Green Lake (Gruener See) in Austria, Tragoess: summer & winter


The Green Lake (Gruener See) in Austria, Tragoess is one of the most beautiful panoramic nature spots in Styria: Surrounded by the Hochschwab Mountains and located in a deep forest, the Green Lake is the perfect spot for nature lovers. It’s a pleasure to stroll around the picturesque emerald green lake and enjoy this incredible stunning landscape from one of the wooden benches nearby the water front.

Starting from the parking spot, follow the footpaths in direction to the Green Lake (Gruener See). Shortly, you will pass the first of the small lakes around, the Pfarrerlacke – and you will get a first impression of the immense beauty of this area. Surely, the Green Lake is the most beautiful lake in this place, but also take your time to enjoy the other smaller lakes, like the Pfarrerlacke and the Kreuzteich nearby.

Visiting the Green Lake in Austria is in each time of the year possible and the scenery literally changes with the seasons:


Green Lake/Austria in summer time

When the temperature rises and the ice is melting from the surrounding mountains, the lake gets filled up with water. In this time of the year this lake is changing in a dramatically green/turquoise color and lots of visitors are coming to see this gorgeous beauty. Moreover, the area is also called “the Caribbean of the Hochsteiermark”.

Don`t forget to take a blanket with you, there are lots of beautiful places next to the lake which are inviting you to have a relaxing picnic! It’s also lovely to walk around the lake, from the parking lot the whole tour will take approximately 1 hour.  If you are up for some hiking, some great trails are starting from there too.


Green Lake/Austria in winter time

In winter this area becomes a small winter wonderland. The winter perspective is totally different compared to the summer one, there is less water inside the lake and the area is really calm. The lake appears as a mythic and crystal clear spot – the vibe is amazing there. If you are lucky you will even have the whole lake for yourself ;). Because of the low water level you can easily walk around the lake and enjoy the scenery.

For the sportive ones: There is a beautiful cross country ski track starting just next to the parking spot. The route is about 14,5 km long with a wonderful panoramic scenery and you will skate next to the Kreuzteich.

How to get to the Green Lake (Gruener See), Tragoess ?

Best way to go there is by car to Tragoess:

  • 35 min from Bruck/Mur
  • 50 min from Leoben
  • 1:20 hour drive from Graz
  • 2 hours from Vienna

Parking is 4 Euro/day. The Entrance to the green lake is for free and there are no opening hours.

Where to eat at the Green Lake?

We recommend to eat at the “Gasthaus zur Post” inside the village of Tragoess. Traditional tasty Austrian kitchen with appropriate prices.

Where to stay?

In Tragoess you will find a few basic options to stay for the night. However, if you prefer a hotel you should definately check out the beautiful Falkensteiner Hotel in Leoben. Another possibility is to stay in the cities Bruck/Mur or Kapfenberg.

Find the best Accommodation around Tragoess:

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  1. Superschöne Bilder vom grünen See im Winter! Auch die im Sommer, aber im Winter kenne ich den See selbst nicht, ist schon faszinierend schön!! 🙂
    Lg Sabrina von smilesfromabroad

  2. Loved the blog. Green Lake is beautiful in both the seasons, but to me, I guess I would prefer the one in summer. It looks so beautiful and green. Loved the pictures in this blog.

  3. Wow – Green Lake looks so beautiful. I was in Austria many years ago, but did not visit this area. It truly is a winter wonderland!

  4. Wow, the lake is gorgeous whether in winter or summer. I cannot decide which season I would rather visit this place! Maybe summer though, I hate the cold even though it is beautiful. Btw, that yellow dress is super cute and fits right in with the lush green surroundings.

  5. Followingtherivera Reply

    I’m definitely sold on this gorgeous green lake! It’s great to read it’s free to visit too. Thanks for sharing this beautiful place!

  6. I love Austria and been there a few times but I have never heard of the Gruenersee before. The views from the lakeshore look amazing. Would love to check this place out and see what hiking trails lie nearby.

  7. Wow! You can see why it’s called Green Lake! It’s absolutely stunning 🙂 I have been to Austria, though only for a few days, and that was to Snow Bombing Festival, so I didn’t see much scenery. This place looks amazing though, and handy that you’ve included tips on how to travel there x

  8. This place looks so stunning and thanks so much for detailed guide .. I have been to Austrian and Italian alps .. But missed this place .. Right from a fairy tale

  9. Oh man, glacial lakes – there’s nothing like them. Last time I saw lakes like this was in Banff 🙂 What a stunning set of photos!! Thanks for the amazing inspo.

  10. That is one gorgeous lake! I am sure there are many such hidden gems in Austria that I have never heard about. I was there in December and would’ve loved to visit if I had known. I did not see a lot of gorgeous lakes in the winter time there, and it seems like I missed something really amazing. What a pity! By the way, I love your little yellow summer dress 🙂

  11. Danila Caputo Reply

    We’ve only seen Vienna, but clearly we’ve been missing out! The Green Lake looks so beautiful in Winter, next year we might have to visit!

  12. Wow what a stunning lake! I visited Austria myself last year and found it to be a beautiful country – the mountains and lakes there are wonderful! I love the colours of this lake, you can see why it was named so!

  13. I love that it’s called the Caribbean of that area! Rightfully so with that crystal clear water! I did not have this lake on my radar but thanks to you, now I do!

  14. The Green Lake looks so mesmerizing. The beauty of the lake has a strange mystical quality to it. Your photos have brought alive the ethereal look of the lake in stunning detail What I am awed by is the way the lake assumes a different avatar in winter and summer. If it is beautiful in winter, it looks unbelievably stunning in summer.

  15. I’ve never even heard of Grüner See before but it looks like a stunning part of Austria. I’ve wanted to visit this gorgeous country again for ages now, I’ve only been to Vienna. Your photos are amazing, I especially love the one of you in the yellow dress!

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