The 10 Best Beaches on Ugljan Island

The beautiful beaches of Ugljan Island make this vacation paradise a fabulous choice for an unforgettable and, on top of that, very relaxing beach vacation in Croatia. Many of them are located along the east coast, but there are wonderful bays in other parts of the island as well. Most of the bathing possibilities are pretty pebble bays, quiet natural beaches and even some enchanting sandy beaches can be enjoyed on this wonderful island. A special feature moreover are the beautiful sea colors, which together with the green pine trees, give the island of Ugljan that certain something. But what are the best beaches in Ugljan, what are the insider tips, and which bays are particularly suitable for a vacation?

In this guide, you will find the 10 best beaches on Ugljan Island. In addition, we show you great pictures, and give numerous tips and information that are guaranteed to help you plan your vacation.


Jaz Beach

The Jaz beach is definitely one of the most beautiful beaches on Ugljan and, moreover, an optimal place for an unforgettable vacation on the island. This charming sandy bay is located in the northern part of the popular resort of Preko and is connected to the center by a promenade. Here even flies the Blue Flag, a sign of the best facilities, sea and beach quality. Holidaymakers love the shallow sandy beach, where concreted sunbathing areas also invite you to relax. In addition, there are umbrellas and sunbeds for rent, a volleyball court, a small slide for kids, and several cafés and restaurants provide for culinary well-being.

Tip: The charming Apartments Guc are located just a short walk from this beach and offer great conditions for a vacation on Ugljan.

Mostir Beach

The charming Plaza Mostir is one of the most stunning sandy beaches on the island of Ugljan. The sea slopes particularly shallow on this stretch of coast, which is appreciated especially by families with small children and also the elderly. In addition, the water is crystal clear and just perfect for snorkeling. Moreover, the view of the monastery of St. Jerome, which is one of the most important attractions of the island, is beautiful and gives this bay a true dream beach backdrop. From the sandy beach Mostir, a pretty promenade leads to the center of Ugljan, where you can find restaurants and some accommodations for a vacation.

Tip: The Apartmani Lenka is a lovely vacation apartment in the small town of Ugljan. Excellent is the quiet location, and the proximity to the sea and beaches.

Juzna Luka Beach

One of the most amazing hidden beaches on Ugljan Island is the enchanting Plaza Juzna Luka. This absolutely gorgeous bay is nestled in a picturesque landscape, surrounded by green pine forests and with turquoise sea colors like from a picture book. What makes it so special, however, are the picturesque boulders in the water, which, together with the sandy bottom, create a fascinating backdrop. Moreover, you can enjoy a wonderful tranquility while swimming and marvel at a fascinating underwater world while snorkeling. Even in the high season, Juzna Luka Beach is idyllic and a perfect tip for enjoying some relaxing hours by the sea.

Tip: The Juzna Luka beach is accessible via a short walk from the resort Muline. Here you can also find great accommodations like Apartments Vidakovic.

Batalaza Beach

The Batalaza Beach is located in the romantic fishing village of Kali and is a great choice for relaxing beach days on Ugljan. Beautifully situated, just below the pretty old town and next to a harbor, this pebble bay delights with the most stunning turquoise sea colors. The tourist offer is also fantastic. Along the promenade there are charming restaurants, such as the beach bar Mavra, concreted sunbathing areas invite you to relax and also free parking is available on this beach. In addition, authentic flair in Kali is absolutely magical and a guarantee for an unforgettable beach vacation on Ugljan.

Tip: A real insider tip are the Apartmani Kali. They are in the best location directly behind the beach Batalaza and also bars and restaurants are not far away.

Zelena Punta Beach

A popular beach on Ugljan is Plaza Zelena Punta, located in the extremely charming resort of Kukljica. The beach is one of the most beautiful bays in the south of the island of Ugljan, and the fairy-tale village is also an enchanting choice for a vacation. Situated a bit outside the center, this romantic beach can be quickly reached via a picturesque promenade. Absolutely great is the mix of pebble, concrete and stone beach, where certainly everyone will find his perfect place under the Croatian sun. In addition, this beach scores with dreamlike sea colors, which together with the green pine trees create a Mediterranean atmosphere.

