Haad Yuan – A Paradise Beach on Koh Phangan

The Haad Yuan beach on Koh Phangan is a real paradise located on the east coast of the island. This tropical dream beach fascinates with its amazing rock formations, countless green palms and beautiful turquoise blue sea colors. Actually, the Haad Yuan is considered to be the most beautiful beach on Koh Phangan. This tiny paradise is not so easy to reach, and probably because of that Haad Yuan beach is still one of the quietest beaches in Koh Phangan. So, if you are up for a relaxing holiday on one of Thailand’s most beautiful beaches, you should definitely visit this dreamy beach!

In this blog post we will show you all about the Haad Yuan Beach, how to get there and where to stay. And why this beach is really worth a visit!

How to get there

Getting to Haad Yuan is possible either by taxi boat, by walk or by 4×4 jeep. The road is hazardous and therefore we recommend avoiding getting there by scooter. More comfortable is the transfer from Haad Rin to Haad Yuan by boat. Starting from the famous Full Moon Party Beach a small taxi boat will take you with 10 minutes drive to the beach. You will pass spectacular rock formations, lonely beaches and with a little luck you can even see monkeys in the rocks! Taxi boats are waiting for passengers directly at Haad Rin beach. However, if you want to pay a fair price you will have to negotiate the price. Depending on your bargain skills the journey from Haad Rin to Haad Yuan costs between 200 and 300 baht per person.

Some sportive tourists love to take a walk to Haad Yuan Beach. The hike leads through the jungle, so please beware of wearing good shoes, take enough drinking water and sun protection with you.

Koh Phangan itself can be reached by ferry, either from Koh Samui, Koh Tao or from the mainland. The nearest airports are on the neighboring island of Koh Samui and in Surat Thani. Tip: Cheap domestic flights from Bangkok can be found at Skyscanner or Kiwi. Ferry and bus tickets can be booked at 12go.asia.

The Haad Yuan Beach

Just Arrived at Haad Yuan you will be impressed by an incredibly beautiful beach atmosphere. The entire bay is really heavenly, like out of a magazine and also not crowded. But this beach jewel is not only amazing for swimming, also photographers will fall in love with that places. Because of the immense beauty, amazing photography can be done here!

Also, the seclusion gives the beach a very unique flair. Here you feel like you are stranded in paradise. Hardly any tourists, but fine almost white sand and crystal-clear water – perfect for swimming and relaxing. A few of the beach resorts and bamboo huts provide beach chairs and umbrellas for their guests. If you are hungry you will find some very lovely and well-priced beach bars along the bay. Try out the Bamboo Hut restaurant, at the end of the beach. They serve delicious food and from the terrace you will enjoy a breath-taking view of the Haad Yuan.

The vibes on the beach are really pleasant and relaxed. Here you can linger forever, enjoy the view and the white sand. Really beautiful. Furthermore, if you have the feeling you want to get more active you could rent a kayak and visit the neighboring beach Haad Tien. Also, for snorkelling the Haad Yuan offers some nice reefs just 100 meter away.

Tip: The most beautiful view you will get from the wooden bridge located at the end of the beach. Especially the rock formations and the almost unbelievable turquoise blue sea colors make this beach so extraordinary.

Party and nightlife

In general, there is not that much going on at Haad Yuan. Only Saturdays the beach gets a bit livelier. In main season the famous Eden Party takes place. Located on the rocks behind the Bamboo Hut restaurant it’s a great place for nightlife, party and good music.

Activities on Koh Phangan

If you are interested in what things you can do on Koh Phangan, then just have a look at our Koh Phangan Guide. Among others, you will learn all about the most amazing sights, best waterfalls and the most spectacular viewpoints of the island.

Where to stay

At Haad Yuan you will find a very small selection of basic beachfront bungalows and accommodation. Perfect for a relaxing holiday on Koh Phangan. We really like the Barcelona Resort. It offers lovely, clean bungalows with views across the bay. Another place to stay is the Pariya Resort & Villas. They provide a pool for splashing.


Conclusion: The Haad Yuan is definitely one of the best beaches of Koh Phangan and was also a highlight of our Thailand trip. If you want to spend your holidays in Koh Phangan, and need rest from your stressful everyday life, then you should not miss this place. An absolute holiday recommendation!

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