From Bangkok to Ayutthaya: A Complete Guide!

From Bangkok to Ayutthaya it is only a distance of about 80 kilometers and a trip to this stunning temple city is definitely a highlight of any Thailand trip. To get from Bangkok to Ayutthaya, there are several good options. Due to the proximity to the Thai capital and thanks to the good transportation options, it is quite easy to organize the journey. The cheapest options on how to get to Ayutthaya are either a trip by bus, minibus or train. Easier, without much hassle, is to take a private driver or a cab. If you don’t want to do the journey on your own, then you can also join a guided day tour.

In this travel guide we have put together everything important you need to know in order to get from Bangkok to Ayutthaya. Here you will get useful tips and information that will make your tour plan to Ayutthaya much easier!


From Bangkok to Ayutthaya by Train

One of the cheapest ways to get from Bangkok to Ayutthaya is by train. You can buy tickets directly at the counter at the new Bangkok Central Station “Bang Sue Grand Station”, for the 3rd class, even just before the trip. The main train station can be reached either by subway (MRT – Bang Sue), by bus, by taxi or by tuk-tuk. In Thailand, train rides are usually very cheap, so sitting in the third class from Bangkok to Ayutthaya only costs around 15 baht. The price for the second class is around 35 baht. Trains to Ayutthaya leave almost every hour. The exact timetables can be found on the official website of Thairailways!

When you arrive in Ayutthaya you either book a sightseeing tour with a tuk-tuk, which is not that cheap and usually the fee has to be negotiated. Most tuk-tuk drivers charge about 200-400 baht per hour. Another possibility is to rent a bike for around 50 baht and explore a few of Ayutthaya’s temples at the Historical Park on your own.

Tip: Beautiful guided bike tours with a guide and lunch included can be found here.

Travel time: 80 minutes to 2.5 hours, depending on the train | Price: from 15-baht one way

Bangkok to Ayutthaya by Bus or Minivan

Another cheap option to get from Bangkok to Ayutthaya is by taking the public bus. Public buses leave from the northern bus terminal and run every 30 minutes. The ticket for the trip costs around 50 baht, but the journey takes around 2–3 hours, depending on traffic conditions and how many stops there are in between.

A faster and a very popular option for travelers is to travel by Minivan. These start from several stations in Bangkok, including Khao San Road, Mochit Terminal and Makkasan Station. For a transfer by minivan, you can already book tickets online, and then you only have to go to the assembly point. The price of taking a minivan to Ayutthaya is around 300 baht.

Travel time: Depending on traffic, around 2 hours | Price: from 50 baht – 300 baht

Bangkok to Ayutthaya by Taxi

A taxi from Bangkok to Ayutthaya is the best choice if you want to get to the temple city easily, comfortably and quickly. If the traffic is smooth, you can be in Ayutthaya in around 60 minutes. The price should be negotiated with the driver in advance. You can also book a taxi online using the Grap App. The advantage: You will be picked up directly from your location and taken to your desired destination.

Bangkok to Ayutthaya with Private Driver

If you only have one day to explore Ayutthaya and you want to see as much as possible, a private day tour is a fantastic choice. Fantastic options to book a private driver can be found here at GetyourGuide. The big advantage is that you can choose which temples in Ayutthaya you wish to visit, and you do not only see the temples in the city, but also some that are located outside the Historical Park. You determine the program and decide what you would like to see. Certainly, not the cheapest way to explore Ayutthaya, but definitely the most convenient and efficient one!

Tip: The tour will be a lot cheaper if you do it together with friends and share the costs. That way, this tour to Ayutthaya can be much cheaper with far less effort, and you also see much more.

Travel Time: day trip | Price: 3,000-4,000 baht for vehicle with driver


Bangkok to Ayutthaya with Guided Tour

If you don’t want to go on your own, then it is best to join a guided day trip from Bangkok to Ayutthaya. There are many outstanding tours on GetyourGuide. Depending on the excursion, pick-up from the hotel is included, often also lunch, snacks and entrance fees. Reviews give a good overview of what the best providers are.

Travel Time: day trip | Tour-Price: from 40 euros per person

Search & Book Tickets

To search for different transfer options and tickets in advance, we can recommend the online portal 12Go.Asia. Here you will find a huge range of different tickets for almost everywhere in Thailand. There are also helpful reviews that you can check before booking.

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Things to do in Ayutthaya

In Ayutthaya’s huge Historical Park there are numerous ancient temples and historical sights to admire. The highlight is for sure, the famous Buddha head, grown in a tree, which is probably the most photographed attraction in the city. If you would like to learn more about this wonderful temple city and its most beautiful attractions, then take a look at our Ayutthaya Travel Guide. There, we show you the top highlights, including great pictures and insider tips!


Where to Stay in Ayutthaya

Ayutthaya has a fabulous range of fantastic accommodation. From cheap backpacker hostels to stylish guesthouses and hotels with pools, you’ll find it all. If you’re looking for a recommended place to stay in Ayutthaya, we can give you these tips along the way…It’s worth a look!

  • Hotel with Pool: The Sala Ayutthaya inspires with a breathtaking view of the temples. The pool is also gorgeous and the breakfast delicious.
  • Backpacker Hostel: The Plus Hostel Ayutthaya is a real insider tip for backpackers. Guests love the fabulous location, the hospitality and the exceedingly delicious food.
  • Charming Guesthouse: The Baan Keang Chol is located directly on the river and close to the history park, it convinces with a dreamlike location, but also with the nice rooms.
  • Villa on the River: The Cattani’s Riverside Home offers beautiful villas directly on the river in a quiet location. The perfect accommodation for a very special stay.

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