Tip: In the center of Kukljica you can find a wide range of fantastic accommodation, such as Apartments Bosotina, not far from the center and the beach.

Suha Beach

Suha Beach is a real insider tip on Ugljan. This picturesque natural bay is located on the quiet west coast of the island and is surrounded by fragrant pine forests. A bit behind the beach there is a wonderful camping site, whereby the bay is freely accessible to the public. This stunning beach delights with an exceptionally beautiful setting, with a lot of coziness, but also with a good offer of water sports such as kayak and SUP rentals. Vacationers also love the mix of pebble cove and sandy beach, although the latter only begins in the sea. The water is wonderfully clear, turquoise blue and is especially good for snorkeling.

Tip: Just behind the beach are the super chic Mobile Homes of Camping Ugljan Resort! Here the family atmosphere, the pool and the proximity to the dream bay score points.

Poljana Beach

Very idyllic and quiet is the Poljana Beach in the fishing village Poljana. This bay is a mixture of pebble beach and concreted sunbathing areas, which invite you to sunbathe. Access to the cool water is provided by steps and ladders, while the crystal clear sea is ideal for swimming. The beach slopes gently, making this cove a good choice for families as well. The trees of the promenade provide pleasant shade, which incidentally conjure up a wonderful Mediterranean flair. During a walk along the coast, you will also find other beautiful bathing possibilities.

Tip: The Villa Tea is situated in a beautiful, quiet location only about 200 meters from Poljana beach and is a great choice for families or small groups.

Bilisce Beach

The small, romantic Bilisce Beach is definitely one of the most beautiful beaches of Ugljan. Situated on the promenade between the port and the center of Preko, this bay delights with a wonderful ambience and peaceful atmosphere. The breathtaking sea colors are also a dream on this stretch of coast, and the picturesque view of the Adriatic Sea conjures up a backdrop straight out of a travel catalog. Behind it is a restaurant where you can enjoy Croatian specialties. On foot, you can quickly reach the center of Preko and combine strolling with swimming.

Tip: An insider tip is the Apartment Blue Paradise. The apartment is in the best location directly behind the beach and the equipment is also perfect.

Sutomiscica Beach

A wonderful beach for a bathing vacation on Ugljan is the Plaza Sutomiscica. This charming bathing bay is located in the village of the same name, Sutomiscica, and scores with an absolutely gorgeous setting. Holidaymakers love the wonderful pebble beach, which invites you to swim in crystal clear waters with picturesque sea colors. There are a few free sunbeds in the bay and a large tree provides pleasant shade. Just behind it, there is also a quaint beach bar, where you can enjoy the ambience with cool drinks and delicious café.

Velika Sabusa Beach

The Plaza Velika Sabusa is an insider tip for quiet beach days on the island of Ugljan. This stunning, elongated bay is nestled in a fascinating landscape, surrounded by pine forests and picturesque nature. The beach can be reached only by a 500 meters long footpath, which is probably one of the reasons why this bay is not overcrowded even in the high season. The coast has concrete plateaus for sunbathing, and in the water the seabed turns into fine sand. There are still no beach bars and restaurants, but therefore you can enjoy an idyllic environment far from the hustle and bustle.

Lovre Beach

Absolutely beautiful and a real gem on Ugljan is the Lovre Beach. This beautiful little bay is located in the romantic coastal village of Lukoran and is an insider tip for a relaxing vacation on the island. The sea is particularly calm and clear on this part of the coast, and the fine sandy beach allows gentle entry into the cool water. The beach slopes very gently into the sea, which families with small children, non-swimmers and the elderly will appreciate. Nearby you will also find a beach bar, a playground and even a small fitness facility.

Tip: In the village of Lukoran there is only a small selection of accommodation. Nice is the vacation cottage Capesanta Atraktivna with whirlpool in a romantic setting.

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