Best Things to Do in Herceg Novi, ​​Montenegro

Herceg Novi is a really lovely coastal town in Montenegro. It is located directly at the sea and is considered to be the entrance to the famous Bay of Kotor. With over 200 hours of sunshine a year, Herceg Novi is known as the city of eternal green and summer. When there are still icy temperatures on the Montenegrin mountains, the first flowers are already blooming here in this Mediterranean coastal town. During a vacation in Herceg Novi you will enjoy a picturesque Baroque old town, discover some beautiful sights and also the beaches are ideal for swimming. Due to the proximity to Kotor and Dubrovnik you can also explore this charming village as part of a daytrip and it is also a good starting point for boat trips to explore the area.

In this travel guide we show you the ultimate things to do in Herceg Novi. In addition, we give useful information and tips about boat tours, hotels and the best beaches.


Things to Do in Herceg Novi

On a holiday in Herceg Novi, there are many beautiful attractions to discover. We have summarized the best things to do here:

Durkovic Square & Clock Tower

The Durkovic Square is the center of the Old Town (Stari Grad) and certainly the most famous square of Herceg Novi. Here locals and tourists meet for a cozy coffee or to shop in the lovely boutiques. From the Durkovic Square, a staircase leads directly to the city’s landmark, the Clock Tower (Sahat Kula). This sight was built in 1667 by Sultan Mahmud and is still one of the most important attractions in the old town.

Orthodox Archangel Michael Church

Another recommended attraction of Herceg Novi is the church on Herceg-Stjepan Square – the Orthodox Archangel Michael Church. Especially marvelous is the mix of the Oriental and Romanesque-Gothic building elements as well as the small stone fountain next to the church. A must see inside the old town!

Kanli Kula

Also worth seeing is the Kanli Kula, a fortress from the Turkish period, which is located in the upper part of the old town. Today, this impressive structure serves as an open-air stage and is one of the most beautiful venues on the Adriatic. Kanli Kula is also one of the best viewpoints in town. You will have a wonderful view of the old town, the picturesque churches and the deep blue sea.

Spanish fortress

The Spanish Fortress, also called Tvrdava Spanjola, is located in the upper part of the Stari Grad. From the ruins of this Spanish – Turkish fortress you will have a really great view over the bay. A visit to this attraction is, if you have enough time, recommend.

Jerome Church

The Sveti Jeronima also called Jerónimos Church, is another pretty church located in the old town of Herceg Novi. Especially from inside, this Roman Catholic church is well worth seeing. On a city walk you should definitely check out this lovely attraction.

Forte Mare & City Walls

Forte Mare is a renovated fortified tower located at the western city walls of the old town of Herceg Novi. The small streets of the old town lead directly down to the sea to this beautiful fortress. A little further along the way you are right on the promenade.

Tip: In the summer months, movies are played at the open-air cinema at Forte Mare tower.

Boat trip to the Blue Grotto and Mamula Island

A boat tour to the fortress island of Mamula and a visit to the Blue Grotto are some of the best things to do in Herceg Novi. On the island is a Ford, which was later used as a prison. In the future, a luxury hotel will be built on Mamula, so it is only a matter of time how long you’ll be able to visit this islet.

Well worth seeing is also the Plava Spilja or better known as the Blue Grotto. These blue sea colors and the crystal-clear water are just breath-takingly beautiful and a real highlight in Montenegro. For this trip you should leave early, so you can discover this natural jewel all by yourself. The Blue Grotto can be easily reached by boat from Herceg Novi and a visit is highly recommended. Boat tours are offered in the city.

Tip: In the morning at 5 o’clock the blue colors in the cave are the most beautiful.

Beaches of Herceg Novi

In and around Herceg Novi you will find some beautiful beaches. The most beautiful beach in town is the Blatna Plaza at the western end of the promenade, below the Forte Mare. Also, along the Pet Danica Promenade, you can find places for swimming. You can also find some good beaches in the east, such as in the places Bijela, Meljine and Zelenika.

Really beautiful bays and beaches near Herceg Novi are also Zanjice, Miriste, Dobrec and Arza which are located on the peninsula Lustica. That place can be best reached by boat.


Best Tours from Herceg Novi

On a holiday in Herceg Novi you can do many great excursions. Here are the most amazing destinations around:

  • Dubrovnik to Herceg Novi 50 km
  • Kotor to Herceg Novi 40 km
  • Perast to Herceg Novi 30 km
  • Budva to Herceg Novi 45 km

If you take the ferry Lepetane-Kamenari, then you can shorten the travel time to Kotor and Budva. The ferry ticket currently costs 4.50 euros and the boat leaves every 15 minutes in the main season.

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Best Accommodations and Hotels

The small holiday town offers many good places to stay – from cheap apartments to wonderful, everything can be found here. If you also want to spend some lovely days in Herceg Novi, check out the following accommodation recommendations and hotel tips.

  • Apartment: The House Belani offers beautiful modern apartments, private beach chairs and a central location.
  • Hotel: The Casa del Mare Blanche is a small and fine hotel with tasteful ambience and only 12 cozy rooms. Located on its own pebble beach, it is the perfect place to unwind.
  • Boutique Hotel: The Boutique Hotel & Spa Casa del Mare Mediterraneo is one of the top hotels and boasts an excellent breakfast and a wonderful atmosphere.

Find the best Accommodation & Hotel:

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