The 7 Best Beaches in Calpe

The beaches of Calpe are among the most beautiful ones on the picturesque Costa Blanca in Spain. Especially famous is the city for its mighty rock, the Peñón de Ifach, which rises up about 320 meters and shapes the landscape. From the two long and bright sandy beaches of Calpe city you can always enjoy a spectacular view of the gigantic rock formation, but also the small secluded and hidden bays in the area are interesting to see. The sea on the coast around Calpe is crystal clear, clean and partly turquoise blue, perfect for an unforgettable vacation on the Mediterranean Sea. But where are the best beaches in Calpe, where are the quiet bays, and what are the real beach highlights?

This beach guide summarizes the 7 most beautiful beaches of Calpe in Spain at a glance. Additionally, you will get useful tips and recommendations for accommodations that should help you plan your trip.


Playa del Arenal-Bol Beach

Playa del Arenal Bol is a fine light sandy beach and is, with a size of 1.5 kilometers, the longest beach in Calpe. It belongs to the two main beaches in the city and is therefore a very popular spot for sunbathers and swimmers. Although it is quite popular, and especially in summer the beach attracts many visitors, Playa del Arenal-Bol is due to its size never packed.

What makes this beach so unique? The sea shines here in the most beautiful colors and in the background you can always enjoy a breathtaking view of the huge rock of Calpe, the Penon de Ifach. Picture-perfect, like out of the travel magazine! Also the beautiful beach promenade, where restaurants, cafés and bars invite you to relax, is unique.

Tip: There are some really good accommodations behind the Playa del Arenal-Bol. We can recommend the phenomenal Gran Hotel Sol y Mar with a fantastic infinity pool.

Playa de Cantal Roig Beach

In the middle of the two main beaches, Playa de la Fossa and Playa de Arenal-Bol, lies the small and beautiful bay of Playa de Cantal Roig. It is just around the corner of the tranquil fishing port and in the background there is the mighty Peñón de Ifach rock. This beautiful fine sandy beach slopes very gently and the bay functions as a shelter against big waves. This beach is a popular spot for families, but also for the elderly who enjoy swimming in the calm waters.

Above the beach Cantal Roig runs a lively promenade, where there are numerous restaurants, bars and stores. A little further down are the “Baños de la Reina”, the Queen’s Baths, which are archaeological remains.

Tip: Just a few steps from the sea is the Apartamento Paradero de Ifach, which scores with the perfect location and a beautiful pool.

Playa de la Fossa Beach

The Playa de la Fossa, also known as Playa Levante, is the second main beach of the popular resort. It is located north of the city center, and many travelers consider it to be the most beautiful beach in Calpe. In particular, families with children, but also older people and couples appreciate this gently sloping and very clean sandy beach. The touristic offer is also perfect here: restaurants, shops and bars are lined up along the beach promenade and sunbeds with umbrellas can be rented on the beach. The long bay is sheltered by trees, so you can always swim in the calm, crystal clear and clean sea.

Due to the incredibly beautiful backdrop, the Calpe rock, this beach is a popular motif for photographers, and so Playa de la Fossa adorns many postcards of the city.

Tip: There are mainly apartment complexes at Playa de la Fossa. Perfect for a holiday are, for example, the Apartamento en Calpe and the Apartamento Topacio 14C.

Cala El Raco Beach

A real insider tip among the most beautiful beaches in Calpe is Cala El Raco Beach. This hidden bay lies between the harbor and the foot of the mighty rock Ifach and is part of the nature reserve. The mighty rock and the turquoise blue sea create a uniquely spectacular panorama. This beach is a rough white pebble beach with round stones. If you visit this beach, you should definitely wear bathing shoes. Even those who love snorkeling are definitely right here at Cala El Raco Beach, because here in the crystal-clear sea you can marvel at an interesting underwater world. So you can discover different types of fish, crabs and even starfish!

Tip: Parking is available on site and a beach bar provides cool drinks for your beach days.

Cala La Calalga Beach

The picturesque bay of Cala La Calalga is located around 3 kilometers from the city center and enchants with a wonderful idyll. Surrounded by rocks, you can reach this beach via a footpath down to the sea. The beach is made of pebbles, but it turns into fine sand in the sea. During your bathing adventure, you can enjoy a secluded surrounding, far away from the hustle and bustle of the large main beaches.

If you fancy taking a walk, you can take the “Benissa Coastal Walk” from the beach and explore the beautiful coast of Calpe. Or you can stroll along the promenade towards the long main beaches of the region. A wonderful beach for a few relaxing hours at the sea.

Tip: The wonderful Apartamentos Santa Clara are perfect for a holiday in Calpe. They are located in the immediate vicinity of the gorgeous bay and score with chic design.

Platja Mascarat & Cala El Collao

Another beach highlight near Calpe is the beautiful Platja Mascarat beach and the neighboring bay, Cala el Collao. Both are located in the south of the city, around 5 kilometers from the center. Here too you can enjoy a picturesque beach atmosphere with gigantic rock cliffs and unique sea colors. Due to the natural environment you can snorkel there especially well and enjoy, especially in the low season, a really lonely dream beach.

Playa La Fustera Beach

Unique and a real tip for a quiet holiday in Calpe is the beautiful Playa La Fustera Beach. You will find this rough-grained sandy beach around 6 kilometers north of the city. Particularly fantastic is the relaxed and familiar atmosphere and the idyllic beach setting. There are a few beautiful holiday homes and restaurants around the bay, but there is hardly any sign of mass tourism here at Playa La Fustera. Only a small beach bar spoils visitors with good food and delicious cocktails. Also here, especially along the rocks, are some good spots for snorkeling. A wonderful beach for a relaxing vacation by the sea.

Tip: The Villa La Mar is a fabulous choice for families or small groups. Guests love the great amenities, pool, and proximity to the beach!

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