Top 7 Waterfalls in Slovenia


Slovenia is an awesome travel country full of first class nature spots including deep virgin forests, high mountains, enchanting lakes, crystal clear rivers and impressive waterfalls. Above all, amongst nature lovers, the waterfalls in Slovenia are known for their incredible wild beauty. There are around 300 waterfalls in Slovenia to explore and so it’s not easy to choose where to go. In this article we are going to share with you the ones most worth seeing

So let’s explore the breath-taking waterfalls in Slovenia. Here is our list of the 7 top waterfalls in Slovenia:


Pericnik Waterfall

With a ten minutes’ walk from the parking this 52-meters waterfall is easy to reach and without special effort you have the chance to visit one of the most powerful waterfalls in Slovenia. You can walk very close and actually you can even walk behind the falls, which is an incredible experience. In any case, you will be amazed by the immense power and the dramatic location. The Pericnik waterfall can be visited all year round and also in winter when the waterfall freezes an excursion is highly recommended.

Entrance fee: Parking fee at Pericnik Waterfall is 2 Euros for three hours and the entrance is free.

Walking distance: 10 minutes’ walk from the parking lot.


Savica Waterfall

Without a doubt, the Savica Waterfall with a height of 78 meters is one of the most popular ones in Slovenia. The water originates in the Triglav Lakes Valley. At the base of the falls the water is crystal clear and the incredible green emerald color amazes visitor from all over the world. Because of the crowds, we highly recommend a visit in the early morning. At that time of day you are going to have this magical scenery for you own. The Slap Savica is conveniently located near Bohinje and Lake Bled, so if you are around, you better not miss this nature juwel.

Entrance Fee: At Savica Waterfall you have to pay 3 Euros entrance fee and 3 Euros for the parking lot.

Walking distance: From the main parking, a 20 minutes’ walk on more than 500 stairs will lead you up to the fall and the viewing platform

Boka Waterfall

The Boka Waterfall has an overall fall of incredible 144 meters, with a single fall of 106m. Already from afar you can see this impressive fall! The waterfall is really huge and powerful, and it looks like it’s coming directly out of the mountain. What makes the fall so special is the sheer height of its sources and the fact that the water falls over the edge almost immediately after rising from the underground. Boka Waterfall is the highest Slovenian waterfall and absolutely a must-visit.

Entrance fee: None

Walking distance: 15 Minutes steep walk to the first viewing platform.


Virje Waterfall

The Virje Waterfall is situated near Bovec and is known as one of the best attractions in that region. Somehow, the fall with its incredible green colors looks a bit like out of a fairy tale and the place itself has a truly tranquil atmosphere. Also, if you like, you can actually try to swim inside the green pool next to the 12 meter high fall.

Entrance fee: None

Walking distance: 1 hour walk from Bovec or an easy 5 minutes’ walk from the parking lot down to the falls.


Kozjak Waterfall

The Kozjak Waterfall with 15 meter may not be the highest waterfall in Slovenia but, and that’s for sure, one of the most impressive ones. Already the hike to the fall is mind-blowing! The ambient of the hiking trail leading towards the waterfall is just spectacular: A deep forest with narrow high walls and stunning rocks make this place so special. The impressive waterfall with its beautiful pool is one of the top waterfalls in Slovenia and definitely a must-see!

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Entrance fee: Entrance is free, parking fee approx. 3 Euros.

Walking distance: 1 hour comfortable walk from the town Kobarid or 20 minutes’ walk from the parking lot 150 meters after the Napoleon Bridge near Kamp Koren.

Sum Waterfall

The magnificent Sum Waterfall is located inside one of the most popular Gorges in Slovenia, the Vintgar Gorge near Lake Bled. Beautiful small trails, wooden bridges and narrow passages leading the visitors to the breath-taking Sum Waterfall. With a height of 16 m the Sum waterfall is the highest fluvial waterfall in Slovenia and for sure one of the best waterfalls to visit.

Entrance fee: A visit to the Vintgar Gorge cost 4 Euros, parking is for free.

Walking distance: A pleasurable 45 minutes’ walk starting from the Gorge entrance.


Rinka Waterfall

The Rinka Waterfall is located at the alpine valley of Logarska Dolina near the Austrian border. It falls over a steep wall and with 105 meters it is the second highest waterfall in Slovenia. The waterfall itself can be visited in all seasons of the year and in the winter the fall is a popular place for ice-climbers.

Entrance fee: none

Walking distance: A short 15 minutes’ walk starting from the parking lot to the base of the waterfall.

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