Tolmin Gorge, Slovenia: Info, Tips & Photo Spots

The Tolmin Gorge in Slovenia, which is one of the top nature sights in the Soca Valley area, is the lowest entrance to the Triglav National Park. Remarkable is that two rivers, the Tolminkav River and the Zadlascica River shaped the gorge to one of the deepest and most spectacular ones in Slovenia. The 2 km walk through the Tolmin Gorges is not too long but in that short amount of time visitors get a few amazingly beautiful spots along the trail: Bear`s Head, The Devils Bridge, Dantes Cave and the thermal spring.

In general the circular walk through the breathtaking Tolmin Gorges is going to take you about 1 ½ hours. Starting point is the ticket office from where a small trail leads you inside the Gorge. Take a free map from the office to make sure to see all the great natural attractions inside.

The Tolmin Gorge trail offers really dramatic views down to the waters. Visitors are going to walk on a small path just next to the high rocky walls. Whereby, some parts of the gorge are even 60 meters high and the cool waters are incredible emerald blue. Surely, you will be enchanted by all this breathtaking natural beauty!

Under the Devils Bridge, there is a small thermal spring with a temperature around 20°C. By comparison the temperature of the Tolminka River is only 5-9 °C. That part of the Gorge is really scenic and remarkable so don`t forget to bring your cam with you: The path leads through some tunnels, next to the 60 meters high rocks, which was just marvelous.

A bit further on, the trail gets a little more strenuous and visitors have to hike a few stairs up to the other part of the gorge where the Bears Head can be found. A large rock stuck inside the walls of the canyon. Form the two viewing platforms you are going to have an awesome look over the canyon and the very rich green vegetation. Further on is the Dante`s cave which can only be visited during guided tours.

The final part of the Tolmin Gorge trail takes you across the dizziness inducing Devils Bridge. If you dare, have a look down to the river – the view is just incredible! By the way, the name Devils Bridge is quite common in Slovenia: Bridges that leading over a dangerous narrow hollow bear that name.

Things to do near the Tolmin Gorge

If you are around the Tolmin area you should consider a visit to the awesome Javorca Memorial Church of the Holy Spirit

How to get to Tolmin Gorge

The parking slot is located just next to the entrance and the Gorge can be easily reached from the town Tolmin (5 Minutes by car). In July/August a shuttle service  from Tolmin town – Tolmin Gorge is arranged.

Duration:  All in all the 2 km long hike takes around 1 hour plus, depending on your level of fitness and how many stops you take. Actually plan longer, there are plenty of photo opportunities.

Entrance Fee: 5 Euro for adults and the parking is for free.


Where to stay at Tolmin Gorge?

The best option for staying is the town Tolmin. In this place you are going to find plenty of apartment options.

Another option to stay for the night is the town Kobarid which is only 15 kilometres away from the Gorge. Also, the village of Most Na Soci (6 kilometres) you will find some apartments.


Tip: A very lovely place to stay is the Apartments Volce, located in Tolmin. This accommodation has a beautiful swimming pool and a wonderful mountain view!

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