Top 7 Beaches on Koh Larn

Koh Larn in Thailand is known for its fabulously beautiful beaches and especially the main beach, the so called Tawaen Beach, is a popular place for day-trippers from Pattaya. And although the island is relatively small, there is a variety of wonderful sandy beaches to enjoy on a holiday. The beaches on Koh Larn impress with white fine sand, a crystal clear sea and the most beautiful turquoise watercolors. A few of the bays are even really quiet and, therefore, the island is the perfect place for a relaxing holiday, away from the hustle and bustle of Pattaya.

In this blog post we will show you the 7 best beaches on Koh Larn. There are also useful tips which help you plan your trip!


Tawaen Beach

The 700-meter-long Tawaen Beach is the main beach on the island and also the largest beach in Koh Larn. Here you can expect a gently sloping snow-white sandy beach and turquoise blue sea like out of a travel magazine. Since both, the ferry and the speed boats from Pattaya dock at Tawaen Beach, this beach is by far the busiest on the island. Beach activities, such as jet skiing, underwater walking and banana boating are offered at every corner along Tawaen Beach. There are also plenty of restaurants and souvenir shops that are customized for the needs of day tourists.

Nevertheless, Tawaen Beach is an absolute dream beach. It is worth visiting in the late afternoon when the day trippers have left the island. Then peace returns and you will enjoy the beauty of the beach to the fullest.

Nual Beach (Monkey Beach)

Nual Beach, better known as Monkey Beach, is located in the very south of Koh Larn and is definitely quieter than the island’s main beach. In the bay you will find a fabulous sandy beach, red rocks, turquoise blue water and, with a little luck, you can also spot some monkeys. A restaurant and a beach bar provide food and drinks. Nual Beach delights with a very wonderful ambience and is without a question one of the best beaches in Koh Larn. Accordingly, it is well attended, but not overcrowded.

Tien Beach

Another TOP beach on the island of Koh Larn is the beautiful Tien Beach in the west of the island. For many, this bright sandy beach is the most beautiful beach in Koh Larn. And really, this bay is heavenly! Things are still really quiet here, perhaps because you cannot reach this dream beach directly by taxi. A 5-minute walk along the coast leads to the beach via a small footbridge. Once you are there, you will enjoy a wonderful panorama, the crystal-clear sea and plenty of space. Tien Beach is also great for snorkeling.

Ta Yai Beach

Ta Yai Beach, often known as Grandparents Beach, is located in the north of the island and is one of the absolutely best beaches in Koh Larn. Here, in the small bay, beautiful watercolors, fine and light sand and a calm and relaxed mood awaits you. Although there are sun chairs and umbrellas, there is still enough space to spread out your own towel. If you like snorkeling, you will also find good spots here to experience the underwater world of Koh Larn. A dream beach that should not be missed on any vacation!

Tip: The sunsets at Ta Yai Beach are just magical and are among the insider tips of the island!

Sang Wan Beach

To the west of Tawaen Beach, right next to Tawaen Pier, a boardwalk leads to Sang Wan Beach. This fine, light sandy beach is an absolute eye catcher and a wonderful place to swim. The small bay is also ideal for snorkeling. Here, the sea is crystal clear and underwater you might be lucky to spot some colorful fish. Especially in the early morning, the beach is still pleasantly calm, but after that the beach crowds steadily.

Samae Beach

Another beautiful and popular beach is Samae Beach in the west of Koh Larn. The long bay offers plenty of space and the clear sea is ideal for swimmers. Here, the sand is a little darker and coarser than on other beaches on the island of Koh Larn. Especially the view from Samae Beach Viewpoint, a pavilion on a hill on the island, is really fascinating. This point can be reached via a few steps at the end of the Samae beach.

Tip: The colorful Xanadu Beach Resort is one of the view beach hotels on Koh Larn!

Tong Lang Beach

Tong Lang Beach is another beautiful beach on Koh Larn. It is located in the north-eastern part of the island and is particularly popular with day trippers coming from Pattaya. A comprehensive beach activities program, such as jet skiing, banana boating and much more awaits you here too. In the afternoon, when the excursion boats leave the beach, there is much more peace and quiet and you can enjoy this wonderful stretch of beach all to yourself.


Best accommodations on Koh Larn

On Koh Larn you will find a small choice of simple hotels, accommodations and bungalows. Especially during the week you can find very cheap room prices. Most of the accommodations are located in the east of the island, in the vicinity of Naban Pier. From here you are very centrally located to explore the most beautiful beaches of Koh Larn.

Budget price resort: The Koh Larn Sea Side Resort, right by the sea, is highly recommended. This resort impresses with clean rooms, beautiful balconies, affordable prices and a breathtaking view of the Pattaya skyline. Cheap scooters can be rented here!

Bungalows with pool: The Nomad impresses with beautiful and modern rooms and a pool with a view to the forest.

Resort: The Blue Sky Resort convinces with an excellent quality and price. The rooms are very lovely and the breakfast is delicious.


Conclusion: The small island of Koh Larn is known for its awesome beaches and also offers some pretty attractions. Due to the proximity to Bangkok and Pattaya, spending a few nights on this dream island really pays off. Above all, it gets really quiet and chilled in the afternoon, and you can enjoy the island almost to yourself.

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