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Taling Chan Floating Market is a very authentic and unique floating market in Bangkok. Located only 12 kilometers from the city center, that market is easy to reach compared to the touristic floating markets around the capital. In addition, here you will get the unique opportunity to dive deep into the Thai market life and enjoy the local flair. On a market tour, you will discover a lot of interesting things, can buy souvenirs and try delicious local food. If you like, you can combine the market with a Klong tour to the artist’s house in Khlong Bang Luang, which is an absolute insider tip for Bangkok.

In this blog post we share with you our impressions and experiences of a trip to Taling Chan Floating Market. In addition, we give you important tips on how to get there, opening hours and why a boat trip to the Floating Market is absolutely worth it.

Visiting the Taling Chan Floating Market

Only a few people know that most of the floating markets are situated outside of Bangkok. Also, the most famous market, the Damnoen Saduak is located about 100 kilometers from the city and can only be reached via a day trip. But even in Bangkok, there are smaller, more authentic and rewarding markets to visit during your stay in the Thai capital. When it comes to floating markets, a real gem and a real insider tip here is the Taling Chan Floating Market, located in the Klongs (canals) of Bangkok in Thonburi. This district is one of the oldest and is located from Sukhumvit on the other side of the river.

The market is divided into market stalls on land and an area on the water. Since this floating market is not necessarily huge, you can explore it comfortably in half a day. Also, if you are looking for one or two souvenirs for your home, you will definitely find something quickly. If you get tired of strolling, then you can be massaged under the cool trees for 200 Baht or enjoy the traditional Thai music in the pavilion.

A tour to this beautiful floating market is a culinary experience with lots of atmosphere. Locals and tourists are thrilled by the amazing food that Taling Chan offers. Stands and the many food stalls offer something for every taste. Also, you will find the typical boats where lovely vendors sell their delicious goods. Here you will find everything your heart desires: baked bananas, pancakes, seafood, curries, Pad Thai and much more. In any case, we recommend trying the freshly grilled fish. The taste experience was just amazing! You sit really comfortably on a floating jetty in the middle of the river, you will watch the market activity and of course take some great pictures.

Opening hours & Entrance Fee

  • The Taling Chan Floating Market is only open on Saturday and Sunday. The opening hours are from 08:00 to 16:00. The best time to visit the market is in the morning, from noon it gets quite full. On weekdays, this floating market closed.
  • There is no admission or entrance fee for this market.

Boat Tour & Artist House Khlong Bang Luang

A boat tour through the Klongs of Bangkok is just sensational. Seeing and experiencing this life and all the activities on the river is a unique experience that we highly recommend to everyone. If you decide to take a boat trip, make sure plan a visit to the Artist House in Khlong Bang Luang. This gem is an insider tip for Bangkok and only a few tourists do know about this incredibly beautiful place. There is an amazingly quiet atmosphere, you can visit ateliers, buy some wonderful postcards or simply enjoy a delicious coffee overlooking the canals.

With a little luck, you might even see the traditional Thai puppet theater with handmade puppets inspired by Thai legends. Unfortunately, this theater does not take place every day during the week, but always at 14:00 on weekends. The entrance to the Artist house and the theatre are free.

The red man statue is one of the main attractions of the Khlong Bang Luang and a popular photo spot for boat trips. If you book a ride to Taling Chan, make sure you stop at the artist’s house for a visit (most boats just pass by).

Here you will find amazing boat tours:

How to get there

Getting there by taxi is a bit complicated, because not all drivers know exactly where this market is located. For the way back you can take the boat which costs around 100 baht per person. The boat will mostly stop on the shore near Wat Pho.

This floating market is not yet connected to BTS or the Metro. The nearest BTS station is Wongwian Yai Station, but from here you will also have to take a taxi. Another possibility is taking the public bus, number 79 which stops in front of the market.


Conclusion: If you fancy a real and authentic floating market tour in Bangkok, then you should definitely make your way to Taling Chang Floating Market. Also, you should not miss the puppet theater at the Khlong Bang Luang Artists’ House. All in all, a trip to Taling Chan is highly recommended!

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