20 Amazing Things to Do in Mostar (Bosnia & Hercegovina)

The city Mostar in Bosnia and Hercegovina is, with around 113,000 inhabitants, one of the largest cities in the country and its picturesque old town, with its countless attractions, is one of the most beautiful places in the Balkans. Famous for the old bridge of Mostar “Stari Most”, which spans the river Neretva, and for the daring bridge jumper, countless visitors flock to visit this charming town. In addition to these great highlights, many more ingenious things to do in Mostar and awesome possibilities for excursions around are waiting for you. In our experience, enough to spend a few days in this wonderful multicultural city.

This travel guide is all about a perfect visit to Mostar. Here, you will read everything about what to do in Mostar, the best activities and attractions in town. We show some wonderful pictures, and you will get plenty of information and tips about where to stay, the best restaurants, shopping and how to get there. A perfect Mostar itinerary for an unforgettable visit!

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You can visit the city of Mostar all year round. Really charming is the city in spring or autumn, when there is a little less going on and also the temperatures are pleasant.

One day in Mostar is just enough to explore the main attractions. Staying longer is worth it because there are also beautiful destinations to visit in the surrounding area.

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The Best Things to Do in Mostar

There are some really amazing things to do in Mostar. In addition to the famous Mostar old bridge “Stari Most” and the bridge jumpers, there are beautiful mosques, old Ottoman townhouses, an oriental bazaar, interesting museums and breathtaking viewpoints to discover. Almost all the best attractions are located very centrally in the middle of the historic old town and therefore easy to explore on foot.

Stari Most (The Old Bridge of Mostar)

Undoubtedly, the most famous landmark of the city is the picturesque Old Bridge of Mostar, the “Stari Most”, which is historically considered a symbol of the connection between Christianity and Islam. Built in 1566, the bridge was destroyed in 1993 during the Bosnian War. Rebuilt after the war, not least as a sign of the reunification of the people, today this bridge is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Stari Most is the most important attraction in Mostar and a real visitor magnet. Tourists from all over the world walk over the bridge and marvel at the unbelievably beautiful panorama from the top of the old town.

The Old Town & Markets in Mostar

Well worth seeing and another attraction of Mostar is the old bazaar in Kujundziluk, one of the oldest districts of the old town. With more than 500 shops, the bazaar used to be the center of the business community throughout the whole region. Today you can enjoy a pedestrian area with plenty of oriental flair, you stroll past souvenir stalls, filigree crafts, oriental lamps and beautiful galleries. With a bit of luck, you may discover antiques or, now and then, even curious things from the war. In between, at every corner there are plenty of good restaurants, but also cozy cafés which serve delicious Bosnian coffee.

Watching a Bridge Jump

Another best thing to do in Mostar is to watch a bridge jump. The Mostar bridge has a height of more than 20 meters and during the day you can admire daring local bridge jumpers who plunge into the cold Neretva River. The best way to watch this spectacle is on top of the bridge or down from the riverbank. Of course, the jumpers don’t jump completely free: After they have collected a certain amount of money (around €50), you will have the chance to watch a famous Mostar bridge jump!

Tip: Some tourist also would love to jump from Mostars bridge. For those, the Mostars bridge divers club offers a training. This costs around 35 euros, followed by a jump from the 20-meter-high bridge.

Don’t Forget Stone

This small stone with the inscription Don’t Forget, stands on the east side of Mostar, not far from the bridge. It reminds visitors of the sad history of the city, the terrible Bosnian war. At that time, not only the famous bridge of Mostar was destroyed, but also the city was divided into a Croatian-western and a Bosniak-eastern part. Neighbors became enemies, and many of the locals lost friends and family in the war. Thus, the Don’t Forget Stone is intended to serve every visitor as a monument to the tragic past of this city.

