Top 7 Unique Beaches in Montenegro

The beautiful beaches in Montenegro, which also give this country the name the Pearl of the Adriatic, make this place one of the best vacation destinations in Europe. The 295-kilometer coastline offers its visitors an incredibly wide range of phenomenal swimming opportunities. For many, these spectacular bays and dream beaches with the most beautiful turquoise sea colors are even among the best in the world. Whether it’s a sandy beach, pebble beach, family beach or party beach, there’s something nice for everyone! But what are the best beaches in Montenegro, what are the hidden bays and which resorts are particularly suitable for an unforgettable vacation by the sea?

In this travel guide, we have summarized the 7 best and most beautiful beaches in Montenegro at a glance. In addition, there are useful tips and information that are guaranteed to help you plan your vacation.


Mogren Beach (Budva)

There is no doubt, Mogren Beach near the town of Budva, is definitely one of the most beautiful beaches in Montenegro. Its name comes from the Spanish sailor Mohrin, who was shipwrecked and miraculously stranded on this picturesque dream beach. Strictly speaking, there are two beautiful bays, a sandy beach and a fine pebble beach, which are connected by a passage through a cave. Thanks to the perfect facilities, excellent water quality and top cleanliness, Morgren beach in Montenegro even carries the blue flag.

The sandy beach can be reached by a 200-meter-long footpath from the old town of Budva. The way to the beach alone is worth a visit! From the promenade you can enjoy a great view of Budva, walk past imposing rocks and marvel at the unique beauty of the famous Ballerina statue.

Tip: There are no accommodations directly on Mogran beach yet. However, we recommend the Apartments Inspiration, which are not far away and offer a great view of the coast.

Sveti Stefan Beach

The Sveti Stefan Beach is definitely one of the most famous beaches in Montenegro. Already from the coastal road you can admire the imposing island of Sveti Stefan, the most famous attraction in Montenegro. Formerly a fishing village, the entire island is now home to the luxury hotel called “Aman Sveti Stefan”. To the left and right of the peninsula are two absolute dream beaches. Often described as pink sandy beaches, they are rather very fine pebble beaches that have a delicate pink glowing in the sunshine. One belongs to the luxury resort and is a private beach, while the other is open to the public and can be visited free of charge.

Tip: Around the beach you will find fantastic accommodations, some with a magnificent view of this dream beach. Recommended is the Apartments Sunset Beach in best beach location.

Jaz Beach

Jaz Beach is certainly one of the most popular and also one of the longest beaches in Montenegro. This extensive bathing bay is a mix of fine pebble and sandy bays, where one section is a nudist beach. The picturesque Mediterranean vegetation and the unique light blue sea colors make Jaz Beach a real dream beach in Montenegro. Especially families with children appreciate this beach resort, where an extensive tourist offer provides entertainment. Activities such as water sports, jet-ski and kayaking will provide you with nothing but excitement.

Natural shady places are hard to find on Jaz beach, but umbrellas and sunbeds are offered for rent at a reasonable price. The restaurants and beach bars, which provide cool drinks and snacks, are also fantastic.

Tip: There is a camping site directly on the beach. Recommendable vacation apartments, such as the Lighthouse Apartments with a brilliant view, are located slightly above the coast.

Budva Beach

Budva beach is a beautiful, well-maintained and very popular pebble beach right in the old town of Budva. Due to its location next to the historic city wall, bathers and sunseekers are offered a grandiose backdrop like those you know from travel magazines. Whether it is summer or winter, there is always something going on at this lovely beach. In addition, there are many hip bars, beach clubs and restaurants along the bay, wherefrom you can enjoy the wonderful beach ambience with a cool drink. You’ll also find amenities like changing rooms, deck chair and umbrella rentals on site.

Tip: Budva has a wide selection of hotels and apartments. Really amazing is Avala Resort & Villas with pool, directly on the beach and thus only a few steps away from the old town.

Queens Beach

The Queens Beach is a private beach for hotel guests of the Aman Resort. The best way to get there is to take a short walk along the promenade from Sveti Stefan. The scenery there with the mountains in the background and the turquoise blue water is really unique and makes Queens Beach a real dream bay in Montenegro. If you want to swim there, it is best to book a night at the hotel. Another option would be to rent a lounger. However, the prices are not quite cheap and cost 110 euros per person for non-hotel guests.

Lucice Beach

The beach Lucice is an incredibly beautiful sandy beach with turquoise blue water, surrounded by Mediterranean scented pine forests. The public beach, which is popular with bathers, can get very crowded in the summer due to its small size. Nevertheless, a great atmosphere awaits you here and therefore the bay Lucice is an absolute recommendation among the most beautiful beaches of Montenegro. If you love snorkeling, this is the right place for you because along the rocks you can explore an interesting underwater world in the crystal clear sea.

Also nice are the small bars directly behind the beach, where you can enjoy a cool beer or delicious coffee. There are not many shady spots on Beach Lucice, but umbrellas and sunbeds are available for a rent.

Tip: The Plaza Lucice is a fantastic 4-star accommodation with apartments and double rooms. Great is also the location only 200 meters from the beach!

Buljarica Beach

The beautiful Buljarica beach is still an insider tip of the beaches in Montenegro. This approximately 2-kilometer-long beach is still relatively untouched and the atmosphere quiet and tranquil. Huge hotel bunkers and mass tourism are not to be found here yet. The long, wonderful pebble bay offers enough space to swim and relax, even in the high season. The further south you walk, the more natural the bay becomes. There is also a small section of nudist beach here. At the upper end, a few inexpensive beach bars open in season and umbrellas are also available for rent.

With its great water quality and amazing calm scenery, this pebble beach is definitely among the best beaches in Montenegro, especially for beach vacationers who appreciate the peace and quiet.

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Conclusion: The beaches of Montenegro are a real highlight! The sea here has a top water quality and the beaches are clean and beautiful. Perfect for your next beach vacation.

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