Krapanj Island: Little Island Pearl near Sibenik

Krapanj Island is one of the hidden gems of the holiday destination Sibenik and thanks to its proximity to the mainland you can reach it in no time! During a visit, guests will certainly experience one of the most special islands in Croatia as it is both the lowest and the least populated island in the country. Most beautiful are the historic pastel-colored townhouses built close to the blue sea, giving Krapanj a very special charm. Because the island is so tiny, you can walk around it in a short time along a pretty promenade and explore all the great attractions and beaches on a leisurely stroll.

In this travel guide we provide you with all the important information and tips about Krapanj in Croatia. We also show you the most beautiful attractions, the best beaches and where to find really amazing accommodations on the island.

Good to know!

The easiest way to reach Krapanj is from Brodarica on the mainland, which is only 300 meters away. A passenger ferry leaves for the island almost every hour. Alternatively, you can take a taxi boat for a reasonable price.

A few days on the island are worth to switch off and enjoy the unique ambience in peace and quiet! The Hotel Spongiola is simply perfect for this plan due to the beautiful beach and the wonderful location.

There are small shops on the island, but if you want to stay longer, you should get everything you need on the mainland in advance and possibly also withdraw enough cash.

General information about Krapanj Island

Krapanj is a tiny island of only 0.36 square kilometers located in the Sibenik archipelago and, with a height of only 1.25 meters, the least inhabited island in Croatia. In its heyday, it was the most densely populated island in the entire Adriatic with 1,500 inhabitants. Hard to believe that today only 237 inhabitants live on Krapanj. Most people here earn money from fishing, diving and sponge farming – professions whose tradition is a century old. However, the island is most famous for its well-known Adriatic sponge, which has very special cosmetic features and can be bought cheaply especially locally on the island.

In recent years, tourism has also become increasingly important on Krapanj. Visitors come to the island for a day trip and more and more people seeking peace and quiet also spend their holidays here. You can enjoy truly delightful island flair, stroll through the charming old town and swim on dreamlike beaches.


What to expect on Krapanj

Although Krapanj is very small, there is a lot to discover on this island pearl! The most important attraction is definitely the small, beautiful old town with its romantic harbor. There are also several museums, galleries and of course beautiful beaches as highlights! Here is a summary of everything worth seeing on the island of Krapanj at a glance:

The Old Town

The historic old town is the absolute heart of Krapanj and is definitely one of the most beautiful attractions on the island. Even the short journey by ferry, where you will probably enjoy the most amazing view of the enchanting harbor, is an experience! Once they arrive, visitors enjoy the full magic of the old Dalmatian town houses, which are lined up close together and where small winding alleys form a veritable labyrinth. The quiet life on the mini-island resembles a film set from long ago and can hardly be described in words.

The Waterfront Promenade

Beautiful and a real highlight is the picturesque waterfront promenade. It leads from the harbor along the coast, circles a large part of the island and invites to take long walks. Along the way, there are always opportunities to take a dip into the cool water or to have a coffee in one of the cozy bars. Some really fabulous restaurants have also settled on Krabanj and spoil their guests with regional specialties.

The Museums of Krapanj

Although the island is not large, you can visit 5 different museums and galleries on Krapanj. Here everything revolves around the themes of diving, corals, fishing and sponges. Interesting is the diving museum in the hotel Spongiola, which is located in the basement of the hotel and where even an old, heavy diving suit and the first hyperbaric chamber from the 19th century are exhibited.

Another interesting place is the exhibition in the sponge diving gallery Žitak and the shop Spuga2 is also worth seeing. In both you also have the opportunity to buy the world-famous Krapanj sponges at a reasonable price. There is also a lot of information on the correct use and cosmetic benefits of natural sponges.

In addition, there is a small museum on the subject of olive oil on the island! The museum “Oil Mill of St. Lawrence” shows how olive oil was produced in the 16th century.

Monastery of Krapanj

The history of Krapanj goes back to the 16th century, when the Holy Cross Monastery was built. This sacred site is one of the most important historical attractions on the island and a visit should not be missed on any island tour. Beautiful from the outside, the monastery is especially worth seeing from the inside, where you can marvel at the valuable paintings “Last Supper” and “Enthroned Black Madonna”. An olive wood cross from 1523 can also be viewed. The monastery museum also exhibits jewelry, corals and sponges.

The beaches in Krapanj

The quiet beaches on Krapanj make this island a popular destination for excursions and holidays. Here you can sunbathe, splash around and relax in peace and quiet. Most of the bays are fine pebble bays, but there are also stone beaches and a sandy bay on the island. The sea is generally very shallow, pleasantly warm and it scores with its magnificent watercolors.

The beach in front of the Hotel Spongiola is just wonderful, where you can enjoy a magnificent backdrop while swimming in the crystal blue sea. The small trees that provide cool shade, especially on hot summer days and the lovely café right behind them are also amazing.


Accommodation Tips on Krapanj

Although Krapanj Island is relatively small, you will find a good range of accommodations. Most of the places to stay are privately run holiday flats, but there is also a beautiful hotel on the island. If you are looking for recommended accommodations in Krapanj, we can give you these tips…it’s worth a look!

  • 4-star hotel: The Hotel Spongiola is the perfect choice for a very special holiday in Krapanj. Here you can enjoy a really charming island hotel with delicious breakfast and a lovely beach!
  • Holiday flat by the sea: The Riva is a really amazing apartment house with several holiday flats directly by the sea! The small beach and the free sunbeds are also fantastic.
  • Stone house with garden: The Dalmatian Stone House is a charming little stone house in the old town of Krapanj. Guests love the unique charm and the unique location!

Find the best accommodation on Krapanj:

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