Salzburg Sightseeing Guide – 2 days travel itinerary


Why do you have to visit Salzburg in Austria?

Salzburg is definitely one of the most beautiful and fascinating cities in Austria! This city has been listed as a World Heritage site since 1977 and without a doubt, the historic center of Salzburg is home to some of the most gorgeous architecture and views you’ll find anywhere in Europe. The city of Salzburg is mostly famous because it’s the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and it was the setting for the popular film “The Sound of Music”.

Honestly, no trip to Austria is complete without checking out Salzburg! Here is a 2 days itinerary for a Salzburg city trip:


Sightseeing guide – what to do in Salzburg?

There are lots of great things to do in Salzburg, enough to spend 2 or more days in this awesome city. Impressive palaces and churches, beautiful parks, interesting museums, breath-taking viewpoints, great restaurants and music is everywhere – this city has it all.  Here is a selection of attractions you shouldn`t miss when you visit Salzburg in Austria for sightseeing:



The Getreidegasse is Salzburg most famous shopping street and the bustling heart of the city. The beautiful old-fashioned iron guild signs above the pedestrian’s heads are especially eye-catching. Stop at Getreidegasse No. 9: It’s the place where Mozart was born 1756. Mozart Birthplace is nowadays a museum and can be visited.

Mozart House (Mozart Birthplace)

Visiting the Mozart Birthplaces surely is the absolute highlight for all Mozart fans around the world. The museum is spread out over three floors and gives a great convey of Mozart’s past.


The Kapuzinerberg with its 640 meters offers some of the top views of Salzburg. The steep climp is a bit exhausting but at the end the viewpoints of Salzburg will reward you. Best you take the beautiful Imbergstiege stairway from Steingasse or another possibility is to start the walk from the Franziskustor gate in Linzergasse

Salzburger Dom and the DomQuartier

The Salzburger Dom (Salzburg Catherdral) is the absolute jaw-tropper of Salzburg’s historic townscape.  Without a doubt, the cathedral is Salzburg’s most important sacred building in the old town and the inside, as well as the outside, is worth a visit!

Enclosed by the Catherdral is the Domquartier. Through buying a ticket you can visit 5 museums including the terrace above the cathedral arches – views of Salzburg’s Baroque city center. The highlight of the museum tour is the breathtaking view from inside, down towards the huge cathedral.

Mozartplatz & Residence Square

The Residence Square with its unique fountain is located in the heart of Salzburg´s old town. Unfortunately this place was under construction while we were there. Just around the corner you are going to find the Mozartplatz with the impressive bronze Mozart statue.

Hohensalzburg Fortress

The Hohensalzburg Fortress is Salzburg landmark and a visit of this 900-year-old cliff-top fortress is a must do and one of the top tourist attractions in Salzburg! Located on top of the Mönchsberg, you can reach the fortress by a 20-minute walk or via the funicular railway starting from Festungsgasse (near Stieglkeller). The far-reaching views from the top are really amazing and visiting the castle museums is interesting too. Furthermore Hohensalzburg Fortress is a popular venue for classical concerts in Salzburg.

Tip: Tickets for dinner experience at Salzburg Fortress with Mozart concert can be booked here.


If you are not getting enough stunning hilltop views and sightseeing, you should definitely continue your walk to the Museum of Modern Art located 30 minutes from the fortress.

Mönchsberg – Museum of Modern Art

Like the Hohensalzburg Fortress, the Museum of Modern Art in Salzburg is situated at the Mönchsberg. Up here, take in the far-reaching views across Salzburg old town’s roof-tops and the castle – Probably the most impressive photo motif of Salzburg. You can access the restaurant/cafe M32 as well as the viewpoint without paying an entrance fee.

You can either take the lift from Salzburg’s old town straight to the entrance, take one of the walkways up the hill or the walkway from the Hohensalzburg Fortress.

Don`t miss this place – both, location and expositions are fantastic.

Salzburg’s Cemeteries

Salzburg has a few beautiful and old cemeteries. The St. Peters cemetery has a unique setting just next to the cliffs of the Mönchsberg. To see the St.Peters church and cemetery from above you should visit the catacombs, which are hewn out of the Mönchsberg. Also worth a visit is the St. Sebastian Cemetery. This historic cemetery is a jewel of Salzburg.

Haus der Natur

Roaming through the museum, visitors have the chance to discover the most fascinating aspects of Mother Nature. The exhibitions are interactive and there is so much fun connected with science for adults and children. With more than 7000 m² you should take enough time to visit the Haus der Natur.  Explore the underwater worlds in the aquarium, the outer space hall, colossal dinosaurs, take a journey into the human body and the interactive science center.

