Khao Lak Tours: 10 Best Day Trips & Excursions

Khao Lak is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Thailand, and in addition to all the amazing beaches in Khao Lak, there are plenty of awesome tours, day trips and excursions to do. The offer of tours in Khao Lak is really amazing, and so you can expect boat tours to visit beautiful islands, go on national park tour, visit the elephants and swim in waterfalls. Whether you explore the area with the scooter, or with a guided tour, in this region unforgettable experiences are waiting for you. But what are the best tours from Khao Lak?

In this tour guide we give you all the important information about the ultimate must do day trips & tours in Khao Lak. In addition, we show you how to plan your perfect trip, what are the ultimate highlights, tour operators and prices.


Similan Island Tour

The beautiful Similan Islands are probably the most famous destination for tours in Khao Lak. They are located about 60 kilometers from the coast and can be reached on a boat tour. In addition to the white beaches and the huge round granite stone formations, a fascinating colorful underwater world attracts visitors from all over the world. So the Similan Islands are the perfect spot for snorkeling and swimming.

  • Tip: These dream islands are really popular. Better you book an early bird tour to escape the tourist crowds.
  • Price: Tours to the Similan Islands cost about 100, – Euro.

Khao Sok National Park

The Khao Sok National Park is one of the most beautiful national parks in southern Thailand. If you’re fancy a Khao Lak National Park tour, a trip to Khao Sok is a great option. The park is located about 70 kilometers from the holiday destination. So the most beautiful sights of Khao Sok can be explored on a day trip or with overnight tours. Particularly impressive is the Cheow Lan Lake, a water reservoir with gigantic rock formations and a deep jungle, which is the perfect place for jungle tours.

  • Tip: Do not forget your swimwear – the Cheow Lan Lake is perfect for swimming and kayaking.
  • Price: Excursions from Khao Lak starting from 70, – Euro. A huge selection of nature tours can be found at this link.

Explore the beaches by scooter

If you like traveling on your own, you should definitely explore the most beautiful beaches in Khao Lak by scooter. With the wind in your back you can discover the 30 kilometer long coast with the different fantastic beach sections. For example, there is the lonely Coconut Beach, the idyllic Khuk Khak Beach, or the Bang Niang Beach, with its great selection of hotels.

  • Price: A scooter costs about 6 euros per day.

Lampi Waterfall

Did you know that there are some beautiful waterfalls in and around Khao Lak? One of the most impressive is the Lampi Waterfall, which is located within only a short distance from Khao Lak and one of the most beautiful sights in the area. In addition, the Lampi waterfall is really suitable for swimming, so do not forget swimwear. This impressive natural jewel consists of 3 cascades, which can be reached via a hike. Nevertheless, the most beautiful part is located near the parking lot and so this waterfall is also suitable for those, who do not really want to hike.

  • Tip: You can visit this waterfall on your own (taxi, scotter) or with a guided waterfall tour from Khao Lak.

Surin Islands Tour

The Surin Islands near Khao Lak are another popular spot for snorkeling tours. Here are 5 islands that promise due to their remote location a real Robinson Crusoe feeling. A big plus is that the Surin Islands are visited less than, for example, the Similan Islands. Also on this island are really beautiful beaches and an almost cheesy turquoise blue sea. In addition, if you are lucky, you might spot whale sharks, eagle rays and even dolphins while joining a boat tour. The Surin Islands can be reached as part of a day trip and are ideal if you want to get on an unforgettable snorkeling trip.

  • Price: Tours to the Surin Islands costs around 100, – Euro.

Lam Ru National Park

The Lam Ru National Park is located in the southern part of Khao Lak and is a real highlight for nature lovers who like to do trips on their own. On 123 square kilometer National Park area you are going to find a deep rainforest, waterfalls and as highlight a fantastically beautiful hidden beach. That beach gem can be visited by a beautiful 20-minute hike from the main road through the jungle. The so called Lam Ru Beach is considered to be one of the best beaches in Khao Lak. For the jungle tour proper footwear is recommended.

  • Tip: You can easily reach the National Park Entrance either by taxi or comfortably by scooter from Khao Lak.
  • Price: The scooter costs about 6 euros per day. For the entrance to the national park will be about 5 Euro.

Elephant Tours

In Khao Lak you have the opportunity to book elephant tours. A great experience both for adults and for children. But choose your tour with care, and support an elephant sanctuary, which has completely renounced elephant riding and dedicated to the welfare of the elephants that live there. A visit can support ethnical elephant sanctuaries and at the same time you have the opportunity to bathe with the pachyderms and to feed them.

Phi Phi Islands Tour

If you are on a Khao Lak vacation, then you even have the opportunity to do a Phi Phi Island Tour by speedboat. On this excursion you will visit the famous places of the island, bathe on beautiful beaches, meet monkeys on the beach and enjoy a spectacular landscape. In addition, this tour also offers great options for snorkeling. Since the islands are already a bit away, this boat trip starts from Khao Lak early in the morning.

  • Price: A Phi Phi Islands Tour costs about 100, – Euro.

Trip to James Bond Island

Another highlight of the region is the Phang Nga Bay, where you can visit the famous James Bond Island on a trip. The Phang Nga Bay has been a Marine National Park since 1981 and covers a 404 square kilometer nature reserve. Not only this rock formation is impressive. Particularly fascinating are also the coastal mangrove forests, which can be explored very nicely by kayak.

  • Price: A trip from Krabi costs from 75, – Euro.

Temple Tour

In and around Khao Lak you have the opportunity to discover some beautiful temples. Of course, these are not comparable to the temples in Bangkok, but there are still some beautiful sacred sites to visit in this region. These include, for example, the Wat Bang Riang Temple, an impressive temple complex between Khao Lak and Krabi. Or the Wat Praya Nackarath (Dragon Cave Temple), which is located in a limestone cave. Most popular are the so called 3 Temple Tours.

  • Price: temple tours from Khao Lak cost about 50, – Euro.


Conclusion: As you can see, in Khao Lak offers great trips, activities and day tours. Almost too good to spend the whole holiday just on the beach!

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