Prvic Island: Small dream island near Sibenik

Prvic is a little island in the Adriatic Sea and is one of the absolute insider tips in the Sibenik region among Croatia connoisseurs. Only a short distance from the popular holiday resort of Vodice, you will find unique island flair, romantic fishing villages, historical sights, idyllic walking and cycling paths and, of course, breathtakingly beautiful beaches in the most wonderful surroundings! Even a museum in honor of the famous inventor Faust Vrancic has settled on Prvic Island. Thanks to its beauty, this car-free island is a popular day trip destination and many boat tours are offered. However, Prvic is also popular because of its reputation as a quiet holiday island.

In this travel guide you will find all the important information and tips about Prvic Island in Croatia. We show you amazing pictures, the best beaches and where to find fabulous accommodations on the island.

Good to know!

The easiest way to get to the island of Prvic is by passenger ferry from Vodice or Sibenik. There are also inexpensive trips by taxi boat starting from Vodice and Srima.

This car-free island of Prvic is a real insider tip for those seeking peace and quiet and for all those who appreciate something special. Here you will find a small but very fine selection of accommodations. The Apartments Dupin in a prime location with sea view are really fabulous!

There are small shops, a bakery and a cash machine on the island, but if you want to stay longer you should get everything you need on the mainland in advance and possibly also withdraw enough money.

General information about Prvic

Prvic is an idyllic, very quiet and one of the most beautiful car-free islands in Croatia. With a size of only 2.5 km2 it is one of the smallest inhabited islands in the country. It is located between the harbor town of Sibenik and the popular holiday resort of Vodice. It can be reached easily and cheaply from the mainland by taxi boat or by ferry several times a day. Even the boat trip to the island is a unique experience and with a little luck you can even spot dolphins!

Only about 400 inhabitants live on Prvic, which gives the island a very quiet and idyllic atmosphere. There are two charming villages, Prvic Luka and Sepurine, where you will also find small village shops, a few nice restaurants, a small hotel and several private holiday flats. It takes about 10-15 minutes to walk from one village to the other, so this island can easily be explored on your own. Along the way, there are always romantic beaches and secluded bays that conjure up a paradisiacal flair. The walking and hiking trails that have been laid out all over the island are also great and invite you to engage in sport activities in the nature.


Best things to do on Prvic Island

A surprising number of amazing things to do await you on the small island of Prvic! The most important attractions of Prvic include the small fishing villages of Sepurine and Prvic Luka, the Faust Vrancic Museum, small galleries and, of course, the fantastic beaches and romantic bathing bays. Here is a summary of everything worth seeing and the most beautiful attractions on the island at a glance:


Sepurine is located in the north of Prvic and is the largest village on the island. Inhabited since the early Middle Ages, a stroll through the town will take you on a journey back in time! The many old Dalmatian stone houses, which are lined up close together, are particularly beautiful. Together with the fishing harbor and the church of St. Helena from the Middle Ages, they provide a unique backdrop. It is also interesting to note that the town houses, which are now listed buildings, were connected by a long common wall. This construction method counteracted the lack of stone in former times.

On a walk through Sepurine you will enjoy a Mediterranean flair and the small taverns and cafés invite guests to linger and enjoy. There are also picturesque bathing bays along the coast and the breathtakingly beautiful main beach Trstevica is also on this side of the island.

Tip: In Sepurine you will find some fabulous flats for a quiet island holiday! Really recommendable are the Apartments Dupin in the best location, not far from the beautiful main beach.

Prvic Luka

The village of Prvic Luka is the second, slightly smaller village on the island. It is located in the southeast, in a sheltered bay and is connected to Sepurine by a concrete footpath. This romantic place was also established in the Middle Ages, and even today you can marvel at its rich historical heritage. Among the most important attractions are the charming village center, which exudes a great deal of charm with its old stone buildings and the Church of St. Mary, where the last resting place of the famous scientist and scholar Faust Vrancic is located. In his honor, the small but interesting Vrancic Museum was opened in Prvic Luka, where, among other things, models of his inventions are on display.

Tip: Directly in Prvic Luka there is the islands only hotel, the charming Hotel Maestral with a prime location at the harbor and an excellent restaurant.

Best beaches of Prvic Island

There are a number of romantic bathing bays to discover on Prvic. These are lined up along the coast, and whether concrete, stone or pebble beaches, everyone will find a lovely spot here. Thanks to the natural environment, the water around the island is particularly clear and ideal for snorkeling.

The main beach, Plaza Trstevica, is particularly beautiful. It is located on the edge of Sepurine and is one of the most beautiful beaches in the entire Sibenik region. The picturesque Mediterranean backdrop is particularly impressive, making this fine pebble bay a true dream beach.


Best places to stay on Prvic Island

Although the island is relatively small, you will find a fabulous range of amazing places to stay. Most of the accommodations are privately run holiday homes; however, you will also find a hotel on the island. If you are looking for a recommendable accommodation on the island of Prvic, we can give you these tips …it’s worth a look!

  • Holiday flat in a great location: The Apartments Dupin is located in the immediate vicinity of the beautiful main beach and scores points with a sensational view of the sea.
  • Villa with pool: The Villa Marceline is the perfect accommodation for small groups or larger families. Here, the modern furnishings, the beautiful pool and the fabulous view will delight you!
  • Hotel with flair: The Hotel Maestral is a delightful little hotel right on the port of Luka. Guests love the wonderful ambience and the delicious breakfast!

Find the best accommodation on Prvic Island:

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