Where to Travel NEXT: Amazing Trips for 2024

Have you already thought about where to go on your next trip? To make it easier for you, we have tried to summarize the most beautiful destinations in the world at a glance. Whether it’s a trip around the world, a city break, a vacation by the sea, a road trip, a yoga trip, adventure or culinary delights – everyone has their own travel ideas and preferences. But above all, with this unique selection of options, it’s hard to decide which country you’d like to travel to. And at the end of each year at the latest, many people ask themselves the same question: which country is a must-see, what are the best places to visit and which destination suits me.

In this article, you will find a comprehensive selection of top travel destinations and vacation destinations. In addition, there are plenty of tips & info that will definitely help you create your personal bucket list!


Fantastic beaches, a breathtaking underwater world, enchanting paradise islands and spectacular landscapes – Indonesia is a guarantee for a beautiful trip! The island nation is huge, and so you should think about where to go before you go on vacation. Hard to believe, but this country consists of more than 17,500 islands with 250 million inhabitants. More than half of the inhabitants live on the island of Java. But Indonesia also has numerous lovely towns to explore, one of them and a real must-see is Yogyakarta on Java Island.

Indonesia is best known for the world-famous island of Bali, arguably one of the most beautiful islands on earth! Enjoy the beaches of Uluwatu and explore the temples and waterfalls of the island. Also the islands of Flores, Nusa Penida and Gili, where you can find probably some of the most beautiful beaches in Indonesia, are an absolute highlight! Indonesia is also known as a diving mecca. One of the most beautiful places for diving is probably Raja Ampat, far away from mass tourism!



Arguably one of the most beautiful travel destinations in North Africa is Tunisia. This country enchants with a breathtakingly relaxed atmosphere, spectacular sights, lots of hospitality and delicious food. Most visitors come for a beach vacation, but do not know that there are so many interesting highlights here. Particularly worth seeing is the capital Tunis, which is also home to the Bardo National Museum. But also the archaeological sites of ancient Carthage, east of Tunis, are particularly interesting.

A visit to the vacation island of Djerba is recommended, where there are beautiful sandy beaches and fantastic hotels. From here you can also make great trips to the Sahara Desert, which is a bit south.

Tunisia ©YU_M-shutterstock.com


Probably one of the most beautiful and at the same time most interesting travel destinations for the coming year is Nepal in Southeast Asia. This country has endless highlights to offer: Grandiose mountain landscapes, exotic folk festivals, exciting culture and religion, and beautiful temple complexes. Not only the world-famous Himalayan mountains, but also the three royal cities like Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Patan attract thousands of tourists from all over the world every year. In addition, the many impressive wooden temples and a very special culture enchant visitors.

Nepal ©Olga Gavrilova-shutterstock.com


The countries of Southeast Asia have always been popular travel destinations, but Laos is sometimes forgotten. It’s a shame because this exotic destination also has some nice surprises in store. Many even call the country an insider tip in Southeast Asia. Especially popular with backpackers, this still inexpensive country is best explored on your own with a backpack. Impressed by the friendliness of the Laotians, there is also a lot to marvel at culturally and scenically. Beautiful temples can be found in the capital Vientiane, which is also a popular starting point for round trips.

Laos ©Guitar photographer-shutterstock.com


Flying to Egypt and the land of the pharaohs is probably one of the most beautiful travel ideas in the world! Popular with seaside vacationers and package tourists, this country has much more to offer than sun, sea and beach. The highlight is definitely the city of Cairo with the pyramids of Giza, probably the most imposing structure in history. Also a Nile cruise should not be missed. You can marvel at the magnificent river landscape and visit interesting sights such as the Valley of the Kings. After an exciting sightseeing tour, many spend a few days or longer at the Black Sea and let themselves be pampered in one of the grandiose 5-star hotels.

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New Zealand

Have you ever been to New Zealand? If not, this year is certainly perfect for it! This country became really famous because of the cult movie “Lord of the Rings”, which was filmed here in the spectacular landscapes of New Zealand. On a New Zealand trip, there are countless great attractions to discover. Wonderful is the South Island of New Zealand, some call it the most beautiful place on Earth! Especially nature lovers will get their money’s worth here.

Among the most impressive natural sights of New Zealand are the Fiordland National Park, the Tasman National Park, the Franz Josef Glacier, the hot springs in Rotorua Geothermal Park and the fantastically beautiful Lake Tekapo. Cities like Auckland and Christchurch should also not be missed during a round trip.

