Bottle Beach: Dream Beach at Koh Phangan

Bottle Beach, also called Haad Khuat, is a true dream beach in the north of Koh Phangan, Thailand. That beach is a tropical paradise par excellence: fine white sand, turquoise blue sea, countless palm trees and deep jungles in the hinterland. This hidden gem can only be reached by boat, a sweaty jungle trek or by 4 × 4 jeep. Maybe its seclusion is why Bottle Beach is still one of the most most tranquil beaches in Koh Phangan.

In this travel guide we will show you all about a holiday at the Bottle Beach at Koh Phangan, where you will find the most beautiful bungalows on the beach and why a trip there is absolutely worth it!

How to get to Bottle Beach

First of all, we advise against doing the journey to Bottle Beach by scooter. The road to the beach is more than adventurous, quite dangerous and risky. A better option is to take a taxi boat from Chaloklum to the beach. Also, the journey is a great experience: On the way to Bottle Beach you will be amazed by the beautiful coastline of Koh Phangan, the gigantic rock formations, the jungle in the background and the indescribably beautiful water colors. Currently, the price of the boat trip is 150 baht per person, takes about 15 minutes and can be booked directly on the beaches.

Sometimes, sportive ones also hike to Bottle Beach. The hiking tour (from Haad Khom) takes about 1:30 hours, but you should definitely bring good footwear, enough drinking water and sunscreen.

The Bottle Beach

The Bottle beach in Koh Phangan is as described before really lovely and probably due to the difficulty to reach it’s rather quiet and not crowded. Still you won’t find (so far) any lively nightlife here on Bottle Beach. It’s an amazing place of relaxation, you will find pure nature and holiday flair at its best. Without a doubt, this hidden beach is one of the most beautiful beaches of Koh Phangan. The sand is so powdery fine and the crystal-clear water invites for swimming and snorkelling. The left part of the beach is better suitable for swimming! Here are less stones inside the water.

Along the bay are some nice beach bars and restaurants where you can enjoy a cool drink and delicious Thai food. Also, a small mini market for snacks and drinks is located on the beach. For those who like to get active on holiday are Kayaks and SUPs available

Bottle Beach Viewpoint

If you love views you should definitely visit the Bottle Beach Viewpoint. After a 45 minutes’ walk you will reach the viewpoint and can enjoy a fantastic view to Koh Phangans coast. The trail is marked, and a narrow path leads across the jungle. At the end of the trail you will find a huge rock and a gigantic view of the Bottle Beach! Pay attention to good footwear and enough drinking water. Also take a snack for the exhausting hike.

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Where to stay at Bottle Beach

At Bottle Beach you will find only a small selection of accommodation. In main season, they can be booked out quickly, so we recommend you check out your favorite hotel or bungalow in advance. Really recommendable are the following accommodation at Bottle Beach:

  • Haad Khuad Resort: The absolute highlight of the Haad Khuad Resort is the amazing location right on Bottle Beach. Clean rooms and delicious restaurant – highly recommended!
  • Smile Bungalow: The Smile Bungalows are located a bit inside jungle but still right on Bottle Beach. An absolute dream for backpacker!

Conclusion: The Bottle Beach is a true dream beach, some even call it the most beautiful beach of Koh Phangan. We also enjoyed our stay and so we can recommend it if you want to stay here for a few relaxing days in paradise!

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