Travel Kettle: 7 Best Electric Kettles for Travel

A travel electric kettle is a really useful travel item if you can’t be without your favorite hot drinks while on vacation, camping and traveling. But also baby food, mild and instant meals can be warmed up in a convenient way. These mini travel kettles are extra small and light, some are even foldable so that they fit in any luggage and suitcase. Basically, these portable kettles work in the same way as normal kettles, but with around 0.5 – 0.8 liters, they have much less capacity.

In this blog article, we summarized the top recommendations for the best travel kettles in 2022. Also, we will share useful tips and information why a portable kettle can be helpful, which help you find your perfect mini kettle.


Which Travel Kettle is the best?

You want to buy a travel kettle, but you don’t exactly know which qualities a perfect mini kettle should have? Here are the most important things to consider before buying:

  • Capacity & Size: A typical travel kettle has a volume of around 0.5 liters. That’s enough to make 2–3 cups of hot tea or coffee. Larger kettles would need a lot more space in the case.
  • Power: A travel electric kettle usually has less power than a conventional kettle. It often takes a few minutes to boil up. If you don’t want to wait that long, you should compare the power (watts) of the products beforehand.
  • Shape and material: In general, good mini kettles are either made of plastic, silicone or stainless steel. Glass kettles are easier to damage, so they are not the best choice for traveling. Foldable kettles are always made of silicone so that they can be folded up to a mini pack size.
  • Travel kettle for the car: If you travel a lot by car, you can also look for a travel kettle for the cigarette lighter. These kettles take longer (typically around 15 minutes) but are handy if you don’t want to miss out on your coffee on the road.


The Best Travel Kettles 2022


Portable Electric Kettle 0.5L Stainless Steel 

Travel Kettle - Portable Electric Kettle

The portable kettle by Eglaf has a capacity of 0.5L, which makes it easy to carry it around during leisure or traveling. This electric travel kettle is made of stainless steel on the inside and has no plastic component in the area where it gets into contact with water. Also, this kettle is easy to clean and with 800-Watt fast-boiling. For safety, it has an auto-shut off and boil-dry protection function that ensures its safe use. All in all, this mini kettle is perfect for traveling, for camping but also for the office!

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Travel Foldable Electric Kettle

The foldable kettle by Brentwood is perfect to take along on your trips. With this travel kettle, you can boil up to 0,8 liters of water and after, you can just fold it and store it away. It features a dual voltage for compatibility wherever your adventures will lead you. This foldable kettle is made of strong food-grade silicone, which safely resists high temperatures. Due to its material, it is also very light and thus perfect for longer trips and backpacking.

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Travel Electric Kettle – Suitable for Cooking

Travel Kettle - Portable Electric Kettle

The small kettle by CMDREAM has a mini size and a capacity of 0.5 liters. The travel water kettle is made of stainless steel, and with a power of 800 watts, it will only take about 5 minutes to boil water, safely and fast. Really cool is the multi-function that this travel kettle is equipped with: You can use it to boil water, but also to cook eggs, heat milk, cook noodles etc. It is very suitable for camping and traveling. All in all, a small and powerful travel companion to brew your coffee or tea.

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Silicone Travel Foldable Electric Kettle

Travel Kettle - Foltable Electric Kettle

The LOUTYTUO travel kettle is really great if you want to save a lot of space while traveling. This foldable travel kettle is ideal for backpacking trips and longer tours because the small packing size is just fantastic. When folded, this mini-small kettle is only 1.49 x 1.39 x 5 cm in size. The power cord and handle can be removed. Another advantage is the 110V / 220V dual voltage, which means you can use this kettle worldwide.

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Electric Kettle for Car Cigarette Lighter

 The Spardar kettle is the ideal travel kettle for the car. This travel gadget is particularly handy for longer journeys and trips by car or camper. Connected to the cigarette lighter, it boils water in 10–16 minutes. So you can make yourself tea and coffee on the go, but also instant noodles and soups. High-quality, scratch-resistant stainless steel is used as the material for the inner and exterior walls.

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Electric Water Kettle – Budget Price

Travel Kettle - Portable Electric Kettle

Although the travel water kettle by Bodum is one of the cheaper travel electric kettles, it is still an effective and efficient way to boil the exact amount of water (water scale) needed in minutes; perfect for up to 4 cups of Coffee, tea and instant noodles. The unexposed heating element is tucked away at the bottom and allows you to safely place your water kettle on any surface.

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Dual Voltage Foldable Travel Electric Kettle

Travel Kettle - Foltable Electric KettleThe foldable kettle by Lyty is easy to fold and store away. The heating plate and kettle lid are made of durable stainless steel. The body is made of silicone (FDA free) and can be folded to a mini size. It has dual voltage 110v~240v with no need to manually switch the volt. Really great is the variable temperature. That means you can set temperatures like boil (100℃), coffee (92℃) and milk (42℃). Another advantage is that this high-quality product has 5 stage protections. It is a long-lasting mini kettle for your trips.

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Conclusion: A perfect travel kettle is handy, small, and easy to store. It takes up only a little space and can be taken anywhere. Despite its small size, you can easily prepare tea, coffee or hot water for instant dishes. It is often used for camping, but also globetrotters and frequent travelers swear by these useful travel items on their trips.

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