Koski Mehmed Pasa Mosque

The Koski Mehmed Pasa Mosque is one of the largest and most important mosques in Mostar. This beautiful attraction was built in 1557 and completed in 1618. It is located on the east, on a rock above the Neretva River. From the terrace you have a beautiful view of the old town and of course the bridge of Mostar. Even non-believers have the opportunity to visit this beautiful mosque from the inside. In the courtyard is a stunning-covered fountain (Sadrvan), which is even considered to be the oldest in Herzegovina. Also from the inside, the Koski Mehmed Pasa Mosque is a real highlight and shines with beautiful wall decorations and carpets.

Tip: If you dare, it is possible to visit the minaret of the mosque by climbing a steep and narrow spiral staircase. Up there, one can enjoy the most beautiful views on Mostar and the famous bridge from above.

Visit a Museum

Inside the old part of Mostar there are some very interesting museums to explore. Especially recommended is the Museum of War and Genocide Victims 1992-1995. This museum should be visited by anyone who wants to travel through Bosnia and learn more about the war. Right next to Mostar Bridge is the War Photo Exhibition, a very interesting photo exhibition by the New Zealand photojournalist Wade Goddard, who documented the war and the destruction of the city.

Kriva Cuprija (The Crooked Bridge)

The Kriva Cuprija, also known as the Crooked Bridge is one of the most beautiful squares in the city. This attraction is located very close to the Old Bridge and is one of the secret gems of Mostar. Not many tourists get lost here – so a real insider tip! Together with the Hotel-Restaurant Kriva Ćuprija and the Crooked Bridget, it offers a unique ambience, and many come here to shoot beautiful pictures. In addition, the Kriva Ćuprija Hotel is an insider tip among the best accommodations in the city. On a stay, you will experience a truly unique location.

Spanish Square

The Spanish Square is located on the western side of Mostar. This little square was built to commemorate the Spanish soldiers who fell in the war. Just behind the square is the green city park. On the other side of the Spanish Square is the beautiful high school, the United World College, which Croatian, Bosniak and Serbian children allows attending a school together. Opposite the Spanish Square is another interesting building, the Snipper Tower of Mostar. This former bank is a remnant of the Bosnian War, which was then used by snipers as a point of view.

Biscevic House & Kajtaz House

The Bescevic House (Bišćevića kuća) is a beautiful Turkish house built as early as 1635. This traditional Ottoman building can be visited, and one gets a picture of the life of earlier times. On a tour of the premises of this small attraction, it feels like 1001 nights. Breathtakingly beautiful is the view from the living room on the river landscape and the many beautiful oriental details. Worthwhile is also a visit to the Kajtaz house. Again here, for a little entrance fee you can stroll through the old rooms and get from the owner a little guide and a lot of inside information about the former living conditions and the life of the Kajtaz family.

Karadozbeg Mosque

Another very interesting mosque is the Karadozbeg Mosque. Outside the prayer times, it can be visited from inside. Interesting is the courtyard with the fountain and the old tombstones. Daring ones also have the opportunity to climb the high minaret of the Karadozbeg Mosque.

Lucki Most Viewpoint

The two sides (west and east) of Mostar are connected by a few bridges. On a walk through the old town, you should definitely make a detour to the Lucki Most bridge. Here is one of the most beautiful viewpoints of the city. At Lucki Most you can enjoy a wonderful panorama of the Stari Most bridge, the river and the old town.

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Kriz na Hum (Mostar City Lookout Point)

One of the best views of Mostar City and the mountains can be enjoyed from the cross at Hum Mountain (Kriz na Hum). Already down at the city, you can see the mighty white cross, which towers 412 meters above Mostar. The easiest way to get there is by car on the well-developed road to the summit. Theoretically, you can also walk this way up, but it is less special! Once at the top, next to the huge white cross, a fantastic panorama awaits you, and you can get a good overview of the huge size of the city.