Mirabell Palace and Mirabell Gardens

The Mirabell Gardens are wonderful to visit in spring and summertime when the colorful flowers are blooming. Additionally, it’s one of the famous shooting locations from the movie “The Sound of Music”.

Built in 1606 the Mirabelle Palace is one of the most romantic locations in Salzburg. Maybe that’s why the Marble Hall does not only host concerts but is also used as a wedding location!

Around Salzach River

If you have some time left, you should definitely take a walk along the Salzach River. Cross the lovely small bridges like the Mozart Bridge or the Markatsteg.

For photographers: From the Müllnersteg you can take some of the best night shots of Salzburg.

Alter Markt and Cafe Tomaselli

The Alter Markt in Salzburg is the old market of the town. The square is really picturesque and if you pass it, stop by the traditional coffeehouse Café Tomaselli which has been run for 150 years. Or visit the Café-Konditorei Fürst to try the “Original Salzburg Mozartkugels”.


If you are up to visit a brewery topped with a marvelous view, then you have to go to Stieglkeller for a beer. The location is really cool, located below the Fortress of Hohensalzburg, you are going to have one of the best views of Salzburg.

Hellbrunn Palace, Trick Fountain and Salzburg Zoo

Hellbrunn is a place like no other and for sure a top highlight of a Salzburg city trip. The Hellbrunn Palace with its yellow colors is amazingly beautiful. Unmissable is a visit of the nearby Trick fountains – mysterious grottos, water-powered figures and hidden water jets waiting to surprise you!

Read more about Hellbrunn -> Hellbrunn – Trick Fountains, Palace and the Salzburg Zoo

The Salzburg Zoo is one of the most beautiful zoos in Austria. Located in a really unique and beautiful landscape, the zoo hosts a wide range of interesting animals. The zoo entrance is just a short walk from the Hellbrunn Palace!

Visiting Hellbrunn is definitely one of the best things to do in Salzburg.

Leopoldskron Palace

The Leopoldskron Palace is situated just a short walk from the historic center of Salzburg. It’s picturesque located next to an idyllic small lake. The Palace was built 1736 and today it’s one of the most exclusive hotels of Salzburg. For prices check out this link.

Tour: 2 or 3 nights The Sound of Music tour at Schloss Leopoldskron in Salzburg can be booked here.

Salzburg Card (Salzburg Pass)

Getting yourself the Salzburg Card is a great way if you are planning to discover the attractions of Salzburg. Free admission to tourist attractions, museums and public transport makes it easy and convenient to explore the city. The Salzburg Card can be organized in advanced:

Tours in Salzburg

As you can see, the beautiful city of Salzburg offers a wide range of amazing sights and activities. If you are looking for a guided city tour, a boat trip, a typical Austrian cooking class or concert tickets, you will find on getyourguide an amazing choice of unforgettable activities. Click here for the best tours:

How to go to Salzburg?

Salzburg has great flight connections from the major European Cities. Tickets for flights can be easily found at Skyscanner or Kiwi.

Also, Salzburg can be easily reached by car as well as public transport:

  • From Munich to Salzburg 1:30 hour by car or train
  • From Vienna to Salzburg 2:30 hour by car or train
  • From Graz to Salzburg 3 hours by car and 4 hours by train
  • From Hallstatt to Salzburg 1 hour by car and 2:30 hours by train


Hotels in Salzburg – Where to stay?

Salzburg offers a wide range of hotels. We stayed at the beautiful and stylish Berglandhotel situated in walking distance to Salzburg Old Town. The staff was amazing, providing us some of the best travel tips of Salzburg, best places for local food etc. For the prices you can check here. Parking is also available!

Selected accommodations in Salzburg:
  • Mönchsbergapartment: The apartment inside the Altstadt is a great choice for travelers interested in culture, history and atmosphere.
  • Hotel & Villa Auersperg: The small and elegant boutique Hotel & Villa Auersperg enjoys a quiet location in the heart of Salzburg and features a charming garden terrace, a spa area with a roof terrace
  • Hotel Stein: The lifestyle and design hotel offers guests a panoramic rooftop terrace with panoramic views of the city and its surroundings.

Conclusion: As you can see, we really loved our  city trip to Salzburg and we spent some wonderful days exploring the historic center. Two days in Salzburg is the perfect amount of time to hit the towns best places and tourist attractions. We were most impressed by the breath-taking views and the fact that for the small size you can easily spend 2 full days of sightseeing.

Find the best hotels and accommodations in Salzburg:

Read more about Austria:


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