Top 7 Beaches in Montenegro

Montenegro, also named “Pearl of the Mediterranean” is one of the top summer holiday destinations this year in Europe. The beaches in Montenegro are stunningly beautiful and with the gorgeous mountainous northern region – Montenegro has it all! In fact, the National Geographic Traveler featured Montenegro among the “50 Places of a Lifetime”!  The Montenegrin coast is 295 km long and spoils the visitors with more than 72 km of awesome beaches. A real paradise for beach-lovers and sun-addicts: All of the beaches in Montenegro are beautiful and the water is turquoise blue and crystal clear. Indeed – the beaches of Montenegro belongs to the most beautiful worldwide.

It’s not easy to choose where to go… Here is our list of the Top 7 beaches in Montenegro!


Mogren Beach (Budva)

Without a doubt, the Mogren beach is one of the best beaches in Montenegro. Actually, we’re talking about two beautiful beaches connected by a tunnel. Mogren beach even received the blue flag which is the symbol of high environmental standards and high-quality beaches!It’s located just about 200 meters from the Budva old town. If you are staying in Budva, the beach is easily reachable by a pedestrian walkway. A walk along the beach offers great views of the old town and the beautiful coast.

The two beaches were named after a Spanish sailor called Mohrin. He shipwrecked but luckily he landed at the Mogren beach. Since he was deeply grateful he built a church on the Mogren beach.

Jaz Beach (Budva)

The Jaz Beach is one of the most attractive beaches in Montenegro. This sandy beach belongs to the 3 largest beaches on the Montenegrin Coast and is surrounded by dense Mediterranean vegetation. Jaz Beach is Montenegro’s most popular location for sunbathing and water sports. The beach is fantastic for kids too – There are paddleboats and kayaks for rent. Adventurous ones can ride a jetski!

Budva Beach – Slovenska Plaza

The Budva Beach is a pebble beach and it’s named after a large hotel complex nearby. The beach is located next to Budva’s main promenade and so there you are going to find a vibrant nightlife and some fine shopping places. The Slovenska Plaza is 1,6 km long and runs the whole length of Budva from the marina to Dukley Gardens. One of the best hotels is the Hotel Majestic, only 250 meters from Budva Beach.

Sveti Stefan Beach

Sveti Stefan is located next to the coastal road and from there it probably offers one of the most famous photo motifs of Montenegro. Nowadays, the small islet is home of a luxury resort called “Aman Sveti Stefan “which is a very exclusive place. Anyway, it’s possible to enjoy the wonderful beach in front of the islet. Note that only the left side of Sveti Stefan beach is free of charge.

The beach on the right side is private and you pay 50,– Euros per person. Around Sveti Stefan Beach you will find some apartments with amazing views down to the islet!

Queens Beach

The Queen’s Beach is also part of the Aman Resort at Sveti Stefan and it’s only for hotel guests. If you want to use the beach you are going to pay 70,–  Euros. Anyway, if you are bathing at Sveti Stefan you should take a short 10 min walk to see one of the best beaches in Montenegro.

Lucice Beach

The Lucice Beach is really beautiful sand beach, has a lovely bay with crystal clear water and is surrounded by a Mediterranean pine forest. Just note, because of the small size the Lucice Beach will be crowded during summer time. This sandy beach is located near the town of Petrovac where you will find plenty of restaurants and accommodations.

Buljarica Beach

Buljerica Beach is still an untouched gem at the Montenegrin Coast. An ideal place if you want to avoid large crowds during the summer month! This awesome place definitely belongs to one of the most beautiful beaches on the Montenegrin coast.

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