Kinabatangan River Cruise – wildlife safari in Borneo

Kinabatangan River is the largest River in Sabah, Borneo with 560 km and one of the top wildlife watching destinations in Malaysia. The river is known for its stunning beauty of nature and for its wide range of unique wildlife living around the river area. Mangroves and the deep rainforest provide a rich ecosystem which is easily accessible for tourists.


Wildlife Kinabatangan River – Home of the wild Orang Utans


In fact, the Kinabatangan’s wildlife is well known for its high concentration and diversity and so visitors can expect to see Crocodiles, Hornbills, Snakes, Gibbons as well as the popular „Pygmy“ elephant and wild Orang Utans. Lucky tourists have the chance to spot the Orang Utans along the riverbanks in a completely natural habitat!

Kinabatangan River Cruise

If you want to see wildlife, the Kinabatangan River  Cruise Tour is one of the best things to do in Borneo. The perfect choice for spotting wildlife conformably just a few meters away from your small boat.

Actually a great possibility to get some great nature pics and videos. Kinabatangan River Cruise Tour usually start early in the morning around 6 am and in the late afternoon at 4 pm. At that time you are going to have the best chances to see wildlife and actually if you are lucky you are going to see the Pygmy Elephant or an wild Orang Utan.

We went out for a few River tours and we saw an amazing amount of wild animals like Crocodiles, Proboscis monkeys, macaques, snakes, wild Orang Utans, several types of horn bills and many more.

Kinabatangan jungle trekking

Walking through the rainforest was a unique experience. Usually, day tours are offered as well as night tours. The jungle trekking at night was really interesting, because you can see animals that you won’t see at daytime. You can expect to see an all kinds of insects, night active birds and wild cats. Make sure you are wearing long clothes to be safe from leeches.

Kinabatangan jungle trekking: Night tour


Lodge and accommodations at Kinabatangan River

If you are up to explore the Kinabatangan River you should definitely stay in one of the comfortable Lodges along the river. Several small lodges along the Kinabatangan River offer accommodation including boat tours run by trained guides. Accommodations are offered in each price class and we recommend to book in advance. Most of the lodges provide a free pick up to its guests. Excursions like jungle trekking’s and river cruises will be organized by the lodge too.

For booking your favorite Kinabatangan Lodge, check out the links below:

Nature Lodge Kinabatangan

We stayed at the Nature Lodge Kinabatangan, in a cabin in the middle of the forest next to the river. In the package, all meals were included, the accommodation was simple but clean and the guided tours were excellent and very professional.

To make the most of you stay, we recommend staying at least for two nights. Make sure you bring rain jackets, a torch, insect spray, sport shoes for the jungle walk, long clothes and a backpack.


The Last Frontier Boutique Resort

Set at 328 foot hill overlooking the Kinabatangan Forest Reserve. The location of the Last Frontier Boutique Resort is unbeatable


Singgamata Holiday Camp

Located in Bilit, the Singgamata Holiday Camp features a lovely garden and sun terrace. Every unit has a private bathroom with a bath, bathrobes, and slippers.


Borneo Natural Sukau Bilit Resort Opens

Nestled along the bank of the Kinabatangan River and tropical lush greenery, the Borneo Natural Sukau Bilit Resort is an eco-resort with a good review at

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