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Hawaii, the wonderful chain of islands in the Pacific Ocean, is the 50th state of the USA and one of the most popular travel destinations. On each of the 8 main Hawaiian islands, there is a lot to experience and discover. For example, a visit to the still-active volcanoes in Volcanoes National Park – an absolute must-see on any holiday to Hawaii, or a visit to Waikiki Beach – one of the most beautiful beaches on the islands. Really unique on any Hawaii itinerary are also the spectacular waterfalls, which can also be found in the Akaka Falls Park.

One of the most amazing places in Hawaii is the Big Island. Here you will find the popular black lava beaches but also some of the best national parks in the USA. But also there are spectacular things to do in Maui: A visit to Kapalua beach, having a surfing class or going whale watching are just a few of the highlights! Check out these fantastic infos about Island Hopping in Hawaii!

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A trip to Australia is definitely one of the best travel suggestions for the coming year! When visiting, one has the opportunity to see stunning cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra and Cairns. There are many overwhelming regions, like South Australia with a diverse region boasting stunning coastal landscapes, renowned wine regions, vibrant cities, and rich Aboriginal heritage. However, the reason why most tourists travel to this beautiful country is certainly to experience the breathtaking natural landscapes and the unique wildlife in one of the 600 national parks. Especially fascinating is the diversity of the regions, which are spread over the whole continent in the most different climatic zones. Thus, in just one country, you can find tropical rainforests, but also deserts, colorful coral reefs, mighty mountains and paradisiacal beaches.

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The Philippines is an absolute dream destination in Asia and a brilliant travel idea if you are looking for an exceptional vacation destination. Uniquely, the Philippines is made up of more than seven thousand islands! The choice of places worth seeing is huge. The capital is Manila, but the highlight is mainly the many paradise islands like Siquijor Island, with snow-white dream beaches that form an absolutely fantastic backdrop. For first-time visitors, the famous vacation destinations such as Boracay Island, Alona Beach and El Nido are recommended. Thanks to the good ferry connections, the Philippines is also a great place to plan a trip with island hopping!

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Another fantastic destination is definitely Vietnam in Southeast Asia. Here you experience great cultural diversity and also have a gigantic selection of fantastic sights. Fantastic nature parks with spectacular landscapes, high mountain ranges, historically important cities like Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Hue, and absolute dream beaches make this travel destination something exceptional. As a highlight of any tour of Vietnam is definitely a cruise through the spectacular Ha Long Bay. It is considered one of the most beautiful sights and impresses with an impressive rocky landscape. Backpacking in Vietnam is the best way to explore this wonderful country and to get some of the most memorable Vietnam experiences. But guided package tours and tours with tour guides are also available!

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Probably one of the most beautiful ideas for a future trip is Morocco! This country impresses with lively bazaars, spectacular mountains, endless desert and lush oases. Among the most important sights of Morocco are the famous royal cities of Marrakech, Fez, Meknes and Rabat. However, there are countless other interesting destinations to explore. The wildly romantic Moroccan coast is also beautiful, with picturesque seaside resorts such as Essaouira and Agadir beckoning. Also not to be missed is the Sahara Desert near Merzouga, where the dunes rise to 200 meters.

Sunset, High Atlas, Gladiator, tourist attraction, must see, viewpoint, Game of Thrones
Ait Ben Haddou – 2 weeks road trip itinerary


You have never been to India? Then this year could be the right time. There is no country like it, and a round trip is an experience that you will not forget in a hurry. Breathtaking highlights are waiting to be discovered. The most popular and probably most interesting destination in India is Rajasthan because here there are countless fantastic places and national parks to discover. Our favorites are the beautiful cities of Udaipur, Jodphur, Jaisalmer and Bikaner! But of course, a visit to Delhi and Agra with the world-famous Taj Mahal should not be missing on any trip through India. Another highlight is the national dishes in India, which will delight especially curry fans.

Another destination worth visiting in India is the south. There are so many Bucket List Experiences in Kerala! Here you can expect a beautiful landscape and a wide range of Ayurveda treatments or a yoga trip to India. And not to forget Goa with the amazing beaches, and the wonderful area around Bangalore!




