Top Things To Do in Lake Bled – must see sights & views


The stunningly beautiful Lake Bled is one of the most beautiful and iconic sights of Slovenia. We loved our stay at this magical place: This outstanding natural scenery, the little Bled Island with its lovely church, the colorful boats and the breath-taking views. Because the place is so special, landscape photographers from all over the world flock to Lake Bled.

In this travel blog post we will show you the top things to do in Lake Bled. Certainly, we are going to tell you where are the best places to see around the lake – inclusive insider travel tips, top activities and a special hotel recommendation.

Best things to do in Lake Bled


Bled Castle

The Bled Castle is located on a cliff, 130 meters above the Lake Bled. Walk up the castle hill and get rewarded by one of the most beautiful views of the lake and the tiny Bled Island. We really loved that place, best you take a coffee and enjoy the scenery from the castle terrace. Hiking up to the picturesque castle end enjoying the marvelous views are for sure one of the best things to do while spending your holidays in Bled!

Entrance fee: Euro 9,- p.p.

Bled Castle view

Walking around Lake Bled

The best thing to do in Lake Bled: Relax and enjoy the splendid views. There is a 6 km long trail around the lake, with lots of nice places to take a break and watch the colorful traditional Pletna boats driving towards the picturesque island.

Rent a Boat at Lake Bled 

If you fancy a boat tour we recommend to rent an own rowboat at Pension Pletna boat rental (15,- per hour) . Rowing the Lake Bled can be really romantic 🙂 and it is one of the best things to do in Bled.

Around the lake are plenty of different viewpoints. Enjoy a delicious original Bled cream cake with a view at the Café Belvedere and get one of the best views off Lake Bled.

Best viewpoints and views of Lake Bled

Here is a selection of the best views of Lake Bled:

Unfortunately, because of the heavy rain we couldn`t hike the Ostricia and Mala Osojnica viewpoints. But now we have a reason to go back soon 🙂


Swimming in Lake Bled

The Castle Bathing area is the only designated outdoor bathing area by lake Bled. The location is just amazing: Situated just next to the magnificent castle rock.  Another area for swimming is the Velika Zaka Bathing area, which is also a populare place for bathing and swimming in Lake Bled.


Where to stay in Lake Bled?

Grand Hotel Toplice

For a special Bled experience we recommend to stay at the Grand Hotel Toplice. We loved our stay in this wonderful prestige hotel . The Grand Hotel Toplice is old and glory, lots of celebrities had been guests to that place. From our room, we had the most enchanting view to the Lake Blad and the Bled Castle – it was so lovely sitting at the balcony and watch the world go by.

 Grand Hotel Toplice –  Hotel view

The Grand Hotel Toplice has a beautiful spa area and a wonderful pool & sauna – because of the bad weather we had – it was more than awesome to spend some time there for relaxing.

In general the building is older, rustic and charming and comes with lots of elegance. We are happy with our choice of staying at the Grand Hotel Toplice .

Best thing to do near Lake Bled

Vintgar Gorge

If you are staying more days in Bled you shouldn’t miss to visit the Vintgar Gorge, which is just about 4 km north-west of Bled. Nevertheless, the rapid river beneath, the vertical cliff walls and the waterfalls, the gorge with its only 1,6 km is easy to walk. At the furthest end of the gorge is the spectacular Sum Waterfall, the largest river waterfall in Slovenia, which has a 13 meter trop. In summer time this tourist attraction can be quite busy, try to be there in the morning. Visiting the gorge is a lovely refreshment in summertime and also on rainy days the gorge is worth a visit.

Visiting the Vintgar Gorge is one of the best things to do near Lake Bled!

Entrance fee: Euro 5,-

Pericnik waterfall

If you love visiting waterfalls – The Pericnik waterfall in the Triglav National Park is a must! It’s amazing to feel this immense power when you walk underneath the falls.  With its 52 m it’s the highest waterfall in Slovenia and surely one of the most photogenic! From the parking it’s just a short walk up to the Pericnik waterfall – it takes just around 10 minute walk.

Lake Bled is one of the best holiday destinations in Slovenia which we highly recommend to anyone who is visiting this awesome travel country. Now you have the perfect overview about the best things to do in Lake Bled and you are ready to go. Enjoy your journey to Bled!


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  1. such a happy coincidence to capture a rainbow when you visit it. and the view looks so stunning, it totally is romantic! 🙂

    one of my bucket lists is to go for a balkan tour someday, maybe for my honeymoon someday? i’m always keen to the history of ex-yugoslavia countries and this one is simply so hard to miss.

    why not right?! 😉 and this one is totally on my list now!

  2. I hosted a Slovenian on Couchsurfing a couple of years ago and it was the first time I had really learned anything about the country. Sadly I have not been able to go but I really want to visit it and Lake Bled as well. Your photos look great too!

  3. Slovenia keeps cropping up as the new must-see travel destination. Looking at your photos I can tell why – Lake Bled is stunning and the views within the national park are awesome. I now need to figure out how to get this added into my travel plans. Happy Travels.

  4. Carol Colborn Reply

    We may have the chance to go to Slovenia before our trip to Austria this October. We have friends there and they have been inviting for such a long time now. Lake Bled is truly gorgeous and romantic. Plus Vintgar Gorge and Peričnik Waterfall!

  5. Have heard and read a lot about Lake Bled. Certainly very picturesque with picture postcard views! The castle looks straight out of a fairy tale. The traditional Pletna boats are beautiful! The pictures are stunning especially the Vintgar gorge and the rainbow over the lake. So well captured! Fabulous post!

  6. I have never heard of this pretty lake. Every shot you have taken is picture perfect 🙂and postcard worthy! Wonderfully documented

  7. Hm – Slovenia…that’s a cool idea! The castle looks just wonderful in that lake – and the picture with the rainbow is totally surreal. The nature seems quite lush, too – like I said: cool travel idea (and not so far to get to when living in Europe).

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