7 Best Packing Cubes for Travel | 2022

Packing cubes are really useful travel essentials for your trips around the world. These so-called travel cubes ensure the best order in your suitcase, in your backpack or travel bag. They protect your laundry from dirt and moisture and your clothes will also stay without many wrinkles and, thus, they spare you from annoying ironing after your arrival. In addition, there are also packing cubes with compression, which have a great space-saving effect. That is another advantage for all globetrotters and backpackers planning to go on longer trips. But which are the best packing cells currently on the market, and which packing cubes are most recommended?

This blog article is a review of the best and cheapest packing cubes. In addition, we give you practical tips of why to use them and show you why packing cubes are worth your money.

Why packing cubes are helpful?

Packing cubes are very useful packing systems that make packing and organizing your luggage easier. These ingenious luggage organizers usually come in a set, in cube form and in many sizes. They are the alternative to chaos and mess, whether in a suitcase or in a backpack. Many globetrotters use packing cubes for backpacking or longer trips, but also on a city trip, on a beach holiday, cruise or on a business trip because they can be really useful! They are made of sturdy materials, usually polyester or nylon and a good packing cube is always very light. Many of these packing cells are washable and are equipped with a ventilation system that protects your clothes from unpleasant odors.


The Best Packing Cubes 2022


Travel Packing Cubes | Different Colors

Packing Cubes for TravelThe luggage organizer by Gonex is the ideal accessory for traveling. This packing cube is available in different colors; it is super cheap and really lightweight. The set consists of six items, one large bag (44 x 33 x 9 cm), one medium bag (35 x 25 x 9 cm), three small bags (23 x 10 x 9 cm) and a laundry bag (46 x 33 cm). In addition, each travel cube has a handle – perfect for separate transport as hand luggage. A net at the top provides insight into the contents and good ventilation.

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Compression Packing Cubes

Packing Cubes Compression

The travel cubes by TRIPPED Travel Gear help you to pack your clothes for upcoming trips around the world. These packing organizers compress your clothes and eliminate wasted space. The set comes with six items to keep different outfits in separate storage. Backpackers love this travel cubes, because they are ultra-lightweight and long-lasting, as well as more reliable than nylon alternatives. They are perfect travel accessories for your next hike, beach holiday, camping trip or backpacking trip around the world.

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Shacke Pak | 4 Set Packing Cubes

Packing Travel Organizer - Cubes

The packing cubes by Shacke Pak are made with high-quality water-resistant nylon material to withstand the wear and tear of traveling. The set comes in four different luggage cube sizes and one laundry bag, perfect for storing dirty clothes at the end of the trip. They have a double stitching, which creates a strong, reinforced lid. Your clothes will be less wrinkled and they don’t get crumpled during your travels.

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4 Piece Packing Travel Organizers

Packing Travel Organizer - CubesThe packing cubes by AmazonBasics come in a four-piece set with a narrow (35.6 x 12.7 x 7.1 cm), small (27.9 x 17.5 x 7.6 cm), medium (34.9 x 24.7 x 7.6 cm) and large (44.5 x 32.4 x 8.25 cm) cube. These packing cubes can be washed easily with hand wash and they dry really fast. It is a perfect low-priced basic set for your next trip!

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Compression Packing Cubes Set | Different Colours

Compression Packing Cubes - Travel

This chic compression packing cube set by Gonex does not only look fantastic, but it also guarantees maximum space-saving on your journey or your backpacking trip. Especially during backpacking and also on longer trips, it can be a big advantage. Also great is the water-repellent material made of nylon, which, in addition is tear-resistant and dirt-repellent. The set can be ordered in three or four parts and in different beautiful colors.

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Packing Cubes Set |3 Various Sizes

Packing Cubes for TravelThe travel cubes by Bagail convince with a high-quality nylon fabric with finished interior seams to increase durability. These six item set comes in different sizes and many colors and the different bags fit in most hand luggage, backpacks and day bags. This luggage cubes promise a good quality with no broken zippers and no weak stitching. One of the best reviewed travel cubes to buy!

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Compression Packing Cubes | Different Sets

Compression Packing Cubes - Travel

The travel cubes set by Gonex includes six different items and sizes. The material is really soft and smooth and ventilates with mesh cloth. These compression packing cubes help you to save lots of space that is probably needed for longer trips. A webbing handle makes it portable and it can even be used as hand luggage. They are awesome packing organizers with an amazing design, perfect for any kind of travel.

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Packing Cubes – Worth the Money?

In our experience, packing cubes get a definite YES – they are worth the money. Here are the most important facts why these luggage cubes are useful while traveling:

  • Packing cubes are the most important travel items that help you to keep your backpack and suitcases organized.
  • They save space, which is especially important for backpackers and long-term travelers
  • Wet or dirty clothes can be stored separately from fresh laundry. Your fresh clothes stay fresh and won’t get smelly.
  • Excess baggage fee at the airport will no longer be a problem, because a packing cube can simply wander into your hand luggage.
  • Compression packing cubes make your luggage much more compact and save extra space
  • You save time unpacking the case and you do not have to rummage through the entire travel backpack to reach something buried on the ground.
  • Water-repellent packing cells protect your clothes even from moisture.

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