Portugal is one of the most beautiful destinations in Europe, which can actually be visited all year round. The beautiful country has really a lot to offer both culturally and scenically. One of the most beautiful regions is the Algarve in the south, a real vacation paradise with absolute dream beaches and spectacular cliffs. Especially worth seeing is, of course, the capital Lisbon, which is also known as the city of the 7 hills and is one of the most popular destinations for a city trip worldwide.

Around Lisbon, you will find other highlights, such as the Sintra National Park, where many of the most beautiful castles in Portugal are located. If you still have time, you should also take a look at the smaller cities, such as Porto and Coimbra.

Tip: Driving around Portugal is one of the best ways to explore all the great places on your own.

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Italy is probably one of the most famous destinations in the world. Staying at least 2 days in Venice, visiting the imposing St. Mark’s Square and to sail with a gondola through the magnificent canals, is a dream for every traveler! But of course Italy has much, much more to offer in terms of sightseeing. Rome with the famous Colosseum, Florence the cradle of the Renaissance, Milan the fashion metropolis or Pisa with the Leaning Tower  – many Italian cities are perfect for an unforgettable city trip and can also be reached cheaply and easily.

But also the spectacular Italian landscapes inspire and invite you to an exciting road trip! Just think of the breathtaking Amalfi Coast with its fantastic beaches or the charming Tuscany, a picturesque region that adorns countless posters and pictures.

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Pisa, Italy, Tuscany, Things to do in Pisa


When talking about England as a travel idea, many people think of London and its famous attractions like Buckingham Palace or Tower Bridge. However, when visiting this beautiful country, there are many more interesting places and sights to discover! Stonehenge, Canterbury Cathedral and Hadrian’s Wall are just a few highlights. Besides the famous buildings and cultural highlights, the scenic national parks and the extraordinary gardens attract many tourists from all over the world to England.

The cities of York, Winchester, Salisbury, Liverpool, Manchester, Bath and Brighton are also worth a trip in themselves. In addition, England has over 900 kilometers of stunning coastline with many beautiful destinations worth visiting. One of these is the enchanting Cornwall, a region in southern England with gorgeous beaches and breathtaking scenery straight out of a travel magazine.

London, England ©Jürgen Reichenpfader


Turkey is one of the most popular vacation destinations of the year and for sure one of the most jaw-dropping places to visit once in a lifetime. And not without reason: the country between Asia and Europe has a lot to offer, from glamorous metropolises like Istanbul and Antalya, to dreamlike bathing regions like the Turkish Riviera. Most people know about the beautiful beaches in Turkey, but there are so many more recommended places, national parks and historical sites to visit! Most visitors come in the summer. But Turkey is also a super travel idea for a round trip in winter, when there are fewer tourists and you can enjoy famous sites like Pamukkale or Cappadocia in peace and quiet!

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Another travel destination that you should have visited once in your life is Canada. It is almost as large as Europe in terms of area and has a population of just 35 million. Especially nature fans will find their personal happiness in the vast landscapes and national parks. The best way to explore the country is on a Canada road trip by car or motor home. This is the only way to explore the best sights of this country on your own.

Among the most famous natural landmarks in Canada that you should definitely have seen are the Athabasca Glacier and the world-famous Niagara Falls. And not to forget about the many amazing things to do in Banff National Park! On a round trip through Eastern Canada you should also plan a side trip to Bay of Fundy and Grand Manan. But not only nature is fabulous in Canada, also cities like Vancouver and Toronto are worth a trip!

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Japan is simply incredible and probably one of the best travel ideas for next year! Especially the mixture of modernity and old traditions makes this country so unique. Especially in the cities of Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto you can find a fantastic balance of old and new Japanese culture with countless tall skyscrapers, ancient historical temples and the famous ornamental gardens. But not only the cities are spectacular, also scenically Japan is an absolute highlight.

The country’s landmark is the famous Mount Fuji, an inactive volcano and one of the most famous landmarks in Asia. April for the cherry blossom is probably the best time to visit Japan. Every year millions of tourists come to witness this spectacle.

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No question, Switzerland with its spectacular mountain scenery is a real highlight in Europe and therefore gets a permanent place on our list of top travel destinations. This beautiful country impresses above all with its fantastic natural scenery and is actually also a great vacation idea for families. The fascinating glaciers in the Alps, a fairytale lake landscape and huge waterfalls are just a few of the highlights that a Switzerland round trip has to offer. The most popular tourist regions are Zermatt with the famous Matterhorn, the city of Zurich, Lake Geneva, Interlaken, Bern and not to forget beautiful Lucerne and Grindelwald, fantastic places for your next vacation!

