Where to Stay in Antiparos: (Best Hotels Included)

The numerous fabulous places for where to stay in Antiparos are ideal for an unforgettable stay on the small island pearl. Whether you are looking for beachfront accommodation, hotels with a pool, bed and breakfasts or apartments, everyone will find the perfect place to stay. The most popular resort on Antiparos is the area around the snow-white Chora, the capital in the north of the island. There are numerous fantastic hotels, a lively nightlife, chic boutiques for shopping and many stunning beaches where you can spend your vacations. The other places on Antiparos island, on the other hand, are more for individualists, or those looking for peace and quiet, who want to stay in a relaxed atmosphere away from the capital. But what are the best hotels on Antiparos, what are the most charming accommodations and which places are perfect for a vacation?

This guide is all about where to stay in Antiparos in Greece. We show you the most amazing resorts as well as the best areas for an unforgettable stay on the island. In addition, there are numerous useful recommendations and hotel tips, perfect for your travel planning!


Chora of Antiparos

The Chora of Antiparos, the capital of the island, is definitely the most famous place to stay in Antiparos. It is located in the northern part, where the ferry docks, and is the tourist center of the popular vacation island. Here the choice of accommodation is terrific, there are chic hotels, family-run guesthouses and pretty vacation apartments. Travelers also love the beautiful, snow-white old town with its typical Cycladic-style houses, which together with the blooming bougainvilleas conjure up a charming ambience. Within walking distance are some of the most stunning beaches in Antiparos! On top of that, you have an overwhelming array of fabulous tavernas, cocktail bars and boutiques in the Chora. Perfect if you like shopping or also enjoy a cozy nightlife.

In and around the Chora there are some of the best hotels and accommodations in Antiparos. It is also optimal that you can combine beach-time with sightseeing, shopping and eating out. The area is recommended especially for couples, families with children, and actually for everyone who wants to live as central as possible.

Best Accommodations & Hotels:

  • Chic Hotel with Pool: The Kouros Village is a really recommendable hotel. Guests love the location, the gorgeous pool, and the rooms are also wonderfully pretty.
  • Aparthotel with Sea View: The ThalaSEA – Village delights with its charming grounds. Also a beautiful beach and the old town are within walking distance.
  • Vacation Home in the Chora: The pretty Minas House Antiparos is located in the main town, just 2 minutes from the pedestrian zone with many tavernas.


The small vacation settlement of Soros is a fabulous tip for a relaxing beach vacation on Antiparos. It is located on the east coast of the island, about 7 kilometers south of the island’s capital Chora. The area is famous for the breathtaking beach Paralia Soros, a sandy beach about 350 meters long, which inspires with the most stunning sea colors and relaxed vacation atmosphere in the middle of a dreamlike landscape. Directly on the beach there is a beach club and in a small section there are sunbeds with umbrellas for rent. In addition, there are several recommendable accommodations in the small vacation settlement, many of which even scores with wonderful sea-view. Perfect if you want to make your vacation an all-around great experience.

Soros is a great option for a relaxing vacation on Antiparos. During the day, sun-seeking tourists gather on the beautiful sandy beach, but in the evening there is hardly anything going on in this place and the atmosphere in the small settlement is absolutely quiet. If you want to explore the island, it’s best to rent a car or a quad.

Best Accommodations & Hotels:

  • Nice Vacation Apartments: The Villa Peristeri offers pretty vacation apartments as well as cottages in a wonderful location and with a view. The beautiful beach is also nearby!
  • Apartments with a View: The Ergina Summer Resort is a family-run accommodation on a hill overlooking the bay. Guests love the view, the hospitality and the tranquility.
  • Beachfront Aparthotel: The Soros Beach is a nice little hotel right on the famous dream beach. Guests love the ideal location and the breakfast is delicious too!

Agios Georgios

Agios Georgios is a wildly romantic resort on the south coast of Antiparos, and the area is absolutely recommendable for a very decelerated vacation off the typical tourist paths. Especially couples, individualists and those seeking peace and quiet love this dreamy little village, on whose coast there are numerous beautiful sandy beaches. Fascinating is also the view of the opposite island Despotiko, which you can enjoy while swimming and relaxing. Although the resort is pretty small, you will find a small harbor with taverns and beach bars. In addition, wonderful boat tours are offered from Agios Georgios to the most beautiful highlights of the south coast.

The vacation resort Agios Georgios is an insider tip for a really relaxing time out. Especially for all seeking quiet and individualists who are looking for something very special love this extremely idyllic area. In addition, there are really good accommodations such as small boutique hotels that score with a lot of attention to detail.

Best Accommodations & Hotels:

  • Charming Hotel: The Kameo is a real insider tip! This wonderful hotel has a charm of its own, is situated in a fabulous location and has a gorgeous view.
  • Beautiful Apartments: The St George Antiparos Apartments offer different sized, beautifully furnished vacation apartments with gorgeous sea views.
  • Apartments with a View: The Island White offers apartments in a breathtaking location. The atmosphere is beautiful and also taverns and the beach are within easy reach.

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