Villajoyosa: Colorful Coastal Town in Spain

Villajoyosa, the colorful coastal town in Spain, is located on the Costa Blanca in the province of Alicante and enchants with a uniquely beautiful old town and the many wonderful beaches. This place is particularly famous for the colorful houses that give the city a very special ambience. Due to the perfect location in the heart of the Costa Blanca, this coastal town is a popular spot for excursions. But also a holiday to Villajoyosa is a good choice, especially for those who prefer something a little quieter. In addition, the beaches are absolutely marvelous, and even during the high season it is much less busy here than in the tourist hotspots of the Costa Blanca.

In this travel guide, we show you what to expect on a holiday to Villajoyosa and share some outstanding pictures with you. Additionally, you will get plenty of tips and information that will help you plan your trip.

General Information about Villajoyosa

Villajoyosa is a small town with around 30,000 inhabitants and is located between the famous holiday resort of Benidorm, 14 kilometers away and the provincial capital Alicante, 35 kilometers away. The locals, who are said to be particularly happy people, fondly call their town “La Vila”. The town is especially famous for 3 things. For its brightly colored houses, for its wonderful beaches and also for the delicious chocolate, which is produced by the Spanish chocolate manufacturer Valor and can be tasted in the Chocolate Museum since 1998.

The most important attraction of Villajoyosa is the colorful house facades of the old town and the picturesque coastal front. According to a legend, the bright colors once helped fishermen to find their way back home in the evening. Villajoyosa is also known for the Moros y Cristianos festivals, which have been taking place from July 24 to 31 for 250 years. Here you can experience a re-enactment of the Berber pirate landing as well as parades, gastronomic competitions, fireworks and concerts.


Old Town of Villajoyosa

The colorful old town of Villajoyosa, which was formerly a traditional fishing village, had retained much of its original character. The centerpiece of the town, the colorful houses on the coastal front, adorns the postcards of Villajoyosa. Also the promenade with the many palm trees and the cozy restaurants and cafés serving Spanish food, from which you can enjoy a very unusual backdrop, is breathtakingly beautiful. There are also some recommendable accommodations right on the beach promenade, which are ideal for a vacation. Another attraction are the hanging houses of Villajoyosa, also known as “Cases Penjants de la Vila Joiosa”, which are located in the northern part of the old town.

Tip: The pretty Casa Blue Bayou vacation apartment, from which you can enjoy an excellent view of the sea, is really great for a vacation in Villajoyosa.

From the picturesque Paseo de Sant Pere square, small alleys lead into the old town of Villajoyosa. Here you will discover many colorful town houses and some really pretty corners and squares. Also worth seeing are the historic city walls, of which a part is still well-preserved.

Other lovely attractions are the small chocolate museums in the city, where you can try the sweet delicacies. Popular are the Valor Chocolate Museum and the Chocolates Clavileño.


Villajoyosa Beaches

The beaches in Villajoyosa are breathtakingly beautiful and a must-visit in that holiday region. Some of these bays are even the best on the Costa Blanca! During your holiday you have the choice between beautiful sandy beaches with huge palm trees, picturesque bays with high rocks and lonely nudist beaches. Here is an overview of the most popular beaches in Villajoyosa:

  • Playa El Asparalló
  • Playa del Bol Nou
  • Playa El Paraiso
  • Platja la Villajoyosa
  • Playa Varadero
  • Playa del Torres
  • Racó del Conill

Platja la Villajoyosa

The main beach of the pretty town is the Playa la Villajoyosa. This beautiful bright sandy beach, with the azure sea and the brightly colored town houses, offers a unique backdrop. And so it’s not without reason that, for many visitors, this dream beach is the most beautiful in the region.

Playa del Bol Nou Beach

The wild and romantic bay of Playa del Bol Nou is another beach highlight of Villajoyosa. This dream beach is characterized by high cliffs, light and soft sand and a beautiful turquoise blue color of the sea.

Playa El Paraiso Beach

The Playa El Pariaso is an absolute dream of a beach. This long cove is enchanting with the Caribbean blue color of the sea and numerous beautiful palm trees. Due to its length, it offers plenty of space even in the high season, so it is never overcrowded.


Where to stay in Villajoyosa

Villajoyosa has some really lovely accommodations. Especially travelers appreciate the family-run hotels and apartments in this pretty holiday resort. Most of the accommodations are located in the old town or on the beautiful beaches. Here are our tips for the best places to stay in Villajoyosa…it’s worth a look!

  • Lovely B&B: The Rosal B&B by Zercabeds is idyllically situated in the old town. Everything here is furnished tastefully with lots of love. Breakfast is also phenomenal.
  • Charming Apartment: The Sailor House is in a prime location near the beach. The view of the harbor and the beach are breathtaking and the terrace is wonderful.
  • Dream Hotel: The stunning Hotel Servigroup Montíboli is a stylish hotel and is picturesquely situated on a cliff with direct access to the Playa l ’Esparrelló beach.
  • Apartment Hotel: The Blue Line Apartment Hotel is a chic hotel with large, modern apartments and a pool. It is a 15-minute walk from the center.

Find the best Accommodation in Villajoyosa:

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