Szechenyi Baths: Best Guide to the Thermal Bath!

The Szechenyi Baths in Budapest is a breathtakingly beautiful historical thermal bath and, with 18 pools, one of the largest spas in Hungary. The warm medicinal water comes from a natural source and is known for its healthy and healing effects. Located in the city park of Budapest, these unique baths and pools enchant with lots of nostalgic charm. The wonderfully bright yellow colors and the modern Renaissance style are a true eye-catcher and a popular photo opportunity for visitors from all over the world. Not least because of this, the bath house is now one of the most interesting places in the city. For many a visit, the Szechenyi Thermal Bath is one of the best things to do in Budapest.

In this guide, we have summarized all the important information about the Szechenyi Baths. In addition, we show you amazing pictures and give tips on prices, tickets, opening hours and how to get there.


The Szechenyi Baths in Budapest

Built between 1909 and 1913, the exceptionally beautiful Szechenyi Thermal Spa is more than 100 years old and today, in addition to the Gellert Bath, it is the most famous spa in Budapest. The bath gets it waters from Saint Stephen spring, whose hot water is rich in calcium, magnesium, hydrogen carbonate, sodium and sulfate, fluoride and metaboric acid. It is mainly used for medical treatments of inflammatory diseases and joint complaints. Over the years, the charming thermal bath was constantly renewed and expanded. Today there are 15 indoor swimming pools in the interior of the Szechenyi Bath, and in the beautiful outdoor area you will find another 3 large pools. Also treatments such as massages, cosmetics, and other wellness offers can be enjoyed in the Szechenyi Thermal Bath.

The Outdoor Area

The ultimate highlight of the Szechenyi Spa is the beautiful outdoor area. This can be visited throughout the year, whether summer or winter time. Here you can enjoy a truly wonderful nostalgic ambience, and the yellow colors of the spa give an incredibly amazing contrast with the blue swimming pools. The 3 outdoor pools have different temperatures, while in the warmest pool, locals love to relax with a game of chess. In the warmer months you can enjoy while sunbathing on sunbeds, in winter you will have an atmospheric flair while swimming in the steaming healing water.

The best time to visit the Szechenyi Spa is in the early morning and in the morning. At this time of day, the atmosphere in the outside area is tranquil. Later, at noon, it gets more and more crowded. At night (from 8:00 pm) it is usually not too busy.

Ones who needs a little refreshment, gets at the Spa-Café delicious cakes, drinks, and small cold snacks and hot food for a reasonable price. While having a coffee or a beer, the restaurant terrace offers beautiful views of the historic spa. At Szechenyi Baths is drinking alcohol allowed and many enjoy their cold beer after soaking inside the hot water.

If you like to party, you should visit the thermal bath in summer. During the summer months, frequently on Saturdays, the Szechenyi Thermal Baths regularly host huge pool parties. Then the nostalgic outdoor area turns into one of the city’s ultimate, best party venues.

Tip: Unfortunately, you have no time to swim, but still want to take a look at the picturesque bath and pools? Every day at 10:30 am and 4:00 pm there are short 20-minutes guided tours through the Szechenyi Thermal Baths.

Szechenyi Thermal Bath form inside

The inside of the spa is huge. Somehow, it is almost possible to get lost in this labyrinth of about 15 pools with different temperatures, different steam baths and saunas. In the past, men and women still bathed separately in their departments. Nowadays, there is mixed bathing. For the dress code, it’s compulsory to wear swimwear. And please keep in mind bringing your flip-flops! Wearing a bathing cap is a must only in the cold swimming pools, in all the hot tubs of the Szechenyi bath you won’t need them.

If you fancy more relaxation, just treat yourself to a nice massage, but also pedicure and beauty treatments are offered. As a small highlight, a bit hidden in the interior, a beer spa waiting for you. In the “Thermal Beer Spa” of the Szechenyi bath, you can relax alone or in pairs in a mixture of medicinal water, hops, beer yeast and beer bath salts.

Tip: You forgot your bathing suits, swimming trunks or bikini? No problem, at the entrance there is swimwear for rent. Also Bath towels and bathrobes can be rented here.

How to get to Szechenyi Bath

The Szechenyi Bath is located in the northeast of Budapest, more precisely in the Városliget (City Park) and can easily be reached from the city center by bus or metro. Directly in front of the bath is the metro station Széchenyi Fürdő (yellow line M1).

Opening Hours & Entrance Fee

The Entrance fee to the Szechenyi Spa is, compared to many other spas, relatively moderate. In the evening and for the morning hours, there are discounts. The ticket includes both, the inside area, the sauna and the outside bathing area.

A regular ticket costs on average around 25.00 euros per day, depending on whether you choose a ticket with cabin or only with locker use. If you have luggage with you, it’s recommended to book yourself a ticket with cabin use.

The Szechenyi bath is open all year around. The opening hours are from Monday to Sunday from 06:00 am to 10:00 pm. Some pools in the indoor open only until 7:00 pm, but the wonderful outdoor area can be used until night at 10:00 pm.

Tip: You can book your online tickets for the Szechenyi bath online. The big advantage – you can skip the line!


Hotels around Szechenyi Thermal Bath

Unfortunately, the Thermal Bath does not have an own hotel. If you would like to combine wellness with sightseeing in Budapest, then we can recommend a few accommodations near the Szechenyi Spa. Here are our tips for the most beautiful places to stay nearby:

  • Historic Hotel: The Mirage Medic Hotel is a beautiful 19th century house just 600 meters from the bath. It is recommended because of the optimal location and the lovely rooms.
  • Boutique Hotel: The small, cool boutique Hotel Park & ​​Art Mini Boutique Hotel is around 15 minutes’ walk from the spa. This hotel has a great atmosphere and good transport links to the city center.
  • Top holiday Apartment: The Heroes’ Residence is a super nice apartment near the spa. Above all, the facilities, the private parking and the perfect location make this apartment a top recommendation for Budapest.

Find the best accommodation in Budapest:

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