Things to do around Mostar

But also in the area around the city, you can expect plenty of unique things to do. No wonder that this town is a popular stop for some of the best road trips in Europe! The most popular tourist attraction from Mostar is the nearby Blagaj and the Dervish monastery “Tekija”, which is probably one of the most spectacular religious sites in Bosnia. But also the impressive Kravice waterfalls and the place of pilgrimage Medjugorje are highly recommended for a trip from Mostar. We have compiled the top places to visit around Mostar here:

Blagaj Monastery

The Blagaj Monastery is located only about 13 kilometers from Mostar and is one of the country’s most famous attractions. Although the monastery (Dervish House) alone is worth a visit, but especially the environment is simply overwhelmingly beautiful. Located directly on a huge rock face on the Buna River, it’s a place where to enjoy the panorama all day long. Downstream are some restaurants where you can have delicious lunch right on the water.

Tip: The source of the Buna springs is in the cave below the nearly 200-meter-high rock face. The cave next to the monastery can also be accessed by boat (2 euros per person).


Another popular spot for excursions from Mostar is definitely Medjugorje. This Christian pilgrimage site is around 25 kilometers away and can easily be explored on a day trip. The place gained fame by the many Marian apparitions, which are still not formally accepted by the church. Some spend several days there to absorb the magical atmosphere and explore the surrounding area, such as the Kravice waterfall.

Tip: If you are planning a stopover in Medjugorje, we can recommend the Hotel Leone.

Kravice Waterfalls

The Kravice Waterfalls are located about 40 kilometers from Mostar and are one of the absolute best nature attractions in Bosnia. Embedded in a beautiful forest landscape, you can admire thunderous waterfalls. The height of the Kravice waterfalls varies between 26 and 28 meters and descend over a slope about 120 meters wide. As an extra highlight, bathing at the waterfalls is allowed and so you can cool off wonderfully in the hot summer days.

Where to eat in Mostar

Firstly, the food in Mostar is just outstanding! In the middle of the old town are plenty of very good and cheap restaurants. We especially enjoyed the food in Tima Irma because this restaurant grills the most delicious Bosnian specialties. If you are in Mostar, you should definitely try cevapcici, grilled minced meat rolls. You are veggie? Here is a list of some fantastic restaurants in Mostar for vegans or vegetarians! Furthermore, plenty of good cafés are in town. Here you should absolutely taste Bosnian coffee or Caj, the typical Turkish tea.

Flights to Mostar

Although Mostar has its own airport, you won’t find any suitable flight from Europe. It is better to book a flight to Sarajevo or to Croatia, for example to Split or Dubrovnik. Really Cheap flights can be found on various online flight portals such as Skyscanner.

Day Trips From Croatia to Mostar

If you cannot travel to Mostar on your own, there is still the possibility to join a guide day trip from Croatia. Guided tours are usually offered by the larger tourism regions such as Dubrovnik, Split, but also by Sarajevo in Bosnia Hercegovina. Mostar Tours with great reviews can be found online at for example, GetyourGuide.


Where to Stay in Mostar

Many are wondering how many days to spend in Mostar. Well, if you want to see the beautiful old town and the sights of the area, then it is worth spending 2 or even 3 nights in the city. The old town offers some really lovely accommodations. Here are our recommendations for Mostar’s top recommended places to stay:

  • Hotel in the best location: The Hotel-Restaurant Kriva Ćuprija is located in a listed limestone house, next to the Crooked Bridge, and offers a unique ambience.
  • Historic building with charm: The unique Hotel Museum Muslibegovic House is a unique mix of museum and hotel with luxurious rooms.
  • Hotel with Rooftop Terrace: The Shangri La Mansion has a good location, great rooms and amazing views from the rooftop terrace.
  • Budget Accommodation: The Villa Acapulco offers lovely studio apartments in a great location. The rooms are very clean, newly furnished and at an unbeatable price.


Conclusion: The old town of Mostar enchants with an incredible charm and many beautiful things to do. But there are also many interesting things to discover in the area around. This city is one of the top highlights in the Balkans and a must visit for any Bosnia & Herzegovina itinerary! 

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