Moraira in Spain: Best Beaches & Attractions

Moraira is a picturesque holiday resort in the province of Alicante and a guarantee for an unforgettable and relaxing holiday in Spain. Despite tourism, this place has managed to maintain its authenticity and cozy ambience, which makes it an insider tip on the Costa Blanca. Not only the pretty old town, with the castle as a landmark, is worth seeing, also the beaches of Moraira are breathtakingly beautiful. On a holiday you will enjoy an idyllic fishing village flair, good restaurants and tapas bars, beautiful bays and interesting attractions.

In this travel guide we have put together all the important information and tips about Moraira in Spain. You will also find the best beaches, the most beautiful things to do and recommended accommodations at a glance.

General information about Moraira

Moraira is located around 80 kilometers north of the provincial capital Alicante and around 166 kilometers south of Valencia. The municipality consists of two districts: Teulada in the hinterland and Moraira located by the sea. In fact, the latter was a small fishing village only a few years ago, which has now developed into a particularly beautiful holiday town with a large marina.

Nevertheless, large hotels and huge apartment buildings, such as those found in Benidorm, have been left out here. It’s quite the opposite! Most of the accommodations are beautiful villas, holiday homes and family-run apartments.

The Cap d’Or watchtower and Moraira Castle (Castillo de Moraira) are the main tourist attractions of the town. The small 18th century Castillo de Moraira once served as the city’s defensive structure. Today, you can enjoy a wonderful view of the harbor, the beach and the deep blue sea from there.

The picturesque waterfront promenade is also lovely. There are numerous good restaurants and hip tapas-bars invite you to linger and relax with a view of the sea. It connects the Playa de l’Ampolla beach in the west with the beautiful marina in the eastern part of the port city.


The wonderful beaches of Moraira

The beaches in Moraira are uniquely beautiful and are ideal for a beach holiday in Spain. In the holiday resort, but also in the surrounding area, there are some wonderful bathing spots and bays. From fine sandy beaches to natural bays with high rocks, everything can be found here.

Playa de l’Ampolla Beach

Playa de l’Ampolla is located right in the center of Moraira and is one of the most popular beaches in the village. A beautiful, gently sloping sandy beach awaits you here, which is particularly popular with families with children. The sea is wonderfully clear here and while swimming you can marvel at a fantastic view of the small castle Moraira. The promenade is situated behind the beach, where there are numerous cafes and restaurants.

Playa del Portet Beach

One of the most beautiful beaches in Moraira is the beautiful Playa del Protet, which is only 1.5 kilometers from the center of the port city. This picturesque fine sandy beach with its bright turquoise sea colors is one of the most impressive beaches on the entire Costa Blanca. Fantastic food and cool drinks are also provided here, because there are some really fabulous restaurants and cafés on this beach.

Cala del Moraig beach

Another dream beach and a real insider tip is the picturesque Cala del Moraig. Surrounded by spectacular rocks, this bay is a real eye-catcher. The sea is just amazing and shines in the most divine sea colors. Due to the many stones and the clear water, the Cala del Moraig is ideal for snorkeling.

On the edge of Cala del Moriag there is a small sea cave, the Cova dels Arcs, which you should definitely visit on any trip.


Where to stay in Moraira

There are some really lovely accommodations in Moraira. These are mostly apartments or holiday homes, but also some small, family-run hotels can be found here. Most of these accommodations are located either directly in Moraira or at the beautiful beaches in the immediate vicinity.

Here are the best accommodations in Moraira that we can recommend for an unforgettable holiday:

  • Apartment: The apartment Camalavi is located in the city of Moraira and delights with a pool and fantastic facilities. The harbor and beach are only around 300 meters away. There are also good restaurants and free parking in the immediate vicinity.
  • Boutique Hotel: The Hotel MAÑET near Moraira is 100 m from Playa del Portet and inspires with pool, a chic design and the TOP location on one of the most beautiful beaches on the coast!
  • Holiday home: The El Portet Seaside Casa is a beautiful villa on the beach of Playa del Portet. This holiday home is in a perfect location overlooking the sea! Guests are delighted by the beautiful terrace, the lovely furnishings and the pool.

Find the best Accommodation in Moraira:

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