuttle service with golf cards, which will take you to the other side of the island to the famous sandy beach Sunj for a small price. If you prefer walking, you can walk and cross the island in about 30 minutes.

Guided Excursions to Lopud Island

Those who do not necessarily want to visit the island of Lopud on their own, have the opportunity to join a guided boat tour. Unforgettable day trips to the archipelago depart daily from Dubrovnik. On the online portal GetYourguide you can find many recommended guided excursions, some of them with lunch, and often combined with other beautiful islands of the Elaphites!

Great are also the reviews, which you can compare before booking!


Where to Stay on Lopud Island

Although Lopud is relatively small and quiet, there are some great offers when it comes to accommodations. These are mainly privately run vacation apartments or small pensions. If you are looking for recommendable places to stay on Lopud Island, we can give you these tips…It’s worth a look!

  • Lovely hotel: The Hotel Glavovic is a great choice for a stay on Lopud. It is located directly on the promenade and impresses with its unique charm.
  • Apartment with a View: The Apartments Ana offer beautiful vacation apartments with a wonderful view. Also a beach is only a few minutes’ walk away.
  • Newly furnished Apartment: The Skipper’s Suite is a newly furnished apartment. It is located directly in the center of the city and has a unique beach location.
  • 4-Star Hotel: The Hotel Lafodia is a new 4-star hotel on the island of Lopud. Especially wonderful is the location directly on the sea and the magnificent view!

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