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Here you can find out what’s happening on our travel blog (UPDATE JUNE 2023)

  • Discovering new destinations: We are currently traveling in Italy to discover the hidden gems of the country. In the next few months, we’re planning another trip to Croatia and Thailand. From vibrant cities to tranquil landscapes, we are always on the lookout for new adventures to share with our readers.
  • Travel guides and tips: We work hard to create comprehensive travel guides and insightful tips to help you plan your next trip. Recent publications include our articles on 20 Best Things to do in Valencia, Spain and Korcula Island, Croatia: The Ultimate Travel Guide!
  • Capturing Moments: Our camera is always with us to capture breathtaking landscapes, vibrant cities and the diverse beauty of the world. Our goal is to bring the essence of each destination to life through stunning photos and compelling stories.
  • Constant learning: we strive to stay up to date on travel trends, sustainable practices, and cultural features. We constantly educate ourselves to deliver well-researched and up-to-date content that inspires and informs. Our main goal is to improve our travel blog, and give the best expert tips and informations.