Leela Beach: A Dream Beach on Koh Phangan!

Leela Beach on Koh Phangan in Thailand is one of the most beautiful beach highlights of the island. Located at the southern tip and not far from the famous Full Moon Party beach Haad Rin, an extremely relaxed ambience and a backdrop like in a picture book await you here! Velvety soft, fine white sand, tall palm trees, turquoise sea colors and an extremely calm flair conjure up a dream beach in a class of its own. Finally, the fantastic selection of amazing accommodations and hotels makes a romantic stay on Leela Beach an unforgettable experience!

In this travel guide, we give you all the important information about Leela Beach on Koh Phangan. In addition, we show you the best pictures and tell you where you can find lovely accommodations right by the sea.

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If you are still looking for a very special place to stay on Koh Phangan, we can recommend the Cabin Beach Resort in a prime location directly on the wonderful Leela Beach.

There are so many attractions to explore during a stay on Leela Beach! A visit to temples, waterfalls and brilliant viewpoints are just a few of the most amazing things to do on Koh Phangan that you should not miss.

Not only Leela Beach is wonderful, on the island you will find countless other dream beaches. Here are the ultimate best beaches in Koh Phangan summarized at a glance.

To get from Bangkok to Koh Phangan you can purchase combo tickets on 12go.Asia. From the ferry in Thong Sala, the island’s capital, you can take a taxi or a collective bus to Leela Beach.


General information about Leela Beach

Leela Beach, also called Seektantang Beach, is located at the southernmost tip of Koh Phangan, and therefore you can even see the opposite island Koh Samui from the beach. The island’s capital, Thong Sala, where the ferry also docks, is about 12 kilometers away and connected to the resort by collective bus or cab. In addition, from Leela Beach you can walk to the small town of Haad Rin, where the monthly Full Moon Party takes place on the beach, in about 10 minutes. Outside this time, however, this tourist town is hushed, and you will find some nice boutiques to go shopping, supermarkets as well as cool bars and good restaurants. Perfect if you want to eat out and go out a bit in the evening.

The lovely bars and restaurants of the beach hotels serve food and drinks for every taste. Here you can also rent sunbeds and umbrellas if necessary. In the high season, in winter from October to March, there is also a kayak rental. Perfect if you want to experience the breathtaking coastline around Leela Beach directly from the sea. The best time to visit Leela Beach is during the winter months, from October to March. During this time, the sea is crystal clear, smooth and shines in the most stunning blue colors.

What to expect on Leela Beach

The special thing about Leela Beach is definitely its unique ambience. Many even view this approximately 900-meter-long bay as one of the most beautiful dream beaches in all of Thailand. Especially the large coconut trees directly on the beach, the snow-white sand and the almost unreal turquoise blue sea colors make this bay unique on Koh Phangan. In addition, most beach visitors are hotel guests, but they are relatively well distributed along the elongated bay. Thus, the beach is never overcrowded, and you always enjoy a certain secluded atmosphere. Of course, the beach can also be visited by day tourists, but the entrance to Leela Beach is not easy to find for visitors.

Leela Beach is the most beautiful in the north section. Here the beach is especially clean, slopes very flatly and the ambience is unimaginably beautiful. Really idyllic are the sea swings and hammocks that dangle between the palm trees all along the beach. A highlight is also the blue water jetty, over which you can walk far into the sea. The southern part of the beach has its charm too. Discover a small wooden bridge that leads over the rocks; from this bridge you can admire beautiful sunsets in the evening.


Best Accommodations on Leela Beach

There are some really amazing hotels and accommodations right on Leela Beach. No matter if you are a backpacker, a family with children or a demanding individual traveler, every vacationer will find a perfect place to stay. If you are looking for a recommended hotel on the beach, then we can give you these accommodation tips on the way…It’s worth a look!

  • Beach Hotel with Pool: A true vacation dream is the Cabin Beach Resort in a prime beach location and with a great pool. A great hotel for couples and families!
  • 3-Stars Resort: Also Recommended is the Sarikantang Resort And Spa, which convinces with pretty bungalows directly on the beach and good prices!
  • Charming Beach Resort: The Cocohut Beach Resort is located directly on the beach Leela Beach and inspires its guests with beautiful facilities and great service.

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