Summer is the perfect time to explore Switzerland. But also in winter, when the Christmas markets open, this country is really worth a trip. Also nice to explore are the many small towns like St. Gallen, which was recently named one of the best Christmas towns in Europe! For more check out this complete guide for the best time to visit Switzerland!

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Mexico is a very popular destination on any bucket list. Here are some of the most beautiful beaches ever, but also deep jungle and ruined cities await you. With so much coastline, this country has numerous lovely beaches and attractive places for water sports. Also diving in Mexico is a great idea!

Especially honeymooners like to choose to spend their vacations in Mexico. Numerous dream hotels, top-rated all-inclusive resorts and romantic scenery make a trip here perfect. One of the most popular vacation destinations is definitely Cancun. Here you will find amazing white-sand beaches, vibrant nightlife but also lots of fun things to do! A real insiders tip is Punta Mosquito Holbox, an isolated sandbank is just a few hours from Cancun.

Another great choice for a weekend is Puerto Vallarta, where you will find a beautiful old town and fantastic beaches. But also a visit to Mexico City is highly recommended! Amazing architecture, rich history, and the exciting culinary scene make it to one of the world’s most fascinating cities. For more check out this amazing guide about the best free things to do in Mexico City!

Tip: One of the highlights of any trip through Mexico is the food, a highlight for all gourmets!

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France is famous as a travel destination all over the world. Many first-time visitors are familiar with Paris, but the country has countless other treasures to offer. Enough to plan an extensive France road trip! A great mix of culture, history, art, landscapes, sea and good food make this destination so unique in Europe.

Still, France is not something you can explore all at once. It’s best to pick a region and get to know it better. Some of the best places to visit in France are Normandy in the north and Provence in the south, as well as the beautiful Loire Valley and the Côte d’Azur with Nice, Cannes and St. Tropez. A special tip is the Vallée du Loir, which is still considered a real insider tip and the southeast of France with the lavender fields!

If you have never been to Paris, you should also put the French capital on your travel list. The so-called city of love surprises with magnificent architecture and inspires with the famous Eiffel Tower as one of the most famous attractions in Paris.

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France – Paris


Thailand is one of the absolute highlights among the best travel destinations worldwide! Whether you are a backpacker, beach vacationer, or luxury tourist – everyone will find their personal vacation dream here. Tropical beaches and island pearls like out of a glossy magazine invite to island hopping in Thailand, and fascinating cities like Bangkok and Chiang Mai attract with their glittering temples and lively markets. The Krabi region in the south of the country is particularly beautiful, where imposing limestone cliffs and real dream beaches form an almost surreal backdrop. Also great are the vacation islands like Koh Samui and Koh Phangan, which offer the best conditions for a beach vacation with their great hotels and resorts.

Chiang Mai, Thailand
Chiang Mai


Greece, especially the Greek islands is a very special destination for traveling next year. Here you can experience a unique vacation for two from its most beautiful side: Fabulous beaches, beautiful nature, and still authentic regions to discover. Hard to believe, but there are about 6,000 islands to explore. Only 272 of them are inhabited! Each island is interesting, only partly a little bit different. Well known are especially the islands like Zakynthos, MykonosSantorini, Crete or the “Mamma Mia Island” Skopelos, but there are countless other island pearls to discover.

No matter where you want to go, you’ll find cute villages and towns where you can try some traditional Greek food, you will have the chance to learn more about Greek history and of course enjoy some gorgeous beaches. And you will also find some amazing possibilities for hikes in Greece!


Probably one of the most beautiful travel destinations in Europe is definitely Croatia. Every year, countless visitors from all over the world are drawn to this Balkan pearl. Because not only the gorgeous beaches in Croatia and the picturesque are unique, also in the interior of the country there is much worth seeing to discover. Whether Istria, Kvarner Bay, Makarska or Dalmatia, each region has its own attractions. World-famous are the UNESCO world heritage cities Dubrovnik and Split. But also the coastal cities of Rovinj and Zadar should not be missed! A Croatia Road Trip is the perfect choice, if you want to explore all the interesting places!

Dubrovnik, Mountain Srđ & Cable Car, Croatia
Mountain Srđ & Dubrovnik Cable Car

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