The 10 Best Beaches on Pasman Island!

The wonderful beaches on Pasman Island are still considered an insider tip for a relaxing beach vacation in Croatia. Especially along the east coast there are beautiful bays, which attract sun-seekers with idyllic ambience, clear sea and quiet flair. A special feature are the fascinating blue water colors, which give with the Mediterranean landscape that certain something. Many bays are even sandy beaches, but there are also concrete beaches, pebble bays, natural beaches as well as nudist beaches. Especially individualists, couples and those seeking peace and quiet will find their personal vacation paradise on the beaches of Pasman. But what are the best beaches in Pasman, what are the insider tips, and which bays are ideal for a vacation?

This guide is all about the 10 most beautiful beaches on Pasman Island in Croatia. In addition, we show you stunning pictures, and give numerous tips and information that are guaranteed to help you plan your vacation.


Matlovac Beach

Absolutely stunning and a real gem under the best beaches in Pasman is the Plaza Matlovac. This picturesque bay is located in the north of the island, in the resort of Zdrelac. Holidaymakers love this gently sloping, very family-friendly sandy beach, where there are also concreted areas as well as sections with fine pebbles. The turquoise colors of the sea are impressive, which together with the fragrant pine trees create a unique atmosphere. Many even count Plaza Matlovac among the most beautiful beaches on the island of Pasman. Especially families with children, but also older people and non-swimmers feel very comfortable on this shallow beach. Great is also the beach bar, which provides drinks and snacks in the summer. Furthermore, there is also a volleyball court and a sand playground.

Dobropoljana Beach

Dobropoljana Beach, often called Garma Beach, is certainly one of the most amazing beaches on Pasman. This picturesque stretch of coastline is located in the resort of the same name, Dobropoljana, and delights with a fantastic mix of well-kept concrete beach and small pebble coves. The sea is also wonderfully clear and shines in the most charming water colors. Particularly idyllic are also the trees, which provide pleasant shade in the hot months. In the northern part there is also a restaurant and a beach bar for refreshments, the further south you go, the quieter the small bays become. Families with children also like to come here to spend their vacation days in summer.

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Mrljane Beach

Probably one of the most famous beaches on the island of Pasman is Plaza Mrljane. This absolutely gorgeous, about 200 meters long bay is nestled in a picturesque landscape, surrounded by green tamarisk trees and with a magnificent view of the opposite island Otocic Garmenjak. Fantastic are the concreted sunbathing areas, or the sunbathing lawns, which are perfect for sunbathing and relaxing. The sandy seabed also provides optimal entry into the cool water. While bathing, you can always enjoy a wonderful atmosphere and if you like, you can marvel at a fascinating underwater world with numerous shells while snorkeling. Absolutely recommendable is also the beach bar, where you can enjoy the dreamlike flair with delicious cocktails.

Nevidane Beach

Nevidane Beach, sometimes known as Plaza Lokva, is a real fantastic tip for a beach vacation on Pasman. This absolutely enchanting sandy beach is located in the quiet, romantic village of Nevidane and immediately delights in many different ways. The entire scenery on this stretch of coast is absolutely idyllic, large pine trees and shrubs provide shade and the crystal clear sea with the dreamlike water colors invites you to swim. Families with children also appreciate the shallow-sloping sea with the sandy bottom. The vacation atmosphere in Nevidane is always relaxed because the town is a bit off the typical tourist paths on Pasman.

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Glavicine Beach

A popular beach on Pasman is the charming Plaza Glavicine. This small, hidden cove is located in the very south of the island, not far from the well-known village of Tkon. The entire beach ambience is truly picturesque, and hard to beat for idyll and charm. The beach is surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation, and the pine trees provide pleasant shady places. Around the bay there are concreted sunbathing areas, where stairs also lead into the sea. But simply incredible are the blue sea colors, which make for an almost kitschy setting. This beach is also ideal for snorkeling because the water is clear, and you can observe numerous fish there.

Pasman Beach

The Plaza Pasman, also known as Pasman-Jasenice Beach, is one of the most popular places for a beach vacation on the island. It is located right in the main town of the same name, Pasman, and thanks to its length it offers plenty of space for sunbathing, swimming and relaxing. The entire stretch of coast is not only fantastically beautiful, it is also equipped with many amenities, such as umbrellas, playgrounds, showers, changing rooms, as well as a volleyball court. Whether big or small, swimmers or non-swimmers, there is something for everyone here. Charming is also the turquoise sea, which is very clear despite the sandy bottom. A bit away there is also a really great beach bar, where you can enjoy a fabulous view in a pleasant atmosphere.

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Banj Beach

The Banj beach is definitely one of the most beautiful beaches on Pasman and, moreover, a great place for an unforgettable vacation on the island. This charming sandy cove is located in the charming resort of Banj, just a few steps away from the village center and the fishing port. Vacationers love the mix of pebble and sandy beach, where fascinating turquoise sea colors conjure up a dreamlike ambience. A few concreted sunbathing areas also invite to sunbathe and showers as well as cabins are provided. Simply wonderful are the marvelous trees directly on the beach, which provide a Mediterranean ambience and pleasant shady places.

Tratica Beach

A beautiful beach on the island of Pasman is Plaza Tratica. This pretty bathing bay is located in the romantic resort of Kraj and is a popular choice for families with children, as well as for non-swimmers and those who prefer a shallow-sloping beach. There are also concreted areas for sunbathing, a long pretty jetty with umbrellas and a fine sandy cove that offers optimal entry into the cool water. Really nice are also the trees that provide pleasant shade on hot summer days. The beach is family-friendly, well protected from wind and waves, and perfectly equipped. A small highlight are also the 2 beach bars, which serve not only cool drinks, but also delicious food!

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Lucina Beach

Lucina Beach is located in the resort of Pasman and is a great place to relax and swim. It is located about 200 meters west of the town center, where there are also restaurants and cafés. The concrete beach is absolutely clean and partly steps offer entry into the cool water. The sandy seabed is also simply magnificent, inviting you to play and splash around. The water slopes very shallowly, which is also appreciated by families with small children. Simply picturesque is also the view of the church of Pasman, which you can enjoy while swimming and sunbathing. The authentic flair in the village is absolutely magical and a guarantee for a beautiful beach vacation on Pasman.

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Poljane Beach

Really extraordinary is the Poljane Beach in the south of the island Pasman. Golden sand, turquoise sea and surrounded by a picturesque landscape, here you can experience a natural sandy beach in a class of its own. This hidden bay is located south of the popular port town of Tykon and is a perfect tip for quiet days on the Adriatic Sea. A special feature is the specially built wooden jetty that leads through the reeds down to the bathing bay. Especially individualists and couples love to come here to spend their well-deserved summer days. There are neither beach bars nor restaurants, but you can enjoy an absolutely idyllic ambience in the beautiful nature.

Ugrinic Beach

The beach Ugrinic is a small picturesque pebble beach and, moreover, a great choice if you are looking for a quiet bathing bay for your visit to Pasman. The turquoise colors of the sea are unique and give this small dream beach that certain something. The water is crystal clear and perfect for swimming and snorkeling. The quiet ambience in the resort is also absolutely magical and invites you to relax. Just behind the beach is a pretty beach bar, where you can enjoy a drink and a wonderful view of the Adriatic Sea.

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