Hum in Croatia: The Smallest Town in the World!

The town of Hum in Istria is considered to be the smallest town in the world, and with a population of only 20 to 30 people, this place is truly tiny. But not only its small size is unique in Croatia, but also its medieval townscape enchants visitors! Strolling through the historic stone streets, past the old town houses and churches, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped back in time. The unique tranquility and seclusion of the world’s smallest town makes it an ideal place to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life! In addition, Hum offers the opportunity to sample many of the local delicacies in a unique setting. Surrounded by the picturesque hills and green landscapes of the Istrian hinterland, Hum also provides many opportunities for outdoor activities such as hiking and cycling.

In this travel guide, you will learn everything important about little Hum in Croatia. We will show you which attractions await you when you visit the “smallest town in the world”. Additionally, we will provide you with numerous tips and information that will help you plan your trip.

Good to know!

Hum is located in the hinterland of Istria and can be visited by car from various holiday destinations. From Umag, Rovinj and Porec it is only 1 hour, from Pula 1 hour and 10 minutes and from Opatija it is only 40 minutes.

Staying a night in the smallest town of the world? In Hum it is possible, because there are some really lovely accommodations settled in a great atmosphere. Very popular are House Vera, a luxurious villa from the 19th century and Dores Apartment.

You can definitely combine your trip to Hum with a visit to many other beautiful mountain villages. Motovun, Groznjan and Buje are just a few of the main attractions that you should absolutely see in Istria!

Why is Hum the smallest town in the world?

Hum in Croatia is officially the smallest town in the world. With a population of 28 inhabitants, this micro town has an urban structure consisting of a town wall, a town gate, a cemetery, 2 churches, a restaurant and some residential buildings and is therefore acknowledged as a town. Even the old custom, where, since the 16th century, the municipal council has been elected once a year in June, was reintroduced in 1977 and is still very much alive today.

The history of Hum

Hum has got a very long history. Already in early Christianity, the first settlement was established on the hill where Hum stands today. However, the present appearance was significantly shaped in the 11th century, when the first rows of houses were built. In 1102 the town was first mentioned in documents as “Castrum Cholm”.

Also, Hum is considered to be one of the oldest centers of Glagolitic writing, the oldest Slavic script, which had been used until the beginning of the 19th century. These historical scripts can still be discovered today at the old town gate.


Things to do in Hum

There are actually some really lovely things to do in Hum. The beautiful attractions can be explored on an entertaining walk through the charming little town, which actually consists of only two small streets and three rows of houses. Entering the town, you pass the old town gate decorated with copper plates, which was built between the 11th and the 12th century. With the Glagolitic inscription, one is greeted and warned against bad intentions.

One of the most beautiful attractions is the baroque church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, which was built in 1802. However, exactly at this spot, a church had already been there in the 13th century and afterwards in the 17th century. With a little luck, the church is open and you can visit the beautiful paintings and the 5 marble altars inside. Right next to the church building is the freestanding church tower, which is about 22 meters high and was built in 1552 as a fortified tower.

Also worth a visit is the adorable Museum of Hum AurA, located in an old townhouse and dedicated, among other things, to the history of Hum in Croatia and the former trades. In addition, there is a room where you can taste the traditional mistletoe snap Miska.

Culinary experience in Hum

During a trip to Hum you will find various fantastic delicatessen shops, where you can try delicious truffle specialties, local wines, liqueurs and brandies of regional production. You should definitely try Biska, the famous mistletoe schnapps of the region. The recipe is said to come from Hum and that it has a certain healing effect.

Tip: Fantastic Istrian cuisine, such as delicious Fuzi, Prsut as well as truffle dishes can be found in Humska Konoba, the only restaurant in Hum!

Exploring the Avenue of Glagolites

The Avenue of Glagolites comprises a total of 11 monuments and leads from the town Roc to the town gate of Hum. If you are on your way to Hum by car, you will most likely pass monument No. 7 – “The Rise of the Istrian Code of Law” (Uspon istarskog razvoda).


Where to stay in Hum

Inside the historical buildings of the old town are really lovey accommodations. Perfect if you want to spend the night in the smallest town in the world and take a closer look at the surroundings and the hinterland of Istria. Here are our accommodation recommendations for Hum… It is worth a look!

  • Holiday House: The House Vera delights its visitors on 110 m2 with a beautiful ambience, 2 bedrooms and a cozy fireplace room.
  • Apartment: The Apartment Dores is a charmingly furnished holiday apartment which is ideal for 2 people.
  • Holiday Apartment: The holiday apartment Adorma Hum is situated in a great location in the middle of Hum and is also furnished in a very lovely and modern way.

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